Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Running Man 'Race start!' in Beijing

On 21 September, Running Man members Kim Jong Kook, Haha, gary and Ji Suk Jin held their Fanmeeting and autograph session in Beijing. At the fanmeeting, they transformed into F4 and sang the song - Almost Paradise. They even played games and interact with the fans on stage. The autograph session was buzzing with fans while the members presented their friendliness by smiling and greeting. In the afternoon, HaHa wrote in his tweeter account, "Brothers, let's perform together SBS "Running Man." The four of them have been touring different parts of Asia at the moment. Here are some of the footages fans caught with their cameras.

Korean variety 'Flower 4'

Race Start in Beijing Interview

Photo credit - KJKGlobal

(cr. 搜狐韩娱微薄)

JSJ: Hello, I’m Big Nose Hyung Ji Suk Jin, nice to meet you!

KJK: Hello, I’m Kim Jong Kook, nice to meet you! Thank you!

Gary: Hello, I’m Kang Gary, nice to meet you!

Haha:Nice to meet you, I’m Haroro Haha from Running Man, nice to meet you!

Interview Question: In 2NE1′s episode, JSJ pushed KJK who is in the same team. Was this idea thought at last minute?

KJK:Of course.

JSJ: Of course, this was thought last minute.

KJK: He’s a bit (does the ‘crazy’ action)

JSJ: Because Minzy was only 1 person, and there were 3 of us, so the game became like this.

Gary: Ayeeeeee~

KJK: It’s not like that. Because Sukjin hyung wants to be the main character who shows off his courage and charisma in front of the only girl (Minzy), therefore he pushes me down (in the water)

Interview Question: The members who have been in Running Man for 3 years with the same character, do you have plans to change your style?

JSJ: Even though I want to change my character in the show, but this is not something I prepared but more of realizing it gradually that I’m more suitable to this kind of character while doing the show. So to us it is quite difficult if we want to change our character.

KJK: I will still go on with my character in the show because I thought that the character I’m having now is a need in the show. Although my character in the show seems strong, but it is all for the show.

Gary: For me, Monday Couple is an interesting role in the show. Jihyo and me also thinks like that. Rather than creating a character, while doing the show, a new character might just come up anytime, that’s what I thought.

Haha: For me, I have a weaker character in the show.

KJK: Just accept it though.

Haha: That’s right. I don’t know if I can show you my strength, but I want to defeat Kim Jong Kook with my strength. If Jackie Chan appears once again, that’ll be nice.

JSJ: I hope Jackie Chan appears and have a duel with Kim Jong Kook, and defeat him.

During fanmeet’s interview:
Host: In Beijing, people greets like this to girls: 姑娘,漂亮。(‘Gu niang, piao liang’ means pretty lady)

Then KJK, Gary, Haha and Sukjin tries to pronounce the words.

Host: And when we see the guys, we say like this: 哥们,帅!(‘Ge men, shuai!’ means handsome guys)
Then KJK, Gary, Haha and Sukjin tries to pronounce the words.

Interview Question: Which guests left a great impression on the show? And who would you like to invite in the future?

Haha: When Jackie Chan came, we don’t even know. It only takes a short time to film.

KJK: It only takes a short time to film, but a lot of people likes it so much.

JSJ: It only takes about 3 hours to film.

Haha: Like a pro (to film) And as you all know, we hope we can see China actors like Stephen Chow, Andy Lau, Sammo Hung etc appear on the show.

KJK: Moreover, I think they match with the show

Haha: Let’s have Shaolin Soccer once. ㅋㅋㅋ

Interview Question: What’s the ranking of looks among the members?

KJK: It’s a sensitive question.

Haha: But what we’re sure of is that, the people who are ranked behind aren’t here at the moment.

JSJ: Who do you think ranks the first?

Interviewer: …. Haha
(The place in chaos)

KJK: Him?! He’s really ugly! In korea there’s not much of fans following him~ unbelievable! (joking)

Interview Question: Which member is the member that everyone wants to team up with?

KJK: We’ll always see the situation and go with it, and sometimes we’ll see how the game goes and see which guests suits the situation.

Haha: These days, there is the Betrayer Club, me, Kwangsoo & Sukjin hyung in a team. This team is doing well these days.

JSJ: I even smile in my dreams.

Haha: Yes that’s right.

Interview Question: Does Haha have any plans to let his kid be in the entertainment industry? Does Haha ever wonder if he will appear in variety shows with his kid?

Haha: For now, I never assign for my kid of what kind of path he will take. But I wish my kid will just grow up healthily and if next time he has a path he wants to follow, I will support him.

Messages to fans:

JSJ: To the audience who loves Running Man, I would like to express my thankfulness to you. We will cherish this love from you and work even harder. I hope everyone continues to love our show!

RM: Thank you!


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