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My Love From The Star Episode 4

Song Yi attended the cruise wedding in the glittery high heels. Although Lawyer Jang asked him to go after Song Yi, Min Joon explained that he had encountered many terrible incidents. Therefore, he will stick to his policy of not interfering in human matters. 

A flashback to Joseon storyline, Yi Hwa  and Min Joon was back to her parental home. Her mother was relief to know that her daughter was not died. She introduced her life savior to her patents, who treated him with graditute. However, Yi Hwa's father gave a suspicious look that seem to suggest that he is involve in the plot to kill her daughter.

Min Joon was treated to a feast for being their daughter life savior. He ate the earthly foods with gladness. It was late at night, a pair of trembling hands reached out to Yi Hwa. It was her mother strangling her daughter at the neck. Yi Hwa woke up in shock and struggled with her mother. She told Yi Hwa it was better to die a clean death then sullied her body. Her father who was keeping watch outside stepped away. Yi Hwa mother let loose of her grasp and strove some money to Yi Hwa. She begged Yi Hwa to leave this place and live in hiding from now onwards. 

Poor Yi Hwa, she does not know that bringing an unknown man to the house was a shameful thing. Sure enough, Min Joon was captured by Yi Hwa father who poisoned the foods. Min Joon was tied up and he was still alive although he looked sick. He looked out of the window and he looked helplessly as the his fellow aliens rode their UFO and flew back to the space.

Back to the present, Min Joon was still pondering over this matter at home until he watched Song Yi interview on TV. He switched off the TV and walked out of the house. 

Fast forward to Sixty hours later, Min Joon rode his bicycle pass a river and the search party pulled out a corpse from the water. Although the body was covered, we can see the glittery shoes. The lead Detective Park dismissed the incident as suicide because the top star had depression and was drunk on that day. However Prosecutor Yoo decided to investigate this incident. 

Prosecutor Yoo went through the CCTV footage. Back to the wedding cruise and jump back to the day of event, Song Yi was with Hwi Kyung and Se Mi. As  usual, Hwi Kyung talked about marrying Song Yi but was rejected by her. Scary hyung Jae Kyung appeared and Song Yi asked about his rumour with Yura. Jae Kyung insisted that Yura is just a model for their company and they are not in a relationship. 

Song Yi went to visit the bride and Yura came later. They continued their cat fight and even compete with each other. Stealing the limelight from the bride, the two actresses posed seductively, trying to win each other. Yura requests the bride to throw the bridal bouquet to her as she is going to get married soon. 

Se Mi met a director and she tried to network for a role. The director was annoyed that she found out about the screenplay. However, he might consider her if she come to his house for a drink. Kwi Kyung came to her rescue and placed a protective arm around Se Mi. He added that the movie need to have investor first and he is not interested in his project. 

They saw Song Yi holding a glass of Martini and swaying at the other end of the shop. Suddenly, a big wave rock the whole ship and when Se Mi looked up, Song Yi had disappeared. 

The ship pulls into the dock early and Song Yi was missing from the list. Kwi Kwang searched frantically for Song Yi and he heave a sigh of relief when he found Song Yi sleeping on the bed. The detective noted that Song Yi was the last person to come out of the ship. Furthermore, Yura and Song Yi was seen fighting at the bathroom. Therefore, Song Yi was not the victim but the suspect. 

In class, Min Joon lecture was about the power of gossip. Indeed, the internet spread the gossip like fire and they accused Song Yi for harassing Yura to death. 

Song Yi brother Jae Yoon watches the media coverage and was furious on behalf of his sister. Song Yi Manhwa friend defense Song Yi and stated that she is not a killer although she is rude.

It was a PR nightmare for Song Yi and her manager informed her to hide herself from the reporters who were on their way to her house. In a panic, Song Yi ran out of the house and forgot about her pin number. In the end, she hide in Min Joon house. Kwi Kyung went to his brother for help and after that he went to Song Yi house. Kwi Kyung was hilariously mistaken as one of the reporter waiting outside her house. 

Se Min mother was delighted to heard from a fortune teller that Se Min is going to be famous this year. She advise Se Min to make use of this opportunity when Song Yi was involved in a scandal to grab the spotlight for herself. 

On the other hand, Song Yi browse through the artistic decoration and was in awe of the book collections in the hidden chamber. She flipped through a book that was picked randomly and saw a sentence which says "leaving in three months." Suddenly, Min Joon emerge from the back and was annoyed by her action. They bickered with each other and Min Joon even threatens to chase her out of the house, which he eventually did not.

It is no surprise that Jae Kyung killed Yura. He even try to clear all the evidence. It was known that Yura saved the evidence in a flash drive. Yura left the clutch in the toilet. Song Yi discovered it and carries the clutch in her purse with the intention of returning it to Yura later. 

Song Yi make herself at home in Min Joon house. She talked about the incident about Yura and felt guilty although she did not kill her. She revealed the incident she saw at the bathroom to Min Joon. Song Yi witnessed a quarrel between Yura and Jae Hyung.

The detective who were busy looking through the CCTV footage was shocked to see a mysterious man (Min Joon) on board who was assumed to be a ghost. Song Yi revealed that she dream about a man who rescued her at the ship, while Min Joon looked away uneasily. 

Indeed, it was Min Joon who froze the time and rescued Song Yi. While Min Joon put Song Yi to bed, she pulled Min Joon close to her and gave him a kiss. 


In an interview, Min Joon was asked if he had kiss anyone before? Min Joon replied that based on his appearance, he will have this opportunity but he have not try before. Relating to an incident in Joseon dynasty, a lady gave him a painting and offer a kiss. However, Min Joon rejected her and said that he came from the Stars. The lady was heartbroken. 


Yay! Min Joon to the rescue! He look so dashing and hot in this role. I was blushing with excitement at the ending scene when Song Yi kissed Min Joon. That was so sweet and cute. 

The story has a nice twist to it when Song Yi became a suspect and Yura was the victim. I like that the scriptwriter explained everything well and tried to tie everything together. The story plot was nicely done and there was comedic moments too. I am sure, there will be more to look forward to in the coming episodes.

We all know that scary Jae Kyung hyung is a evil villain. Every now and then the people around him were killed. It was exergerating but it lead us to be convinced that Jae Kyung is truly a evil person. I also dislike Se Mi because she is such a hypocrite. At times, Kwi Kyung was annoying too. However, I think this guy is passionate and loyal to his first love Song Yi. I like his cuteness in the drama but I pity him at the same time. There are only a handful of people who stood by Song Yi. Sometimes I pity her struggles in these situations.

I felt sorry for Yi Hwa in this episode because she innocently went back home with his life savior and did not expect to be treated in this way. I can understand why Min Joon learnt the hard lessons of not meddling in human affairs. If trust was misplaced, the feeling of disappointment was terrible. 

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