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My Love From The Star Episode 5

Min Joon rescued Song Yi and placed her gently on the bed. However, Song Yi held on to him and pulled him closer for kiss. She murmured that she must be dreaming. 

After Min Joon exit from the room, he overheard Jae Hyung and his secretary secret conversation about destroying evidence. They discovered Min Joon presence and gave chase. Of course, they are no matched to Min Joon alien power. 

Min Joon went back home in a panic mode and was totally not his usual self with all the clumsiness. We were back to the previous scene at the apartment where the paparazzi were waiting outside the house. 

Curious about the dream, Min Joon probe further about this and Song Yi snapped that it is none of his business. Song Yi boasted that she had kissed Jo In Sung and was angry when Min Joon know him but does not know about her. Min Joon claimed that he only watched news, that was when the news reported about a UFO spotted. Min Joon looked on intently and a flashback brought us back to Joseon timeline again. 

The Joseon governor does not want to ridicule themselves about the UFO infront of the King. Another alternative way is to use a bigger news to cover the incident about the UFO. There was a story about a widow who travelled back home with a man after she faked suicide and gained the title of Virtuous woman.  

The government send his man to Yi Hwa house. Yi Hwa father admitted that he could not bring himself to kill his own daughter and he believed that his wife had plan the escape for Yi Hwa. They did not expect Yi Hwa to be so determined to save his life savior. The guards came to search for Yi Hwa and her father was killed in order to delay time for them to escape. 

After watching the news, Song Yi said that those with superpower should help other people and catch all the bad guys. Min Joon disagreed and said that Man should help each other, why should the alien help the human just because they processed supernatural power. 

Out at the terrance, Song Yi looked at the picture of herself advertised at the billboard. She told Min Joon that she is a mega star since her picture is at the billboard and she revealed that she brought the appartment here to have a good view of the beautiful picture. 

Song Yi also shared about her disappointment with human relationship. Min Joon have some advise for her and that is to stay away from people and do not get involved emotionally with them. Song Yi pointed out that Min Joon must be a lone person then, it had an effect on Min Joon but he soon turn it around on her. Song Yi declared that she is not alone since she has a company.

In a playful mode, Song Yi placed her arm around Min Joon neck and shouted at the sky. Min Joon barked at her to observe the one meter radius rule. Kwi Kyung joined the paparazzi at the hallway to fish out some information about Yura tragedy and act as a defense for Song Yi which arouse suspicious from the paparazzi. 

That night, Min Joon gave Song Yi a big blanket to sleep at the couch. He ignored Song Yi grumble about how hard it is for her to sleep since she is so sensitive. Min Joon went back to his bedroom and read a story book titled "Mysterious voyage". He went to the living room to take a look at Song Yi and he froze at the sight of her. She reminded him of Yi Hwa confession to him. 

Jae Kyung secretary slip into Yura room and placed an envelope in a book. The next day, Yura sister saw the envelope and sob. On the other hand, Kwi Kyung went back home and asked his parents to help to resolve Song Yi issue. He stated that Chabeol can do anything as long as it can be solved by money is'nt it? However, his parents was not interested in this matter at all. 

Min Joon went to the messy living room and Song Yi was doing some sort of exercise that looked funny. She claimed that Min Joon must be feeling thrilled about her presence in the house. Song Yi mentioned that she remembered her PIN number 1111. She reset the number thinking that it is easier to remember.  Both of them started bickering again and ended up on top of each other in a sexy position. That happen to be witnessed by Lawyer Jang who came in without making any noise. 

Min Joon called Lawyer Jang "father" and he was literally shocked to react appropriately. They sat down for a homemade meal although Min Joon was reluctant to eat his meal with people. That look like a couple having their usual lovey dovey moment as Lawyer Jang looked at them smilingly. 

Procecutor Yoo is surprisingly Se Mi brother. He refused to disclose any detail about the case to his family as investigation is still going on. At the meantime, the detectives found a security camera footage of Yura and  Song Yi at the Salon. 

Min Joon head out to the Supermarket with Lawyer Jang to buy things for Song Yi. On the way home, they saw Song Yi advertisement was taken out. In order not to upset Song Yi, he did not tell her about it. 

Nonetheless, she eventually found out about her situation despite Min Joon using telekinetic power to make a vase break. Song Yi accidentally step onto the broken glass, Min Joon immediately attended to her wound. 

On the other hand, Bo Ja witnessed a kid confessing his feeling to a girl outside her store. It was like a parody to "The Heir". Those cute kids were so adorable. 

At the police station, Yoon Jae sits with a policeman as he had a fight with his school mates. Apparently, it was because his schoolmates has spoken bad about his sister Song Yi. Kwi Kyung came to pick him up from the police station. At home, his mother prepared a feast for Kwi Kyung and hinted him to chase after Song Yi. Kwi Kyung was happy about it but Yoon Jae saw through her selfish motive and left the table. 

Song Yi called out Se Mi for chicken and beer. Se Mi expressed sympathy over Song Yi predicament until she received a text message from a director. She gave an excuse that her mother had sprain her ankle, cutting the dinner short. 

Jae Kyung review the photo at the wedding cruise. He finally saw Yura clutch, it end up in Song Yi purse. He gave Song Yi a call and offer to visit her at her house for a cup of coffee.

In the building, Min Joon noticed Jae Kyung who was just a few steps away from him. He remembered Jae Kyung face from the cruise and was suspicious of him. Unfortunately, Min Joon was unable to give chase as dectective park came to question him about Yura case.

At the car, Min Joon tried to recalled his memories at the cruise and was certain that Jae Kyung is up to no good. At the meantime,  Song Yi opened the door for Jae Kyung. Min Joon suspiciously escaped from the car to the surprise of Dectective Park. Is Min Joon going to reach there in time to save his Song Yi? 


We replay the scene at the balcony. Min Joon bark at Song Yi to stay 1meter away from him. While Song Yi marvel at her billboard poster, Min Joon quietly took a step closer to her. That was so sweet! 


I have always dislike Se Mi and this episode make me dislike her even more. She is just a wolf in a sheep clothing and is full of lies. Jae Kyung was as scary as ever. He looked like he is going to kill Song Yi after he find the evidence. We are convince that he is a cold hearted man who will kill anyone to secure himself. Dectective Yoo is Se Mi brother? That was a nice twist to the story. 

On the other hand, I love the interaction between our two leads. Those bickering and funny moments was so Sweet. The steps which they move towards each other was engaging too. I think their acting skills was excellent to be able to execute this level of chemistry. However, I am worried that the story will turn tragic since one is from the earth and the other is from the Star. I think I will cry if they are separated. 

Anyway, this drama is getting better and the story is engaging enough for me to tune in to the next episode. Kwi Kyung proved to be a innocent and senseless guy but I gradually like his character in this show. The cute little scene about the kids outside the Manhwa store is so adorable. I like it when the drama has a meaning in each episode. 

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