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My Love From The Star Episode 3

Min Joon already know Song Yi identity, just that he need to reconfirm with her. A flashback brought us back to the Joseon Dynasty. After Yi Hwa was rescued by Min Joon, she asked a string of questions about his identity. Citing that she had read many books and she can even accept there are Ghost in this world. Min Joon did not respond and Yi Hwa assumed that he could not speak. Yi Hwa offer to bring him home and take care of him, to show gratitude to her life savior.  

Min Joon followed Yi Hwa back to her house, only to discover that her family had plotted to kill her. Now that her husband is dead, the family wanted to get rid of their daughter-in-law. The family announced to everyone that their daughter-in-law committed suicide out of virtue. Secretly, the mother-in-law instructed the archer to find the girl and kill her. Yi Hwa was sadden by that and Min Joon felt sorry for her. Suddenly, the archer notice their presence. Min Joon used his body as a shield to cover Yi Hwa. The next moment, they were at a faraway land. 

Looking at the freshly dig grave, Yi Hwa broke down and wonder where she should go. In the end, she decided to go back to her own house. Min Joon broke his silent and volunteer to go together and protect her. 

Back to the present day, Song Yi shake off Min Joon arm and she declared that her name is Chun Song Yi and many people did plastic surgery to look like her. Min Joon tried to convince himself that Song Yi and Yi Hwa are different person. However, he noticed the glittering heels which Song Yi was wearing and it look like the same in his vision. 

Min Joon mull over the connection with His buddy Lawyer Jang. He tosses words such as reincarnation, Min Joon find it ridiculous and Lawyer Jang replied, "well, considering there are Aliens." He asked Min Joon, "will you step in or ignore it like you does to everything else?" 

Se Min went to the beauty salon and was in a sympathetic look when she approach Song Yi and ask about the incident. Two hoobae actresses dropped by and say hi to Song Yi and totally ignore Se Mi. Song Yi spoke up for Se Mi and warned them to show respect to Se Mi. She went close to them and stated that  the rumors about her bad temper is true. 

At S&C group, Undercover Hwi Kyung bolted up when the clock strike six and was excited to pack up and leave. His seniors looked at him with disapproved eyes. One of his seniors took him aside and gave him a lecture. He told Hwi Kyung to buy coffee for everyone as a way to apologize and change his desktop picture to his family photo. Hwi Kwang did what he was told to do and the senior staff was proud of himself until all the staffs saw the family photograph. They were surprised that Hwi Kyung is the president youngest son. After that, they tried to flatter Hwi Kyung and said that it was indeed time to go home. 

The Scary elder brother Jae Kyung had a meeting with one of his director regarding the sudden death of their business rival. Director Hwang felt that they should investigate this matter. He mentioned that before his death, he met with someone from the S&C group that night. Jae Kyung agree that they should investigate this matter. He asked about Director Hwang diabetes and asks him to take care of himself. 

Director Kyung diabetes insulin needles was messed up hours later at night. Min Joon was thinking about Yi Hwa at his library when he heard Song Yi cries next door. She was having a persistent stomachache and she called up Manager Bum but he was not in town. 

Song Yi insisted to do a "hospital fashion" and doll up herself before she proceed to the hospital. She ran into Min Joon when she open the door ready to go to the hospital.  Min Joon pretended that he is heading to the hospital too. 

At the ER, Min Joon (a doctor in his previous life) proceed to bark orders to the first year resident doctor who grumbles there are too many drama about doctor and managers think they know everything. Because of Song Yi, Min Joon was wrangle into playing Manager. 

Before Song Yi was wheel into the room, he plead with Min Joon to wait for her. Min Joon turn and walk a few steps away , before he sat down on the chair. Once she is out of surgery, the nurse said that she need to expel gas before she could be discharge. Song Yi protested that she does not fart. Min Joon dutifully help Song Yi to walk about at the hallways. 

They had a short conversation about the girl Min Joon is looking for and Song Yi suddenly farted. Song Yi ineffectively tried to lie that it wasn't her that farted. They look out of the window and saw the first snow fall of the season, that stirs up another memory of Min Joon. At Joseon, Yi Hwa confessed her feeling for Min Joon, although she quickly retracted what she said when she saw Min Joon reaction. 

Now Song Yi look out of the window and she said the first snow fall.. Min Joon look at her intently. "Is about fried chicken and beer!" She rattles on about her favorite foods and the calories. Min Joon tells her to get to bed. Song Yi make excuses such as it is weird that her manager is leaving when she is asleep. Min Joon reassured her that he will not leave. Upon hearing that, Song Yi relaxes and climbs into bed. Min Joon  took up  Newspaper and pretend to look at the horoscope just to advise her fortune to stay away from water and boat. 

News about Song Yi hospitalization spread like fire. Hwi Kyung went to visit Song Yi at the hospital but was denied entry by the bodyguards. Hwi Kyung claimed that he is her boyfriend and the body guards say that he is the tenth person who said that. Min Joon came out of the room and  Hwi Kyung was surprised. Min Joon told the bodyguards that the patient need rest and is not taking visitor. Lol. 

Se Mi gave an interview and all the questions are about Song Yi. Se Mi asks is there nothing they want to know about her? The reporter asked about her first love. A flashback to their youth, Se Mi had a crush on a Hwi Kyung but he only had his eyes on Song Yi. 

Looking from a side line, Se Mi wonders why she still like him after all these years. Therefore, she was disappointed again when she saw Hwi Kyung with the body guards at the hospital. At least because of her presence, Hwi Kyung was able to visit Song Yi for the first time. 

Hwi Kyung protest to Song Yi about  her choice of asking a neighbor for help instead of calling him. Song Yi stated that he happen to be be heading to the hospital to attend to some matters. Hwi kyung wonders if Min Joon plan everything to be close to her. 

Song Yi was flipping through the Newspaper but she could not find the horoscope. She wonders why Min Joon gave her a false prediction. On the other hand, Min Joon met up with Lawyer Jang. He told Lawyer Jang that he had already warned Song Yi about the danger through the disguised prediction and he is going to wash his hands off her. However, Lawyer Jang pointed out that he had been talking about Song Yi throughout the talk and ask why did he call him out just to say that. 

Just then, Min Joon ancient beeper sounded to Lawyer Jang surprise, since  he had not use his beeper for ages. Min Joon left his beeper number in Song Yi guardian list and she called to question Min Joon about the horoscope. Other than that, she had a favor to ask. Min Joon gave an exasperated expression and stated, "do you think I will do that favor for you?"

Min Joon entered a Manhwa store open by Song Yi's fremeny Bok Ja. She swoons over the good look of her customer arrival. Min Joon read out a list of book titles with discomfort. All these are adults-only-ero manga. 

Min Joon delivered the mangas to Song Yi in disgust. They bicker about their preference in books. Thus, Song Yi was curious about his age. 

Another drama unfolds when Song Yi's mother came to the hospital with the documentary crew. Coincidentally, they ran into little brother Yoon Jae. Unlike their mother who craved for attention, Yoon Jae refused to cooperate for the documentary filming. 

Although Yoon Jae and Song Yi genuinely cared for each other, it was hidden behind a thick layer of dysfunction. Looks like the source of problem is because of money. All of a sudden, the documentary crew canned to the annoyance of Yoon Jae. Song Yi's mother brusted in with a drama face on, looking all worried. Frustrated by everything, Song Yi shouted for them to leave the room. Min Joon observed the scene at the side. 

Song Yi's dad came to the hospital with the intention to visit her, but he could not muster up his courage. Song Yi look out of the window and saw the snow fall. She recalled the memories of her father with a tinge of sadness. 

Time for diabetic director Hwang to take his insulin. He was called up by Jae Kyung. The swapped medication was already taking effect on director Hwang when he suddenly collaspe on the ground. The news about director Hwang death was known and the president wonders how does this happen. 

Min Joon was having a lecture about romance and he was totally logical and rational about this issue. Suddenly his beeper sounded and the students laughed. Turns out that, Song Yi asked Min Joon out and demanded to know the whereabout of her glittery heels. Min Joon refused to admit that he stole the heels. Cue to the next scene: Min Joon looked for the glittery heels inside the shoe closet, hanging his head over his behavior. 

Yura had a relationship with Jae Kyung and wanted to get married with him. The scary look in Jae Kyung eyes makes me think that Yura could be in life danger anytime soon. 

Song Yi was invited to attend a wedding and her stylist finally found the glittery high heels. However, that was a size smaller for her feet. She met Yura at the wedding who was also invited to the wedding cruise. 

At the telephone booth, Min Joon saw the live telecast of the wedding. He was worried about Song Yi when he saw the glittery heels that she is wearing at the cruise wedding. 


During an interview, both Song Yi and Min Joon held different perspective and views about love. It was so interesting to know that they are totally the opposite of each other.


I absoluately love this drama. Initially, I thought that Min Joon and Yi Hwa was romantically linked. This love was reincarnated to the present day Song Yi. However, i did not expect Min Joon to feel sorry for Yi Hwa instead of love. I was wondering is it that they shared a tragic love story that was typical and predictable? Is it because Min Joon is too young and that he is an alien, thus  he does not know about love? He may feel the same way as Yi Hwa but could be ignorant about it. 

I was drawn deeper into the character of Song Yi. She is a good friend to Se Mi in her own way. I like the way Song Yi stood up for Se Min when her hoobae actresses ignored her. The fragile side of Song Yi was so  touching and I can totally connect to her story. Many people see Song Yi as an air-head actress. In my opinion, she is pretty cute in her own way. 

Jae Kyung is so scary! His evil eyes look like he is ready to devour anyone who stood on his way. I believed we will see more of his evil ways in the future. I am starting to be worried about Yura, although she is not a good person either. 

I enjoy the chemistry between Song Yi and Min Joon. I like the fact that they are so different, yet they can connect to each other. Min Joon tried not to get involved in her matters but deep inside his heart, he is deeply concern for her. What will happen to Song Yi in the next episode? 

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