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My Love From The Star Episode 2

We were back at Joseon Dynasty timeline with our hero Min Joon first arrival to the earth. Dressed in black clothing, he and his fellow aliens were seen roaming around a forest, collecting specimen. It seems like they were doing some research about earth. Min Joon pluck out a flower and examine it.

All of a sudden, time came to a standstill at a village. Min Joon now dressed as a Joseon aristocrat stepped out of a house. He took some time to observe his surroundings before everything went back to normal.

While roaming through the street, Min Joon keen vision spotted a con man cheating. When he heard that the desperate gambler said that he needed to raise money for her daughter medicine, Min Joon used his telekinetic power  to make the next round fair. The desperate gambler won this round to the surprise of the con man. 

That night, the 15 years old Joseon girl falls asleep while copying the scroll. Suddenly, a man captured her and planned to kill her in a dark forest. The Joseon girl woke up in time and broke free from her captor. The archer lifted up a bow and attempted to shot the arrow at her back. Just when the arrow is about to reach her back, she disappeared. 

The next moment, Min Joon appeared. Initially, the girl was alarmed but she soon realized that she was saved by Min Joon the other time too. The girl name is Seo Yi-Hwa. She asked Min-Joon for his name, however he for some reason did not reply and float into the air instead. He just handed the hairpin back to the girl.

Fast forward to 2013, the ornament sits at the museum exhibition now. Min Joon listen nearby as a guide talk about the origin of the hairpin and that all the artifacts was from an anonymous donor. 

Now we were back to where we stopped at the previous episode. The lift door open, Min Joon and Song Yi met. Song Yi was unhappy with the incident at the classroom and begin to pick on Min Joon. However, Min Joon gave her a history lecture to shut her up before he leave. Song Yi was left sputtering behind him again. 

Min Joon had a premonition at night. He envisioned a pair of glittery high heels and the next moment, the lady fall backwards into the water. He shared his vision with his buddy Lawyer Jang. He stated that perhaps Min Joon need to use his supernatural power to help people. 

Min Joon disagree and recounted the incident about the desperate gambler that was addicted to gambling. The con man said that if only he did not win that round. Upon hearing that, Min Joon watches with a heavy heart. 

In order to present a good image to the public, Song Yi manager asked her to take part in a 24-hours documentary. Initially, she refused until her stylist slyly stated that it means the other starlet Yura will get this opportunity. Song Yi scoffed at Yura and stated that she won the best actress award at the Grand Bells Award. However, her stylist reminded her that Yura won the Blue Dragon Award. 

Song Yi accepted the project and Yura (Yoon In Young) was pissed off. At this moment, Se Mi arrived at the same beauty salon. She deflated a little when she was treated as the second string to Song Yi. Despite that, Se Min remains sweet and flatter Yura. She snap it up whenever Yura mentioned about Song Yi. 

Prior to the recording of the documentary, Song Yi spend hours to ensure that she look effortlessly prefect. They even created a girl-next-door image for  Song Yi. During the interview, the reporters accost her with compliment and questions. Song Yi handle the interview like a pro until she mistook Propolis for propofol. Her manager tried to salvage the situation and plead with the cameraman to edit the video. 

Song Yi arrived in the school compound and pretends to know her school mates with the help of her manager. In class, she handed in her paper earning the admiration from everyone present. However, Min Joon rifle through the report and call Song Yi out saying that she broke the rule and was guilty of plagiarism. 

Song Yi recalls her manager telling her that nobody will know about the plagiarism. Min Joon starts rattling all the reference she copied and gave her a Zero for the report. Song Yi was stunned  and people started to gossip behind her back. 

The gleeful students posted comments about Song Yi online. Min Joon overheard the conversation and uses his telekinetic power to crush the girl's phone to the ground. 

Song Yi spendthrift mother met Se-Mi mum at the departmental store. They started to talk about Song Yi and her documentary. Their conversation became  aggressive when chaebol son Hwi-Kyung was mentioned. 

It was Se Mi birthday and she took the initiative to ask Hwi Kyung out and he agrees to the delight of Se Mi. However, Hwi Kyung regards Se Mi as his best friend and suggested to ask Song Yi along. Se Mi stated that Song Yi need Some time to be alone after the documentary and they can ask her out next time. Meanwhile, Se Mi gets ready to doll up for the date. 

Min Joon had a mahjong session with lawyer Jang and a group of old men at the palor. He was amazingly good in the game, suddenly an old man recalled a person named Kim Woo-San who look exactly like him. A flashback shows us the earlier version of Min Joon. They pass him off as the man's grandson, to which Lawyer Jang stated that Min Joon is his son. They chuckle at the fond memories, until the old codger boasted and claimed that 'Kim Woo San' always lose to him. 

Having to swallow his pride, Min Joon left the palor and complained to lawyer  Jang. They talked about the girl whom Min Joon had saved twelve years ago. Turned out that lawyer Jung have been helping to find her. Min Joon stated that although he is curious to know about her, it is not necessary to look for her. If fate has it, they will meet each other. If not, they are not meant to meet each other. This is what he learnt on earth. 

Late at night, a drunken Song Yi mistook Min Joon house as hers. She made lots of noises and keep pressing on the pinpad. Feeling irritated, Min Joon open the door and stated that she had entered the wrong house. However, Song Yi was too drunk to listen, she barges into the house and slept on the coach.

Hwi Kwang tried to call Song Yi on the phone and Min Joon answer it. Hwi Kyung was shocked and rushed over to find Song Yi. He  arrived in a huff and warns that he did not laid a finger on her. He calls himself his boyfriend and collects Song Yi to her home, leaving her wallet behind.

Min Joon could hear their voices and he tried to ignore it with a shower. While Song Yi was asleep, Hwi Kyung tried to lean over and plant a kiss on her. Song Yi woke up just in time to warn him against it. Min Joon was smiling to himself when he heard that. By the time Hwi Kyung remembered the date with Se Mi, it was too late and Se Mi was left waiting for two hours. She tried to brush it off and take it lightly but she was crying by herself. 

Hwi Hyung went back to the Chabeol mansion and met his elder brother. while he is a carefree younger brother, his elder brother appears to be more responsible. However, there was something eerily about this man when he received a call from a desperate woman. 

The next day, Min Joon found the wallet under the coach. When he flip open the wallet, he was astonished to find a family photo and a familar face. 

Song Yi wore the familar glittery high heels and met Yura at the beauty salon Soon, they started to quarrel over the documentary. Yura was fuming mad and raised her hand in an attempt to give Song Yi a slap, which was intercepted by Min Joon. Yura scream at him and stated that she is not yet finish with that bitch. Min Soo point his brainwave at the light and they simultaneously exploded.

Min Joon grab Song Yi and pulled her outside, staring at her intensely. Song Yi thought that it is about the incident last night and tried to explain. Min Jong took out the wallet with the family photo and demanded to know who she is. Song Yi snatched back the wallet and Min Joon stared at her and asked, "who are you?" 


During an interview, Song Yi was asked about her first love. She mentioned about the truck incident and that if she meet him again, she would most likely be able to recognize him. At this moment, Min Joon rode by in a bicycle and she sneers at him. 

In another interview, Min Joon was asked about his preference in women.  Min Joon replied that there are many types that he dislike such as drunken woman. I know of a woman who processed all the characteristic. She is the worst.


This episode was enjoyable and fun. I pity Song Yi for being an modern actress that many people targets. It is the harsh reality of the world isn't it? It is tiring and sad that celebrities always have to be perfect and projects a good image infront of everyone. It is true that she is only a human who will make mistake. People are too harsh on her sometimes. However, that is reality and people like to gossip about stars. 

Min Joon begins to show more of his character in this episode, although he still remain mysterious. I like that suspense and I look forward to more of this drama. Since Min Joon character is written in this way, I will gladly embrace it. Anyway, Kim Soo Hyun as always gave a remarkable performance onscreen. However, I wondered are they trying to push the ratings by showing the shower scene again? Not that I mind though and the rating for this drama is good to begin with. I enjoyed the longtime friendship between Min Joon and Lawyer Jang too. 

Se Min is like a fox in a sheep clothing. I know that she is jealous of Song Yi and secretly wanted to snatch Kwi kyung. This lady always try to act pitiful and sweet infront of people. 

On the other hand, Hwi Kyung elder brother looks evil and I bet he is the villain of the show. I like the way the scriptwriter gradually led us into the story and reveal the answers slowly. 

Interestingly, both Min Joon and Song Yi 'dislike' each other and yet they were link to each other by fate. I agreed with what Min Joon quote about fate. If they were meant to meet each other they will, otherwise they were just not meant for each other. 

In this case, the main leads are fated to meet each other again after twelve years. However, Min Joon have to leave the earth in three months! What will they do? 

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