Saturday, November 30, 2013

Good Doctor Episode 16

Look at Nurse Jo expression! He looks like he is ready for a fight.. Oh dear, Do-Han was wounded by the stabby!! Shi-On to the rescue but the dude has a weapon! Oh no!! 

Eventually, our scary nurse Jo subdue the stabby with his fist? Wow!! This guy is not as simple as we think he is. Nurse Jo was arrested by the police for assault. His secret admirer Nurse Nam was worried about him. That was interesting. 

I love the scene when Chae-Kyung visited Do-Han in the hospital. This is the only time through out the past episodes which I find them really close to each other as a couple! They finally showed their vulnerable side to their otherwise stubborn characters. 

A welcome kiss on the cheek from Shi-On to Nurse Jo? Okay, that is cuteness overflow! He finally returned the 'kiss' to Nurse Jo. 

Is that a 'green eye monster' that I see in Yoon-Seo when she knows that the sweater which Shi-On wears is a gift from Chae-Kyung? That is just an expensive sweater from Chae-Hyung to show her gratitude to Shi-On for saving Do-Han life. However, Yoon-Seo seem to be really jealous of her. Hmm... I smell sour grapes from you Yoon-Seo! I am keeping my finger crossed to see their development. 

In-Hye and Yoon-Seo shared the bed and talk about Shi-On and In Hye share her worries about the operation she will be going through. That kind of closeness makes me wonder, is there really this type of doctor that will go to great length for their patient?  A patient that have such a bonding with her doctor?  A doctor fall In love with a patient sibling? Is that true in real life or in a drama land? Anyway, i am sure it is the latter. Oh no! In-Hye is in trouble! Hope she will survive! 

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