Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Kim Soo Hyun Original Sound Track - In front of your house

Kim Soo Hyun 

In front of your house

This is Kim Soo Hyun latest Original Sound track from his drama My Love From The Star titled - In front of your house. Do you like this song? It is about Do Min Joon and Chun Song Yi love song. I personally find the lyrics well written and as always Kim Soo Hyun is very expressive in this song. Kim Soo Hyun have been contributing his voice in the Original Soundtracks of the drama which he starred in. Here are some of his OST.


This is an Original Soundtrack from Dream High. Do you remember Samdong, the character of Kim Soo Hyun? Yes, he has an attractive singing voice. Actually, Kim Soo Hyun was talent scouted to be an idol singer before he debut with his acting in Korean drama. Either way, we still get to see the versatile, all rounded talent of this megastar. His well polished voice was due to his training at JYP entertainment. A great effort from an actor who just attempted singing. There is this raw quality in his voice which is pleasant to the ears.

Another way

This is a great song from Kim Soo Hyun. I simply love the background music of this song. The beat, the rhythm and melody of the song is really soothing to the ears. With a well written song and Kim Soo Hyun emotional voice, I can't help but fall in love with this song. This Original Soundtrack can be found in the drama - The Moon that embraces the Sun.

The one and only you

This is a touching ballad which Kim Soo Hyun usually sings and he does it really well. Unlike the other song Another way, this song is softer but Kim Soo Hyun brings out the strong feeling within the song.  He really puts his heart into everything that he does. 


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