Saturday, November 30, 2013

Good Doctor Episode 14

That was a frightening look from Shi-On father. Those terrifying eyes which send a chill down Shi-On spine! The reunion of Shi-On and his mother leaves Shi-On confused as he recounted his childhood days and how his mother abandoned him. Doctor Choi acted as a 'mentor' to Shi-On and thus discovered his talent in envisioning the human body parts. 

Shi-On managed to complete a surgery in the operation room! That was a rather fast progress for an autistic person. Then again, it is a drama and he need to show remarkable progress along the way even if it is rather rushed. Nonetheless, I like Do-Han compliment to Shi-On. In my opinion, Do-Han is like an elder brother to Shi-On. 

This girl is so cute! She gave a can drink to Doctor Choi when the vending machine broke down. I think she wanted Doctor Choi to help him open the can instead of giving it to him. I like the friendship between Doctor Pomade and Shi-On. I find it rather cute that Shi-On shared his problem with Doctor Pomade and how he gave some allowance to him in return. This kind gesture was  comforting to Shi-On.

I was worried about In-Hye when she discovered that her sister In-young works in a nightclub. She felt hurt that Jin-Wook  knows about it but she is kept in the dark. I believed that In-Hye felt sad and guilty that her sister work in the nightclub to foot her hospital bill. 

The 'mistake' that Yoon-Seo made which was not her fault became her setback and I like how Shi-On comforted her with a sweet and gentle hug. The music played on and this Original soundtrack is from Kim Jong Kook - How come you don't know. A lovely song from Kookie!!! 

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