Monday, November 11, 2013

Alleged Nude Photos Of Ailee Surface Online

Photos allegedly of Ailee posing naked for the camera have surfaced online, igniting an instant controversy.

In the photos, all of Ailee's private parts were exposed in a series of low-light images. The woman in the photos poses in several different ways to best show off the sexual aspects of her body.

After initial reports of the images surfaced, netizens quickly rushed to verify whether the woman in the photos was in fact Ailee. Some of screen captured YouTube videos of the singer singing in her room, pointing out that the details in the doors matched the nude photos.

It is currently unclear whether the photos are of Ailee or not. However, a scandal will undoubtedly lead to future consequences for the singer.

At the time of publishing, no statement regarding the incident has been made by the artist or her agency.

You can check out a censored version of the photos at this link.

Taken from this source:

My thoughts

Ailee is a talented singer and it will be such a waste to see her career goes down the drain because of this photo scandal. These nude photo were taken when she was younger. To some extend, she have to take some responsibility for the scandal but everyone makes mistake in their life. She did not commit a crime and those photos were allegedly posted by her ex-boyfriend. In this event, she is a victim and is probably sadden and shaken by this incident.

Although her agency did not clarify this photo scandal yet, it was believed that the person in the photo is Ailee. Nonetheless, Ailee is a good singer and I think she is one of the few female singers who is able to sing very well. Hopefully, this scandal will blow off soon and Ailee will make a strong comeback for her fans.


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