Thursday, October 17, 2013

Good Doctor Episode 11


I felt sorry for the young mother who chose to give birth to her baby against all odds. I admired her for being strong for her baby, despite all the risk to her health. I really dislike the mother-in-law for being so cold blooded and seem to be a ‘witch’ to me. I was even more angry with the lady husband for abandoning his wife when she needed him the most. Shi-on really make me laugh with the way he described the mother-in-law and the comic reference. I really like the way Yoon-Seo encourage Shi-on to curse, only to be disappointed with his curses.

The smile on Do-Han face when he received the toy stethoscope is so adorable. It was a memorable moment for me because all these while Do-Han always gave a hostile attitude to Shi-on. This is the first time he break into a smile after receiving Shi-on birthday present. I was personally touched by Shi-on gesture and how sweet the present was to Do-Han who missed his younger brother. Is this the beginning of a bromance between these two? I am keeping my fingers cross and really look forward to their moments.

Hurray for Eun-Ok to be adopted by the opera boy mum! That was really good news for me and I hope she will be able to lead a normal life from now onwards. On the other hand, Shi-on is such an adoring oppa to In-hye at the staircase. She is devastated to know about how hard her sister needs to work in order to pay her hospital bills. I can understand how she feels for being a burden to her sister. I also like the child actor who acted the younger Shi-on in this drama. How can such a young boy be so talented? I looked forward to his acting in the future and he is really one of the best child actors I have ever seen. Thumbs up!

Chae-Kyung and Shi-on seem to be able to click and befriend with each other. I think Chae-Kyung is not really a bad person and her interaction with Shi-on seem to be sincere too. In this episode, Shi-on shows that he felt guilty that Doctor Choi saved him instead of his elder brother. I was a little taken aback by how much Shi-on has progressed in such a short time that he is able to get in touch with his inner feeling. I supposed that has to be the way since the plot needs to move on and we need to see Shi-on improving in time to come.

Lastly, I like Do-Han and Yoon- Seo pairing because they seem to know each other well and were compatible in my opinion. However, they still gave me a sibling’s type of feeling and I think Yoon-Seo suits Shi-on better. Nonetheless, even if there is no romance in the air, I will still root for this drama because the storyline is so good and I actually like the bromance better in this drama.

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