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My Love From The Star Episode 16

Song Yi pushes Min Joon away from his embrace, thinking that he is toying with her feelings. She asked Min Joon why did he like her and he did not give any response. Feeling angry, Song Yi turned and walked away. 

When she turned around and stopped to ask if his planet kisses women randomly and stated that her planet is different, men only kisses women when he like her. Getting no response, Song Yi turned and saw Min Joon clutches his heart as he collapsed. 

Song Yi struggled to pull Min Joon into the car and drove recklessly in the traffic. She was concerned about Min Joon condition and finally brought him safely back to his home. 

Min Joon woke up and cuddle up with Song Yi on the bed. He finally admitted that he truly like Song Yi. A further probe about his kiss, it was revealed to Song Yi that Min Joon kiss is solely for her. 

They snuggled with each other till the next morning. Yoon Jae looked around in the house for his sister. He gave a call to her sister was about sneaking out of Min Joon house. Yoon Jae was surprised to see his sister emerging from the house and sternly asked his sister to follow him. 

On the other hand, Jae kyung was about to think of plan to kill his brother since he knows about the secretary killer. His plan was ruined when he approached the room because Hwi Kyung had awoken. Thankfully, Hwi Kyung play it safe by feigning a lapse memory. 

We got a flashback regarding Jae Kyung interrogation at the police station. Apparently, Jae Kyung had denied any relationship with Yura. 

Taking matters into his own hands, Yoon Jae decided to sort things out with Min Joon. He went to Min Joon house and demand to know about his relationship with his sister Song Yi. He was hostile to Min Joon until the latter offered him chocolate milk. 

Before Yoon Jae could carry on with his mission, he was distracted by Min Joon fancy telescope. He was attracted to the telescope and had a newfound respect for Min Joon hyung. 

Song Yi visited Hwi Kyung at the hospital and thanked him for saving her life. However, she could not repay his love by loving him back. Hwi Kyung understood and insisted that it is alright for him to just be by her side as a friend. Song Yi was touched and gave him a hug. 

Song Yi went to the balcony and called out Min Joon name. When Min Joon did not appear immediately, she muttered under her breath at his thoughlessnes. The next moment, Min Joon appeared behind her and took issue on her name calling. 

Song Yi realized that she will grow old eventually whereas Min Joon will still maintained his youthful look. She was horrified that this will eventually happen to them. 

Min Joon met up with Lawyer Jang and shared with him about Song Yi worries about the age issue. The conversation shifted to Min Joon impending departure. Min Joon pointed to Lawyer Jang briefcase when he noticed a bug planted there. They continued to play along and Min Joon even said that he will consider working with Jae Kyung in exchange for Song Yi life. 

Jae Kyung picked Hwi Kyung up from the hospital. Hwi Kyung noticed that his brother had a new replacement with the secretary killer, however he pretend to be mistaken about his identity. 

When Hwi Kyung is alone, he continued to conduct his own investigation starting from the stunt crew. 

Min Joon came to pick Song Yi up and was warmly welcomed by Yoon Jae. Song Yi emerged from her room dressed like a teenager, to the shocked of everyone with the ridiculous outfit.

At the film set, Se Mi and Song had an interview. While Se Mi was trying to be all nice as though she was following a script. Song Yi was more transparent with her feeling and refused to follow the script. Min Joon who was standing at the side as her manager shakes his head at her bluntness. 

Song Yi was about to film some action scenes. Min Joon overheard the director and the staffs talked about the previous incident. They had always wanted to play a trick on Song Yi. Therefore, they plan to make things difficult for her. The director make Song Yi did many NGs (Not Good Takes) and finally decided to use the first take. Min Joon let the director and his staffs tasted their own medicine by using his power to make them trumble down the hill. 

The filming was delayed for an hour, Song Yi felt bored and she caught an eye on the game Go-Stop. She played the game with the staffs and was delighted that she won every round. In fact, Min Joon had been helping her to win by freezing the time and swop the cards. 

Song Yi talked about her future with Min Joon and was excited about their dating. However, sadness clouded Min Joon face as he ask if they could accomplish everything that Song Yi hope for in one week because he is leaving. 


100 days later, Song Yi was at the top of Namsum Tower. We saw a pair of couple locks written with Song Yi and Min Joon name. Song Yi waited expectantly at a restuarant and her expression deflated when it is not the one she is waiting for. 


I am glad that Min Joon had finally confessed his feeling to Song Yi. Oh, I love how they cuddle and snuggle with each other. On the other hand, I am worried that Min Joon will disappear from this planet, leaving Song Yi alone. The ending is unpredictable but I really hope that they would end up together. 

Hwi Kyung had impressed me with his intelligence and loyalty towards his love. He is such a good guy that I would root for him with Song Yi if only Min Joon is not in the picture. It is good that the focus of attention shifted to Hwi Kyung to gather evidence about his own brother. 

Yoon Jae is so cute in this episode. His expression and attitude change quickly when he faces Min Joon. I like it that he love his sister Song Yi and was genuinely concern about her. 

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