Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kim Jong Kook OST - Mark Of Tear

Kim Jong Kook

Kim Jong Kook latest OST - Mark Of Tear did very well in Korean music chart. This song is from the latest Korean drama - Love In Memory 2. The storyline is about healing and memories of the past. Starring Jeong Woong-In who act as the father prepared to say goodbye to his family. 

How do you feel about this song? Actually, I am not very impress with Mark of Tear as compared to his previous songs. Somehow, I think the song is not as expressive but Kim Jong kook still scored well with his vocal. Perhaps I am bias towards another OST from Good Doctor, I prefer this song - How come you don't know? 

Mark Of Tear sound 'boring' to me in some aspects especially the tempo/rhythm and the musical instruments used. I supposed this song  matches the drama pretty well. Since the story is rather solemn and Kim Jong Kook smoothing voice brought out the emotions needed in this song.  Nonetheless, as a Kim Jong kook fan, it is a delight to hear his latest song. Hope that he will release an album soon. For now, let's enjoy this ballad - Mark Of Tear.


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