Friday, November 29, 2013

Good Doctor Episode 15

Who finds Shi-On cute and innocent? He even tried to cook a meal for his crush! In this episode, Yoon-Seo continues to act as though nothing happen although she knows that Shi-On still carries a touch on her. She could be still in denial and felt confused about their relationship. First, it started off with Yoon-Seo treating Shi-On like a younger brother. Suddenly, she realized that Shi-On like her. In my opinion, they have lots of chemistry. Even if they remains as friends it is fine with me too.

This scene was scary and I think that was crime a scene. Indeed, a girl was stabbed and rushed to the hospital. This girl was so traumatized from this incident.  Later on, we gets a glimpse of the stabber face!!! He even showed up in the hospital. 

That was so heartwarming!!! I love the way Do-Han used the toy stethoscope which Shi-On gave him. He used this toy to play with the injured girl before he used the real stethoscope on her. Which means Do-Han carried Shi-On toy Stethoscope all the while! That was a pleasant surprise to me. 

Shi-On said to Do-Han that in order to overcome a trauma, the victim need to believe that there is someone warm and stronger by her side, who is stronger than the culprit. Unknowingly, he has become the 'stronger' person that he had mentioned to Do-Han when he saw his father lifted up his hand and intend to hit his mother. He actually stepped in and protect her mother! I admire his courage to stand up for himself and protect his mother from his father attack. 

Chae-Kyung is not really a bad person as I initially thought. She just wanted the person who drove her father death to pay the price. Along the way, she became self centered and cold to the people around her. I was glad that she realized her mistakes and that she was wrong to betray the hospital. 

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