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My Love From The Star Episode 1

The story begins with a little girl seated in a sedan. She was consoled by a servant about getting married to a dead  husband and became a widow at such a young age. Suddenly, a UFO (spaceship) appeared in the sky, followed by a gush of strong wind which swept the entire sedan away. Everyone was in a state of panic. The sedan was blown towards the edge of the Cliff. At this intense moment, everything froze and a mysterious man stepped in.. 

He appears to be calm and he saved the young lady from the fall. This mysterious man is Kim Soo Hyun. Fast forward the time from Joseon Dynasty, we finally reached the 20 century. There were many versions of the alien hero until we were introduced to Do Min Joon, a young professor in a prestige university. He appears to be aloof with his colleagues.  

Ocassionally, he even used banmal (informal language) to people who look older than him. That results in people talking behind his back and gossip about his lack of social skills. Unknown to them, Do Min Joon had lived in this earth for 400 years. 

An interview was conducted in a room that appears to be his house too. He talked about his story, such as how he landed on earth through the UFO 400 years ago. As he narrate about his story, he mentioned about an incident many years ago, when he helped a man at a gambling den. This man eventually became addicted to gambling and lost everything. From that incident onwards, he became cynical about human beings. Although he process supernatural power to help human beings, he remains cautious. 

Next, we were introduced to popular Hallya actress Chun Song Yi (Jeon Ji Hyun). She enjoys using the tweeter to express herself and tweet about herself to the public. In this event, she was often back slashed by the public for her senseless tweets. There are many anti-fans who criticize her and spoke badly of her. 

Chun Song Yi has a mother who will boasted about her daughter in front of the other starlets mothers. However, her relationship with Song Yi was strained when her mother left the family during a financial  crisis. She blamed her mum for leaving her dad.

Min Joon met Song Yi at the lift when the latter just moved into the new house. She mistaken Min Joon for being a stalker and a fan. She unashamedly stated that she is a well known actress, while Min Joon remained aloof. It was not until Min Joon reached his door step did she realized that they are neighbors. She awkwardly greeted her new neighbor to conceal her embarrassment. 

This was just the beginning of a nightmare. Min Joon was often disturbed by Song Yi who was perceived as a nuisance. There was once she scream at the top of her voice to vent out her stress and anger. It was funny that Min-Joon actually goes to bed at 10pm! That could be understood since Min Joon had lived for 400 years and processed an 'old spirit' behind his ever youthful appearance. 

His only lawyer friend whom he had known for a long time, helped him to write death certificate every ten years. Min Joon revealed to him that he is leaving in three months time when there will be an unusual eclipse on earth.

Song Yi who was still studying at the university skipped through many lessons and was reported in the news. In a bid to regain her image and reputation, her company instructed Song Yi to attend school. Fate has it that Min Joon happens to be the lecturer.  Song Yi begged Min-Joon for help in assignment and was flatly rejected. 

Song Yi have a chaebol suitor and his name is Hwi Kyung, who carried a torch on her for many years. However, Song Yi revealed that she missed her first love. She recalled the incident when she was still a teenager, she almost gets knocked down by a truck. Fortunately, she was saved by a mysterious man whom she could not remember his face. 

On the other hand, Min Joon mentioned that he had received a painting as a present from a lady in the Josean Dynasty. Many years later, out of a sudden, Min Joon sensed danger and envision an accident about to take place. He went to the scene, met the girl with the same face and  rescued her from the oncoming truck. Will Min Joo and his destiny lady fall in love? What will happen when Min Joo have only three more months left on earth? 


Min Joon rode his bicycle passed a pastries shop where his collegues gossip about him. With his supernatural sharp ears, Min Joon was able to hear them describe him as a arrogant young man. Min Joon thought to himself, Junior? I have lived longer than anyone of you.


Kim Soo Hyun is a charismatic actor and i liked his acting since Dream High. Other than him, I can't think of other actors who has the ability to act in this role and execute such a strong charisma. He even look good showing off his washboard abs at the shower scene. 

Jeon Ji Hyun is a sexy lady and she proved that she can be comical at times. She has been a good actress all along and I think she does fit into this role perfectly. In my opinion, she maybe stereotype into this type of role but she is still able to handle her character well. There was a scene where she scream at the top of her voice. That was really loud and I admire Jeon Ji Hyun professionalism. 

I like the opening of this episode when Kim Soo Hyun appeared in a calm manner. He look dashing and cool at the same time. This drama started off in a good note and we were gradually introduced to the characters. There is a solid foundation in the storyline. If only the scriptwriter can continue with the suspense and the mystery of the show. 

I am definitely interested to find out what will happen within the three months. There is a room for story development and questions to be answered. I look forward to the coming episodes. What about you? 
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