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Kim Jong Kook Taiwan Interview

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In 1999, Kim Jong Kook came to Taiwan in an Idol duo - Turbo. 15 years later, Kim Jong Kook came to Taiwan as a solo artise. This time round, he is here to participate in a Red Cross Charity Function titled - Mr Capable Power Of Love Charity Event held in Taipei convention centre. He arrived in Taiwan with his mother and was busy signing autographs for the fans who warmly welcome his arrival at the airport. Kim Jong Kook was friendly to the fans and he revealed that he like Taiwanese snacks. His mother who was here for the first time love the Taiwanese snacks that the host kindly prepared too.  It had been a long time since he came to Taiwan. According to the host, he was curious about the changes and he kept asking about the new construction building in every district during his car ride to the destination. 

At the press conference, Kim Jong Kook showed his trademark smiley eyes and greeted the media politely. The secretary of Red Cross Association presented the Chinese New Year gifts due to the festive season. They even gave a red packet (Hong Bao) to Kim Jong Kook in appreciation for his participation in this charity event. Kim Jong Kook opened the red packet and was surprised to see money inside, he cheekily smiled at the camera. 


Host: It had been 15 years since you came to Taiwan, would you like to say hi to everyone? 

Kim: It had been 15 years since I came to Taiwan, I am more nervous and full of anticipation as compared to other countries. 

Host: The last time you came to Taiwan, you came with your Turbo group mate. How do you feel coming to Taiwan as a solo artise now? 

Kim: I felt more nervous to come alone, it reminded me about the last time i came with my partner. Although I am nervous, I am more excited too. 

Host: How do you feel coming to Taiwan for Charity event purposes? 

Kim: I am happy to participate in this Charity event! I hope there will be more this type of Charity events and i will gladly participate. 

Host: Many fans were waiting for you at the airport. What do you have to say to your fans in Taiwan? 

Kim: From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all my fans for their love and support. It had been 15 years since I came to Taiwan and I did not held any activity here for a long time. I am glad that the fans here still supported me.

Host: There are many nice foods in Taiwan. Is there any Taiwan dish that leave a great impression on you? 

Kim: I remembered 15 years ago, I went to the night market and it left a great impression on me. I would like to visit the night market again. 

Host: What is your future plan?

Kim: Last year my focus is on Variety Show, therefore this year i am planning to focus more on music and OST. If Taiwan invite me over, I would definitely be glad to come again. 

Host: How do you achieve a balanced lifestyle amidst your busy work schedule? 

Kim: I am serious when i work and I will usually workout or listen to music during my rest time. I do not have time to do other things. I believe in working hard and resting well. 

The Taiwan fanclub presented a specially customize Chinese traditional clothes for Kim Jong Kook. He happily put on the clothes and did a New Year greeting pose. He look handsome and friendly with his new clothes. He exclaimed," Since I caught a cold, i felt warm putting on this cotton clothes. " 

Kim Jong Kook revealed his new year resolution. He said that he will focus more on Music this year and he would love to come to Taiwan again if given an opportunity in the future, since Korea is near to Taiwan. In addition, he will continue to work hard in Running Man. 

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