Friday, November 29, 2013

Good Doctor Episode 13

Finally, Shi-On have to deal with his inner fear and overcome his trauma. Oh why? Why did this happen when Shi-On is making some improvement and now he seem to go back to his 'shell'! I know eventually Shi-On will be alright, however, my heart goes out to him at this moment. Even though Shi-On father had cancer, he should show some remorse and repentance other wise I think he should really die!  

It was touching that Yoon-Seo and Do-Han were trying to help Shi-On overcome his fear. It helps that people around him shows concern and genuinely care for him. Do-Han even challenged Shi-On to surpass him. 

Doctor Pomade and Shi-On became friends? I like that Shi-On has this non-judgemental attitude towards people. His inability to lie makes him so childlike and sincere. Those good qualities were found in Shi-On and I enjoyed his character development. Because of the people who believed in him, he had been making some improvement in all aspect. 

The creepy chairman and the assistant chairman seem to have some motives and hidden agenda towards the hospital. Nonetheless, they were just a few minor characters which does not contribute much to the plot. 

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