Sunday, January 05, 2014

Good Doctor Episode 17

I was terribly worried about In-Hye condition. When I saw the scene when she fainted and vomited blood, my heart almost skip a beat. Hopefully she will recover, otherwise it will be a tragic ending to the show. Please, scriptwriter do not let her die! Anyway, In-Hye was rushed to the hospital and coincidentally, Shi-On have a dream about In-Hye being healthy. Is that a bad omen? 

I love Chae-Kyung and Shi-On budding friendship. When Shi-On returned the sweater to her, she was surprised. Then she spectaculated that someone must be jeolous. Shi-On totally believed it, only to find out that Chae-Kyung was joking. I like how Shi-On pouted and expressed his anger. Funny! Hahaha...

Yes, this is the man who bullied both Shi-On and his brother during their childhood. The tragedy at the mines was caused by him. It takes great courage to own up a mistake and I like how the scriptwriter link the childhood incident. However, Shi-On cannot bring himself to forgive him yet. I supposed it was hard to deal with the death of a person close to you. In addition, to face a person who indirectly caused his hyung death is a great struggle.

Do-Han really fitted into the shoes of Shi-On elder brother. I like how he advised Shi-On on the matter of forgiveness. I have to compliment Do-Han for the changes he had made. I like how he had became now. He no longer portray a 'machine' doctor. If only all the doctors are like him. Oh yes, did I mentioned how cute it is that he still carries the toy stethoscope that Shi-On gave him? He used that on assistant chief son. Their conversation in the ward is very touching. The child dream of being a professional baseball player when he grows up. I also realized that the assistant chief is a caring father after all.  

What a way to remembrance the past memories with your lover! I like the small little interaction between the couple. Aww... They were so cute and I am finally totally convince that they are in love. It was just a different way of expression in their love. 

Yoon-Seo have a change of heart or rather she realized that she love him after all. It was just plain funny that Yoon-Seo keep dropping hints but Shi-On just does not realize it. What a hilarious couple dinner and a cute couple they are!

What a touching moment when Shi-On and his childhood bully hugged each other! They have become friends now and the bully was full of gratitude towards Shi-On. I watched with teary eyes when the man promised Shi-On that he will bring up his son strong and healthy. 

A boy causality was send to the operation theatre and Doctor Pomade took a risk and tried his best to save the little boy. A tense moment occurred when the boy lost his heart beat but was later revived by Doctor Pomade. I almost skip a heart beat watching their fearful expressions and was totally relief when every thing goes well. This is what happens when you are so into a drama! It brings you to a roller coaster ride that was fun and full of the unexpected thrill and surprise! 

The next scene cracks me up when II- Kyu and Doctor Pomade were found lying on Shi-On bed 'naked' the next morning after a drink. They looked amusingly shocked when Shi-On walked in and revealed that their clothes are in the washing and he had already prepared their breakfast. 

Oh dear, I knew that Do-Han stabbed wound will cause a problem when he perform his surgery! He could not pick up the scalpel. The chief assistant son life is in his hands now. Thankfully, he did not perform the surgery yet. 

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