Monday, October 14, 2013

Good Doctor Episode 10


This episode is so heartwarming; I love how the scriptwriter wrote the story on how Shi-on gets encouraged by his deceased hyung. That could be Shi-on imagination but that is enough to bring tears in my eyes. His colleagues residents were supportive of Shi-on and even gave him a thumb up for the surgery he performed was simply great. They are looking at Shi-on just the way he is, they befriend with him and overlook his disability. I was so touched by Do-Han because he begins to appreciate Shi-on gift (talent) and willing to give him a chance to be a doctor. The transition from fear, suspicious to acceptance was really well done. Bravo to the actors for their great performances.

I like Shi-on and Yoon Seo interaction too. I keep laughing when Yoon-Seo asks Shi-on whether he can see through his body parts like an X-ray. Shi-on looked at her and say, “who in the world has this type of ability?" His reaction was really funny when he turned shy and laughed; after all he is a man. :) I find that those moments of interaction were lively and cute. Do-Han is becoming like a mentor or a hyung (big brother) to Shi-on now. I like the basketball scene where Do-Han talked to Shi-on and I noticed a different attitude on his part.
The next story is about this pregnant woman that was under a lot of pressure from her mother-in-law. I felt so sad and pity the woman for she receive none of the support from her family. Despite that, she remained strong and I expect her journey to be tough. Last but not least, i am glad for the happy ending for Eun-Ok and the opera boy. :)
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