Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Running Man Episode 167 (The Legend of TroubleMakers)

The opening scene of this episode look familiar and i wonder if that have something to do with a spy theme. The next moment, Lee Kwang Soo dressed as a woman opened the door. It turned out that Female Lee Kwang Soo (Lee Kwang-Ju) worked for the Korean police force and he will be send for a undercover job to disguise as a high school student and compete with these students that is on the list. Lee Kwang-Ju have to retrive the legendary backpack and the secret document inside it. Next, we were shown a video clip of this week theme about a violent troublemaker played by Go DongWan. The PD told Kwang-Ju that she will recieve the clues to the backpack if he win in each game.

The Running Man wore different school uniform and we were introduced to each delinquent. I like it when Turbo song played at the background once Kim Jong Kook stepped into the scene. Subsequently we were introduced to the guests Chun Jung Myung and Kim Min Jung. They were divided into three groups (Punk High -Yoo Jae Suk, Chun Jung Myung and Song Ji Hyo), (Tiger High- Kim Jong Kook, Gary, Kim Min Jung) and Betrayal High (HaHa, Kwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin). Yoo Jae Suk noticed that Kim Jong Kook unbutton his shirt because it is too tight and Song Ji Hyo is jealous of Jong Kook chest? LOL.

The first game is at the rice paddy and the mission is to build the bridge. The guys have to bring the wooden planks over and the ladies have to cross the bridge from one end to another. The first game started off with Grey team (Betrayal High) competing with the Red team (Tiger high). I love how Kwang Soo acted as a woman and how his wig drops into the muddy water when he falls. Kim Jong Kook being a strong rival grabs hold of HaHa and Ji Suk Jin while Gary fixes the planks for Kim Min Jung to cross. Regardless of how hard Kwang Soo tried to win, he always loses balance and fall into the river. The next team to challenge Kim Jong Kook is Yoo Jae Suk blue team. As usual, Kim Jong Kook managed to grab hold of his opponents while Gary build the bridge, however they begin to turn very violent from the next round onwards. There was pulling, pushing and biting involved as the guys Wrestled among themselves. Kim Jong Kook received a few bite on the head and on the toe while been crushed between Yoo Jae Suk and Chun Jung Myung. That was pretty exhausting for the (Red) Tiger team because by now, both Gary and Kim Jong Kook had lost their stamina.

Eventually, what turned me off was when Chun Jung Myung hit Jong Kook hyung (big brother) using a plank during the struggle.That was so uncool! In the end, Song Ji Hyo managed to walk across the bridge and reach the other end first. Therefore, the blue team won the first game and gets to choose a card first. The next game is to buy the foods that they have choosen and eat it as fast as possible. Each team rushed to grab their food and drinks at the convience store. After that, they run back and sit around in a pinic style and stuff the foods and drinks into their mouth. It was funny how Kwang Soo stuff everything in his mouth and how Kim Jong Kook keep on feeding Gary. Finally, Red team won and they gets to relax at a corner under the shelter. The other two teams have to compete among themselves. Kwang Soo managed to swallow his food and whistle, thus his team grabs the second place. Each team chose a card and they proceed to the next destination.

The next mission is at the boxing ring and both Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin fooled around with each other using the boxing glove. Finally, Gary showed off some of his boxing skills during the show and that was cool. Three of them were in the boxing ring and they have to use the gourd to hit each other head till it breaks. Gary managed to break the gourd when he hit Ji Suk Jin head, thus the Red Tiger team won. The next round, HaHa, Kim Jong Kook and Chun Jung Myung were in the boxing ring. As usual, Kim Jong Kook showed off his shadow boxing skills on HaHa. Then, the game started when the board was lifted up. The mission is to pick up a 500 won coin tossed to them and drop it into the piggy bank. Chun Jung Myung pushed Jong Kook away and grab the coin once the race start. That was a hard knock on Jong Kook and he looked like he was in pain. Needless to say, Chun Jung Myung won this round and Kookie whined about the hard push that caused him to knocked his head on the floor. He exclaimed, "I am still a human and nobody showed any concern to me!"

Song Ji Hyo and Kim Min Jung were placed on the Ring with Kwang Soo (Kwang-Ju). It resulted in a girls fight as they wrestled with each other fiercely. Bad Ji Hyo gave Kwang Soo a few hard knocks on his face and even snatched the xylophone stick from 'her'. Not about to give up, Kwang Soo used his mouth to snatch the stick back which look very hilarious. In the end, Kim Min Jung managed to snatch the stick and hit the xylophone. Next, Ji Hyo was pair up with HaHa for a fight, they wrestled each other and surprisngly, HaHa found the strength to carry Ji Hyo up on his shoulders. He was so happy that he ran around the ring and 'Pop' hit the mic!

They travelled to the next destination and they went into an exhibition hall. Over there, Kim Jong Kook found a 'R' labeled box and he shouted for Gary. They look at the mission card and Kim Min Jung decided to tear it up as a means to destroy the hint. Each of them carried a bag while figuring out the mission and they roamed around looking for hints. Kwang Soo being the 'spy' purposely suggested tearing off Yoo Jae Suk nametag. He pretended not to know the mission and set a trap for him to fall into, eventually he was ousted. Finally, all of them engaged in a battle of nametag tearing. Subsequently, the spy Lee Kwang Soo was eliminated by Spartakook and behind the nametag reveals 'secret police'. There was a flashback of Kim Min Jung meeting the PD in a secret room. That was when it was revealed that Kim Min Jung is Lee Kwang Ju partner who is another 'secret police'. Both Kim Jong Kook and Kim Min Jung collaborated and eliminated Ji Suk Jin. Just when they thought that their team wins, Kim Min Jung placed her hand behind Jong Kook and tear his nametag. Therefore, the ultimate winner is Kim Min Jung. She searched all the bags and found one that was labeled 'R'. Finally, she found the confidential document and win the game.


They may think it is funny to do this to Spartakook but not to his fans, instead I find their actions distasteful. Why did Yoo Jae Suk and Chun Jung Myung do that to Jong Kook oppa? Basically, the fight is too violent and they all do not know their limit. I always respect Yoo Jae Suk but i find that he went too far when he bites Jong Kook head. That is not setting a good example at all to the others, despite that he is still my favorite MC. I know they are just trying to be funny by setting up a biting grasshopper verus Muscular Tiger to fight together. Some people may say that Jong Kook deserve it for bullying his hyungs and his dongsaeng but seriously he do not deserve this type of treatment and he always tries to control his strength.
I read a news article online at Yahoo Philliphines News : Kim Jong Kook Taped back worries fans.   Although the theme requires the cast and the guest to act violent, i think they should not go overboard and from my point of view, Chun Jung Myung should really apologize to Kim Jong Kook for being a horrible guest. Eventually, it boils down to the Running Man team and scriptwriter for planning this episode with such a 'violent' theme.

Kim Jong Kook is strong and he can hold two people at a time, therefore, to win him was tough. I can accept some underhand method or tricks but I cannot tolerate too much physical violence. It really does not matter who wins a game eventually, but the process of winning is a bigger issue to me. In variety land, nothing should be taken seriously and who ever win is fine but not at the expense of somebody suffering. Kim Jong Kook has a back problem and the members should look out for him too.

On a brighter note, finally the classic nametag tearing game is back and i am glad to see the 'spy' mission again. I like the cat fight between the girls and Kwang Soo acting as the secret spy. The fighting between HaHa and Song Ji Hyo is fantastic. HaHa finally showed that he is not exactly a weakling. Gary is very good in boxing and i laughed out loud when he accidentally hit Ji Suk Jin face who turned around and accidentally hit Yoo Jae Suk. However, i don't understand why Kim Jong Kook will lose in the final game and not suspecting anything when Kwang Soo was caught. Obviously, he seems to let the female guest win again. Nonetheless, i missed the fun and exciting actions in Running Man.


  1. may I know what the title of violin music in pairs at 1:25:39 min jung during surprised to see kwang ja is undercover cop?

  2. may I know what the title of violin music in pairs at 1:25:39 min jung during surprised to see kwang ja is undercover cop?