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My Love From The Star Episode 12

Min Joon was hit by the car - he saw it coming but he either cannot or does not want to stop it. He was slammed by the car and was bleeding around the head. A couple came passed and was shocked to witnessed that, they immediately called the police. The next moment, Min Joon disappeared. 

We flashback to an hour earlier, Se Mi was still dangling the piece of information infront of Song Yi. She stated to Se Mi that she is no longer interested to find out to saved her twelve years ago. Instead, Song Yi discovered that Se Mi had been carrying a torch on Hwi Kyung all these while. Therefore, she wanted to pull Song Yi down to be as miserable as she is now. Song Yi refused to fall into Se Mi trap and that leave her speechless. 

Song Yi have been trying to contact Min Joon. Yoon Jae was told off by his sister when he shared that he was irritated by a girl who 'pester him' although he does not like her. Song Yi reprimanded him for being so cold to the girl who had a crush on him. 

Song Yi decided to knocked on Min Joon door and was surprised to see blood stain on the doorknob. She opened the door and to her alarm, Min Joon was lying on a pool of blood. 

As Song Yi hover over Min Joon, he experience a dream ( sort of an afterlife scene). Both Song Yi and Min Joon was separated by a river. Song Yi Shouted Min Joon name and the next moment he appears infront of Song Yi and smiled.

Min Joon slowly opened his eyes and prevented Song Yi from calling the ambulance. Lawyer Jang was asked to come and attend to Min Joon wound. He thank Song Yi for not calling the ambulance and revealed to her that Min Joon will be leaving in two months time. Although he did not say why he need to leave, he told Song Yi not to see Min Joon again. 

Jae Kyung secretary reported to him about the incident and stated that Min Joon disappears although he was badly hurt. Hwi kyung overheard their conversation in front of the house. Too bad, Jae Kyung spotted him from afar.

Min Joon sleeps and dreamt of a beautiful dream. A fantasies story about him and Song Yi being together.  He ended the dream with a remark," the beautiful dream make me even unhappier when I wake up." 

Hwi Kyung looked for Song Yi and saw her crouching on the floor, worried about Min Joon. He sense that Min Joon was in trouble through his brother conversation. Song Yi mother was in high spirit when she told Song Yi that Jae Kyung had set up an agency and will specially sign Song Yi as their artise. Hwi Kyung was suspious of this matter and agree that Song Yi should decline this offer.

Detective Park was here to interrogate Min Joon for Seok attack. Lawyer Jang used legal terms to send him away. Insisting that Detective Park was treating Min Joon as a suspect. In the end, he headed to next door - Song Yi apartment. He asked question about Min Joon and Song Yi did not give any useful information. 

Detective Park asked about the cruise incident and if Min Joon was onboard the ship. Song Yi recalled the incident and stated that She did not see Min Joon. However, she told Detective Park about her suspicion on Yura and Jae Kyung having an affair. He asked Song Yi what is her relationship with Min Joon and she honestly answered, "I don't know."

Hwi Kyung sneak a glance on Jae Kyung phone and saw his pinwords. While Jae Kyung was bathing, Hwi Kyung strolled through his phone and found a contact 'K' and he immediately jolted down this number. He accidentally dropped the phone and the battery came out. He barely fixed the phone and shove it back before Jae Kyung came out from the bathroom. He was immediately suspicious of Hwi Kyung. They feign friendliness by talking about Song Yi. In his room, Hwi Kyung called the number and it was a mental hospital.

Min Joon woke up and apparently had recovered from his wound. Lawyer Jang asked him why did this accident happen in the first place. Min Joon could not answer why but he shared that this could be because of his near departure from the Earth. His power had diminished or weaken as the day draws near.

Lawyer Jang advice Min Joon not to interfere in Song Yi affair. He stated that he had spent half of his life protecting Min  Joon. Min Joon look sad but he cannot argue with that reasoning.

Min Joon passcode had changed and Song Yi can only knock on his door which went unanswered. Min Joon looked longingly at the camera as Song Yi stood there sharing about her feelings.

Seok recuperates from his attack and went back to work to the dismay of his mother. Detective Park shared with him the findings of the fountain pen and Yura's boyfriend.

Se Mi mother knows some of the information and revealed to Se Mi about what she had overheard. She was worried that Song Yi will restore her reputation if everyone knows that Song Yi was innocent. Se Mi had a plan already and even proposed to the director to cast Song Yi as her sidekick. She stated sweetly that she wanted to help her best friend make a comeback. 

An interested buyer came to look at the Min Joon apartment which was put on sale. Who is this person? Oh, that is Jung Eun Pyo from The Moon that embraces the Sun. Song Yi overheard their conversion and pretended to talk bad about this apartment in a bid to stop them from buying this house. 

Song Yi shared with Bok Ja about Min Joon and wondered why he will be leaving soon. Bok Ja guesses that Min Joon is a criminal thus he is running away. Just then, Yoon Jae came back home and Bok Ja was smitten. However he is too young. The next moment Hwi Kyung appears and Bok Ja was smitten again. 

The investigator came to investigate Jae Kyung about Yura's incident. A flashback brought us to the night Yura dead. At the boat, Yura was in to a private party room with Jae Kyung. He prepared a champagne for her and she told Jae Kyung that she will not betray him like what his ex wife did to him. She stated that his Ex deserved the punishment. Jae Kyung smiled knowingly and nodded.

Yura took a slip of the champagne and felt dizzy. That was when Jae Kyung revealed that he had drugged her. Yura ran out of the room with Jae Kyung secretary chasing her at the back. At the edge of the boat, Yura tried in vain to ask for help as the people were occupied with the fireworks. As a result, Yura fall backwards into the water and drowned.

Not that Jae Kyung will let the cat of the bag, he firmly denied his relationship with Yura and stated that she is just a model for their company.

Min Joon initiate a meeting with Jae Kyung and offered to help him if he promise to spare Song Yi life and leave her alone.

Song Yi tried to reach out to Min Joon but could not figure out a way. Therefore, she tried to climb over the balconies to see Min Joon. Midway, she received a call from Min Joon and was surprised that he initiated to meet up with her. 

Song Yi went back and dolled up herself, although Min Joon did not give her a glance. Min Joon did not open the car door for Song Yi. She muttered under her breath that she could open the door herself with her hand. 

While Song Yi was happily chattering, Min Joon thought about his conversation with Lawyer Jang an hour ago. Min Joon was reluctant to face ths reality of letting Song Yi go. He cries out that he like Song Yi and cares for her. 

Back to the present, Song Yi asked Min Joon why he need to leave in two months time. She assumed that Min Joon is a criminal and even offered that she is able to adapt quickly in a different country. 

Min Joon brought Song Yi to the Muesum and revealed his identity as an Alien. He talked about the hairpin and the resemblance of Song Yi and the hairpin owner. Song Yi found it ridiculous and was in denial about Min Joon identity. Min Joon displayed his power and shatter the glass behind him. Song Yi was caught by surprise as Min Joon drew near and said,"does it not matter who I am?" 


In an interview/confession, Min Joon was asked how does he feel now that his departure is approaching? Min Joon face crumples and choke back his sobs. 


Reality sucks! Min Joon does not want to wake up from his dream. I can understand how he feels. This Alien-Human relationship appears to be tragic and heartbreaking! Are they going to have a sad ending since Lawyer Jang was right about their relationship spells doomed right from the start? 

Anyway, the sweet dream was so loving and gives us a fantasy about love. Is the power of love going to help the both of them conquer all odds? I would cheer for a happy ending for the leads, although I wondered how is the scriptwriter going to tied up the loose end and present a happy ending that is not too ridiculous. 

There is something really touching about Kim Soo Hyun when he cries in a scene. He is able to bring out the devastation in his role and reach out to the audiences. He looked like a sad puppy with his boylish cutie look.

Finally, we know about the events leading to Yura death. I hope that Min Joon will not fall into cold blooded Jae Kyung tricks. The deal will not fall through with a wicked man. This criminal has to face his consequences for what he had done. Yes, it is scary now that he had set his brother Hwi Kyung as another target, perhaps to kill? 

Se Mi and her mother are simply people who cannot see other people succeed and be happy. Their hearts are wicked and full of jealousy. I like the way Song Yi response to Se Mi. Way to go, girl! Lastly, I laugh out loud at Bok Ja when he saw handsome men. Perhaps I will be smitten like her too. Okay, lucky Song Yi...

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Top Rating K-drama: My Love From The star

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According to Allkpop Link: My Love From The Star was the highest rating K-drama in Korea. It even breaks it's own record during one of the episode. Have you watch this drama? How do you feel about the characters in this show? Is the storyline engaging and creative? What are the things you like or dislike about this drama?

I personally like this drama because of the storyline, characters and the way the story was told. The pace is just nice for me since I really dislike draggy and boring type of show. This romance comedy is always what I liked. The chemistry between the main leads was so good since this was their second collaboration. 

Kim Soo Hyun acting had matured so much and is becoming a creditable actor at this young age. He matches Jun Ji Hyun style and carries himself very well. I am still in the midst of recapping the drama since I do have many things to share. Looking forward to the future episodes and I wonder how will the scriptwriter tie up the loose end? I am keeping my hope up! 

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My Love From The Star Episode 11

Jae Kyung intended to privately kill Song Yi and Min Joon. He pulled his trigger and fire the shot at Min Joon and he vanished into the air. The next moment, he knocked Jae Kyung out at the back. Min Joon revealed his power fully to warned Jae Kyung about his villainy way and stop him from causing any harm to Song Yi.

Jae Kyung secretary was send to plant Min Joon suicide note on his desk, when suddenly Song Yi entered the room. He ducked under the desk and readily holds a weapon. Song Yi answered a phone call and walked out of the room. 

Song Yi casually make her way home. The second she reach home, she started trembling violently as she revealed what she saw previously. The reflection of the man on the book shelf glass. Song Yi ask Yoon Jae to call the security. 

A knock on the door and Song Yi recognize the voice of the man which sound simliar to the 'doctor' who drugged her. She told Yoon Jae not to open the door. Song Yi double checked with the security who confirmed that they have not send anyone up yet. 

Song Yi was worried about Min Joon and she called him on his cellphone. In the car, Min Joon was shivering badly because one of the tranquilizer dart shot him and he was having the after effect. When Song Yi mentioned an intruder in his house, he dropped his phone and teleport to Song Yi front door. 

Min Joon made sure that Song Yi is fine before he collapse in her arms. Song Yi and Yoon Jae have to dragged Min Joon to his bed. Yoon Jae was surprised that Min Joon and Song Yi is so close to each other and that brings suspicion about his sister crash. Song Yi retorted that she will never have a one-sided crush on someone.

The more pressing concern is Min Joon now and Song Yi used a thermometer to check his temperature. To her surprise, the temperature was abnormal (82 degrees). Song Yi figure out that the thermometer must be broken, however it just seem so weird. 

At the Chabeol's breakfast table, Hwi Kyung was still thinking about his sister-in-law mysterious disappearance. He asked His parents about it and was met with a cold response. The family does not want to talk about this ex-family member, stating that she had went to England. Jae Kyung joined the table and Hwi Kyung wanted to probe about this matter but was cut off by his father. 

At Song Yi house, Yoon Jae was surprised to see Song Yi being domestic, cooking porridge for Min Joon. Of course, the food taste bad. Song Yi tried to wake Min Joon up and a flashback brought us back to Joseon. 

A famed doctor Heo Jun was seen attending to an unconscious Min Joon. It was funny that the arrival of Min Joon actually contradicted his legendary reputation. His followers frawn over their teacher skill and Heo Jun was stumped with this case. 

Min Joon woke up soon and Heo Jun and spoke to him about this strange encounter. Min Joon honestly told him while pointing at the sky, that he came from another planet. 

Min Joon woke up and Song Yi rise her suspicion, questioning Min Joon it he has any terminal illness? Min Joon cut her out curtly and stated that he is fine. Refused to stay for breakfast, Min Joon went back to his house. (Yoon Jae witnessed all that and teases her sister about the crush she denied)

Song Yi darts out to follow Min Joon and was surprised to see Se Mi. She was curious when Min Joon invited her into his house. The next moment, Song Yi was seen eavesdropping at the wall. She wonders why Min Joon can hear everything that she said but she could not hear anything.

Se Mi visit was about the concern over her brother. She stated that the only clue they found is a pen. All these while, Song Yi keeps pressing her ear on the wall, muttering about the length of time Se Mi spend in the house. Min Joon super hearing caught what she said and he smiled to himself before putting on a stern face. He told Se Mi that he will continue to investigate this matter, although he did not share about Jae Kyung. 

Song Yi followed Min Joon to the Supermarket. She keep chattering with Min Joon and stated that they could do things together. Min Joon told her that they would not be doing things together and he will not be here forever. He refused Song Yi offer of a ride. 

At S&G company, Jae Kyung cancelled a meeting citing illness. Hwi Kyung was suspious as his brother looked fine in the morning. He went to his desk and attempted to open his drawer but it was locked.

Song Yi sat on a armchair and talk to unseen audiences as though she was undergoing some sort of therapy. It turned out that she was at Bok Ja Manhwa store. They were debating over Song Yi love issues.

Bok Ja advised Song Yi to make strong advance on Min Joon since she had come so far. With that in mind, Song Yi went to Min Joon apartment, just when he is about to go fishing and invited herself along. 

Upon arrival, Song Yi amused herself running around frolicking on the ice. Feeling impatient, Min Joon grab Song Yi arm and asked if she came here for his answer. Song Yi replied that she came here just to be with him and she wanted to hear the answer too.

Min Joon delivered coldly that he dislike Song Yi and he helped her because she was pitiful. Song Yi asked Min Joon what would he like her to do. Without hesitation, he said that he does not want to see her again. That stings and tears started flowing down Song Yi cheeks. 

Song Yi turned around and walked away. She was sobbing when Hwi Kyung came to fetched her in his car. Song Yi cried her heart out at the rejection. She felt sorry that Hwi Kyung had been enduring this pain all these years. 

Back at the lake, Lawyer Jang joined him. He chuckled that he is glad to join Min Joon for fishing to escape from his naggy wife. Min Joon expressed desire about the feeling of growing old with someone. 

A flashback to Joseon, Heo Jun accepted his story origin. He told Min Joon about Ying and Yang energy. Since he does not belong here, he should go back to his planet before that. 

Min Joon shared with Lawyer Jang that his physical changes is probably due to his leaving this planet. He will probably die if he stay on earth. 

Song Yi had a sad soju party at home. After the hangover, she recalled all the ridiculously silly and embarrassing things she did when she was drunk. Yoon Jae who witnessed the self pity party, shook his head and decided to work hard.

Hwi Kyung checked that his Hyung had left before going to his office and found his brother and his sister-in-law passport.

A flashback to a few hours earlier, We saw Hwi Kyung approaching Min Joon and thanked him for calling him yesterday to pick up Song Yi and thanked Min Joon for saving Song Yi twelve years ago. Min Joon asked Hwi Kyung to protect Song Yi from his brother.

Meanwhile, Jae Kyung is already on his next plan and that is approaching Song Yi mother with a contract for Song Yi.

Detective Park got the information about the fountain pen owners, but was stumped to know that all of them were from other countries and one of them went missing and was declared dead years ago.

Min Joon watches the footage from his library security camera. At the same time, Jae Kyung send a picture of him and Song Yi mother to Min Joon. He stated that he had to find other ways since Min Joon is so protective over Song Yi. 

Se Mi was still processing the thoughts about what Hwi Kyung said earlier. He had decided not to be Se Mi friend anymore to spare her the pain. With that in mind, she looked for Song Yi ready to drop her a bomb. Song Yi realized how twisted is Se Mi and advised her to be herself and not to live life unhappily. 

Min Joon waited at a deserted place, clutching Yura USB flash drive. He has a flash of his premonition of a hand prying that thumb drive out of the hand, whose body lies on the street. Yet, Min Joon ventured out on the street. Suddenly a car came barreling towards him and hit him on the hood of the car. Min Joon bumped onto the windshield and was send flying into the thin sky and fall on the road with a thud. 

Se Mi jeered at Song Yi claimed that she will recognize the person who saved her twelve years ago at the first glance. She accused Song Yi using that man as an excuse to keep control over Hwi Kyung. She hinted to Song Yi that her rescuer was just beside her. 

Song Yi work out the meaning and was about to comprehend her hint. 

On the other hand, Min Joon was seen bleeding on his head as he lies motionlessly on the road. A man went to him and grab the thumb drive in his hand. 


We were back to the frozen lake when Min Joon rejected Song Yi. She turned around and walked away. Midway down the road, Min Joon freezes the time and walked over to Song Yi. He held her hand and kisses her. 


There was a mixture of hilarious moments and sadness in this episode. I kept laughing at how ridiculous and how funny Song Yi behaved when she was drunk. Yes, she is definitely crazy over Do Min Joon. I love how she took the glittery shoes to Min Joon and offers them to him, thinking that he like the shoes.

Yoon Jae was a really sweet brother to Song Yi. He is really cute and funny too. His expression when he witnessed the crazy things that his sister did was hilarious. I also like how protective his little brother is to Song Yi. However, I still dislike Song Yi and Se Mi mother who were very noisy and irritating.

I wondered why Min Joon got into those accidents. Is it because his power became weaker? He could have freeze the car to stop it in time. Perhaps the car was too fast. Anyway, since he had a premonition about the thumb drive, why he did not know that this person is himself? I don't understand why he risked his life since he already know about it. Hope that our superhero Do Min Joon is fine. 

Nowadays, I see Se Mi in a different light. Yes, she is still a hypocrite but she is pathetic at the same time. She is not hateful anymore but pitiful. She wanted to reveal Min Joon identity to Song Yi. That is indirectly causing more pain to her. 

Actually, the past does not matter now. It is Song Yi and not the girl in the past that Min Joon love. It is also not important to know who is Song Yi savior twelve years ago since she love Min Joon now. The only obstacle is the fact that they were from different planet. 

Hwi Kyung is still a sweet man who love Song Yi unconditionally. However, I am afraid his brother Jae Kyung will cause him harm should he continue to investigate on him. 

Lawyer Jang came to join Min Joon for fishing. I really like this bromance between them. They are here for each other and that was really sweet. The same goes to Bok Ja and Song Yi. What a great friendship they have.

The scene at the frozen lake was heartbreaking. It was so sad for Min Joon and that scene stirred up all the emotions within me. If only poor Song Yi knows that Min Joon did this because he love her. The kiss at the end of the show was so touching. Yes, my heart was flattering when they kissed. 

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Running Man arrived at Australia with the guests

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Running Man arrived at Australia with special guests Rain and Kim Woo Bin. Many fans were already waiting at the Airport for their arrival. Everyone had came, except Song Ji Hyo who will take a later flight to Australia due to her busy schedule. According to KJKGlobal Singapore, they will be taking a flight from Gold Coast to Melbourne today.

Their team were spilt into four groups: 
Blue: Rain and Kwang Soo
Red: Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Woo Bin
Brown: HaHa and Kim Jong Kook
Black: Gary and Ji Suk Jin 

Their arrival at Australia

Kim Jong kook and HaHa 

The Running Man and the guests  arrival to Incheon Airport, flying to Australia