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Running Man Episode 176 (Popular Men Race)

The opening of Running Man brought us to a fashion runway. Did I tune in to the right channel? Is it a fashion show or a variety show? Song Ji Hyo appeared shortly holding a 'Mung' labelled microphone. Where is Yoo Jae Suk? Is Ji Hyo going to be the host for today? Bingo! Ji Hyo stated that she is the host and today's theme is Running Man popular men. Question: If you were to reborn again with a second life, which celebrity you would love to date? Prior to the show, they had conducted a survey for the public to cast their votes for their most desirable man. 

Here comes the candidates for this week Mr Popularity tittle. Music starts as we were introduced to the six handsome and stylish Running Man. Yoo Jae Suk gets the ball rolling by strolling on the stage with confidence. Not to be outshine, Lee Kwang Soo did his catwalk with style on the Runway. Yoo Jae Suk complained that Lee Kwang Soo was a model before and he sure look good on the Runway. 

Ji Seok Jin was his usual comical and funny self as he posed in his 70's style. Haha looked awkward and weird onstage but he sure has his own 'Haroro' style. Next, Gary walked in with a casual hip hop style but it looks like he was limping on the Runway. Hahaha. What about Jong Kookie? He came in with a different music - "One Man". Yoo Jae Suk and the rest protested, "why is his music different from us?" Hehe. Kookie posed suavely on the Runway while his song played at the background. Yoon Eun Hye was mentioned and Jong Kook smiled awkwardly. Stop, replay again! 

There was not only competition among Running Man themselves. Will their throne be overthrown by these special guests? Soon, we were introduced to the guests who will compete with Running Man for Mr Popularity Crown. They were Kim Kwang Kyu, Jun Hyun Moo, Muzie, Lee Juck and Jang Ki Ha. Everyone swoon over Lee Juck as he played his song on the piano. I think it is safe to say that Jang Ki Ha receive more love and attention than Muzie, Kwang Kyu and Jun Hyun Moo with his good looks. After all the introduction, we are finally getting on with the mission to receive clues for the ranking of the popular men. Who will emerge as the winner? 

Is that acupuncture mat again? This is going to be a painful mission for them. First of all, the mission team have to pick a number. They picked 2, the men strategized and placed two hands on the acupuncture mat while lifting their legs onto the back of the other members to form a domino in two rows. Yes, they did it within the time frame of thirty seconds. Since they competed the mission so fast, the PD requested them to accomplish the mission again and they will be given another hint.  However, all of them were exhausted by then. Who else to push the most difficult task to, other than Spartakook? Yes, they have to get down on their feet again. 

Bad Ji Hyo temper was risen when the guys were being noisy and none of them were listening to her, especially Jong Kook. Yoo Jae Suk have to step in to intervene and coach Jong Kook immediately stop his nagging and apologize. This time round, Jong Kook have to tolerate the weights of those legs placed on his back. A great team work from the mission team. Finally, the mission team succeeded and they proceed to the next mission. 

In the van, all of them were discussing about the ranking of Running man Mr Popularity. Clues were given to them as they completed the first mission. What are those drawings? It looks like elementary drawing. Haha! Are they supposed to guess based on those clues? At least, they settled some of the people who were assumed to be rank at a higher and lower position. Kim Jong Kook was in disbelief when it was revealed that Lee Juck was placed in front  of  him in ranking. Just like Jong Kook, I was surprised too. On the other hand, Lee Juck was delighted that he won Jong Kook. 

Time for some Quiz test, they were told to achieve 30 points in order to receive two clues. There were different points given, ranging from 2-5 depending on the level of difficulty. It does not seem like a mission impossible to me but I am definitely crossing my fingers to see how well they will score with each question tossed out to them. 

Jang Ki Ha was the first to took on the challenge and based on his intelligence, the rest urged him to chose the difficult (5 points) question. It was a math question and the conversation was in English. Surprisingly, he got the answer correct as everyone cheered for him. Subsequently, Yoo Jae Suk answered his question correctly and helped his team to earned points. That was until Ji Seok Jin turn and he could not answer the question. There seems to be a sparkle in Kwang Soo eyes as suggested by HaHa. He assumes that Kwang Soo knows the answer. However, my intuition tells me that he is going to give a wrong answer. 

Although Kwang Soo looked unsure, he still attempted to give it a try. Too bad he gave a wrong answer and their points was deducted instead. The next candidate was Gary, and I think he was really lucky to guess the right answer. How does he know Tennis is actually a France language? He replied," I am very good in guessing since young!" Haha and several others get their  answers wrong and their punishment was a strong blast of dry ice on their faces! Jang Ki Ha continue to amaze us with his incredible knowledge! Oh, Haha was practically moved to tears and Jong Kook gave him a hug! More bromance please? 

Despite their attempts in answering all the questions, the mission team still missed the mark by a point and they have to settle for a 'not so good' clue. I have to compliment the Running Man team for coming out with this idea. Even Gary the rapper looked puzzled and confused with the speedy chipmunk voices. Who can figure out the clues? Anyway, off they go to the next destination. 

There were two vans waiting for them outside the building. The PD asked them to divide themselves into two groups - those belong to the higher category and those belong to the lower category. Their next mission is to be complete at a women's university! How I envy the crowds who were able to see those celebrities. This is a good marketing strategy for Running Man to interact with the general public. I heard that this episode was well received by the viewers and the ratings went up. 

Back to the mission, the mission team have to find eleven people from the university with unique surnames. They took some time to mingled with the crowd individually and soon they found the people with really unique surname. What was funnier was when they spotted   foreigners (exchange students) and asked for their name. 

The mission team brought the participants they found into a studio room. One of the participants tried to put on some make up to look good onscreen. Ji Seok Jin and Jong Kook kept looking at her. That was really funny! Imagine if you were in her shoes! Finally, they presented the participants with unique surnames. Passed! Now here comes the cruelty when the participants were asked to reveal their Number 1 most desirable man position and 11(last) position. Not surprising, Yoo Jae Suk and Gary got a fair share of votes for Mr Popularity. It was the last position battle between Jun Hyun Moo and Kim Kwang Kyu that was nerve-racking. They were competing neck to neck for the last position! It was funny to see their reactions. Finally, the last position goes to Jun Hyun Moo who collapse to the floor in disbelief! 

Is that consoling for Jin Hyun Moo to know that all is not lost, since the final results were yet to be announce? After this, the Mr Popularity candidates were send to another place.  Talking about the 'cruelty' of the Running Man PD which does not end at the previous mission. Now, Mr Popularity candidates not only have to face the results of their positions, if they guessed the position wrongly, they have to be drenched in water! Hahaha! Is it a mission accomplish for them to be rewarded with golds or will they be drench in water? 

The Mr popularity candidates brainstormed their ideas and opinions about each other's ranking. After some dispute and discussion, the rankings were decided and the results will be  announce soon. Yoo Jae Suk, Gary, Jang Ki Ha, Lee Juck and kim Jong Kook were voted as the top five most desirable men. Followed by Lee Kwang Soo, Jun Hyun Moo, Kim Kwang Kyu, Haha, Muzie and Ji Seok Jin. Bingo! They won a gold badge for themselves. Next week, Gary was kidnapped in the Christmas season! Stay tuned! 


I love the opening of this episode as the guys gave a catwalk onstage. I love Kim Jong Kook entrance! His theme song played on the background as he posed on stage. One word to describe my feeling: Melt. Enough of fangirling and gushing about his awesomeness. Move on to the games and I like the idea of quiz game. Some people may find it boring but once in a while, this type of game can be quite fun. 

The Spartace moment when Ji Hyo flared up at Jong Kook oppa was classic. I simply love their cute expressions. Mung Ji Hyo proved to be a good MC although MC Yoo is always the best! At least, Ji Hyo have something to do in this Men popularity game. Spartakook proved his great strength and ability again as shown in the acupuncture mat game. All legs were on his back! Hopefully, his back will not break from all the pressure. 

This is all but a game and there should be no hard feelings for the candidates. What is your opinion about the voting for the most desirable man? Who will you vote and why? :)


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