Saturday, January 18, 2014

Good Doctor Episode 18

Thankfully everything goes well in the operating room. I was worried about the boy when Do-Han could not perform his duty. It was a tense moment when life and death was hanging by a thread.

Shi-on remarkable improvement is both impossible and amazing. On reality, it is impossible for a person with autism to be able to handle many situations the way he does. However, it is really nice to see those positive changes and be encouraged through drama land. In a unique way, this drama is able to evolve the emotions of people as they touched on the topic of abuse and forgiveness. 

The interesting about Good Doctor is the hilarious and comedic moments was random and funny. Doctor Promade really caught me by surprise with his praises and I love how Yoon-Seo response to him. 

In-Hye condition is still a major concern in this episode. Although it may seem like she is not in danger at the moment. We will never know when her illness relapse, she might die.

Shi-On and Yoon Seo continued their bickering way. It was interesting to see their interaction and Shi-On was so funny 
When he gave a lecture to Yoon-Seo

Nurse Jo was once a gangster who turned over a new leaf to become a nurse. I am glad that the scriptwriter tell us more about this interesting character.

The short play at the children section was so funny and interesting. Do-Han became Captain Hook! He gave a wooden expressionless look throughout the performance. That was an awkward and stiff performance by the serious doctor. Still, it was fun for the children.

Finally, they confessed their feelings and hug each other! That is what I have been looking forward to. 

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