Tuesday, December 31, 2013

DramaQueen Report: SBS Entertainment Awards 2013

Ready, Set , Go!

SBS Entertainment awards was held last night at SBS broadcasting station to celebrate the harvest of the year and to commemorate the achievements of the various deserving artistes.  It was a star-studded event at the red carpet as the complete cast of Running Man came onstage. They even posed together in a running position! Some people noticed that Jong Kook and Ji Hyo have the same hair colour. Something that I did not notice initially. Anyway, they looked good and ready to grab some awards. 

EXO had the honor to perform at the opening of the award ceremony. In between, there was an hilarious moment when the three goofy entertainers: kim Jong Min, Park Jun Gyu and Kwang Hee made a surprised entrance onstage. They wowed the audiences and even interacted with the Running Man members.

A video was shown during the ceremony and it was about trends and changes of variety shows throughout these years. There were some impressionable scenes that was captured as we were brought through the time capsule to relive those moments in SBS. X-Man and family outing was shown onscreen and we can see Yoo Jae Suk, HaHa and Kim Jong Kook classic moments when they were younger. Kim Jong Kook even laughed in embarrassment and was blushing all the way when he saw his parts in the video. 

There was also another video clip shown that night. It was about Romantic heirs Versus Betrayal heirs. A pleasant joke about the popular drama - The inheritors. The icon of Betrayal  is Lee Kwang Soo and the icon of Romantic is Kang Gary! That was a really funny video and thanks to KJKGlobal who reported the SBS Entertainer awards on their facebook. It was indeed a pleasant night for Running Man fans!

Congratulation to the Running Man team for winning the best and the most popular program of the year. Their hard work paid off and they thanked the viewers and the Running Man cast for their effort. To top it off, Kim Jong Kook was the award presenter and he looked extremely happy too. Lee Kwang Soo clutched the Friendship award and he even mentioned his close friend Lee Jong Ki during his speech. I was laughing when he joked that Lee Jong Ki who is in army now looked uglier! 

Running Man looking good!

Jong Kook oppa!

During a short break, the MC interviewed the Running Man members. Gary confessed that she want Song Ji Hyo and what is her response? She replied, "Thank you." Lee Kwang Soo said that he will continue to play his role well and  betray pleasantly in Running Man. Lee Kwang Soo revealed about Yoo Jae Suk obsession with his 'butt' and the latter admitted it and even showed his butt to the camera! 

On the other hand, Song Ji Hyo won the excellence female entertainer and she teared up during her thank you speech. It was obvious her 'oppa' (Older brothers) really adores and takes care of her. Yoo Jae Suk was seen patting her head as she stood up from her chair to go onstage to receive her trophy. Gary even helped her to carry those flowers while she gave her thank you speech. Such a cutie gentleman!

Monday couple

Last but not least, the winner of the excellence male entertainer was shared by Kim Jong Kim and HaHa. That was one of the touching moments when the brothers said their thank you speech and included each other in the speech. My heart goes to Uri Hyung and Nae Dongsaeng (Elder brother and younger brother)! 

Running Man won many awards and was the big winners of the night. Congratulation to all the runners, all the efforts you guys put in paid off during last night. I had an enjoyable time watching the awards ceremony. Looking forward to Running Man in 2014! Happy New year to all of you! :) 

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