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My Love From The Star Episode 15

Song Yi father stayed by her side all night, the next day Song Yi woke up and was surprised to see her father. She is thankful that her dad stayed all night with her.

Song Yi mother came in at this time and was glad to hear about he did not remarry during this period of time. Song Yi dad asked about her boyfriend and she stated that she met someone like his dad. She was afraid that this man will disappear just like him.

She described about his one-side love on this man, however her father assured her that this man does love her. On the other hand, Se Mi was in tears at Hwi Kyung bed. 

Min Joon wrote in his journal that he is left with one month in this earth. 

At the interrogation room, Detective Park tried to figure out how Min Joon disappeared from the room. He literally bang himself on the wall and thought that Min Joon performed some sort of magic.

Min Joon came back to the interrogation room to confess his 'crimes'. However, this time round, he is telling them a different story. 

He recounted the incident at the cruise and revealed that he did appeared at the scene. He told the cops about hissupernatural abilities to teleport himself from one place to another and his super hearing.

He offered to help them in whatever way he can if they believe in him. The cops sat on the bench in disbelief, totally astonished by what they heard. 

Bok Ja came to visit Song Yi and chide her for thinking of her 'alien man' when Hwi Kyung had sacrificed himself to save her. She urged Song Yi to accept Hwi Kyung devotional love. 

Song Yi make her way to Hwi Kyung room while her family about to leave. While Hwi kyung mother glared at her, Jae Kyung offered some comforting words to her. 

In the room, Song Yi and Jae Kyung talk about Yura incident. Song Yi revealed that she had talked to the investigator about Jae Kyung relationship with Yura. However, Jae Kyung insisted that he is not dating Yura and that she is just a model hired by his company. Song Yi apologized to Jae Kyung about the misunderstanding. He asked carefully if she reveal this to anybody and Song Yi said that she only told Hwi kyung. Jae Kyung noted this detail.

An unseen figure snapped some photo of Song Yi as she left the room. The next day, the headline stated that some young chaebol had saved Song Yi life. 

Song Yi mother decided to back out from the management contract. She was shocked to know that she had to pay triple the amount of money to break the contract.

Min Joon returned home with Lawyer Jang. He was alarmed to hear the name of Jae Kyung. Song Yi mother turned hostile after she know that Min Joon had dumped her daughter. Lawyer Jang fire up on Min Joon behalf and they had a quarrel. Song Yi mum fired a last shot stating that Song Yi will sign under S&G company and that she will be engaged to Hwi Kyung.

Lawyer Jang was worried that Min Joon was angry about his interference. However, Min Joon mind was fixated on Song Yi engagement with Hwi Kyung. He panic when Lawyer Jang said that Song Yi could have a change of heart since Hwi Kyung saved her life. Min Joon insisted that he is NOT angry with this. 

Min Joon log on to the chat apps and start messaging Song Yi. He hesitated about sending the message and eventually send it accidentally. 

He immediately teleport himself to Song Yi room and attempted to clear the evidence in her phone. Song Yi reached out for her phone, suddenly the time stood still. Min Joon had freezes time but he could not unlock Song Yi pattern code hand phone unlock. After 30 seconds, the clock ticks again. Song Yi was alarmed to see Min Joon holding her hand phone with one hand and her hair hair with the other hand. Min Joon asked about Song Yi well being and was orderd to leave instead. Song Yi questioned Min Joon about his ability to teleport from one place to another. 

Min Joon asked Song Yi to check on her phone and watch on as she unlock her code. He freezes the time again and deleted the message in the chat apps.

Song Yi continued to ask about his super hearing ability and was alarmed that he had been listening to her all these while. She accused Min Joon for being an Alien prevert, although he explained that he is not a weirdo and definitely not a prevert. 

Jae Kyung noted that Hwi Kyung life will be in danger with everyday that he stay unconscious. Min Joon saw Jae Kyung walked out of Song Yi room and decided to pay him a visit in his little brother room. 

He confronted Jae Kyung about the life which he had taken and asked why did he do that. Jae Kyung replied that there are too many bugs which is dispensable and only a few are necessary in this world. He classified Min Joon as a useful person and proposed a deal with him. That is using his power to help him and in return, he promised to shield Song Yi. Min Joon stated that he will think about it. 

Min Joon went home with Song Yi mother words ringing in his ears. He started to have halluncination. He saw Hwi Kyung and Song Yi living a blissful life as a couple. That imagination stung his heart and you could almost hear him say," That is MY fanasty!" 

Song Yi mum thought of rejecting the management deal but was swayed by the fanciful van and the entourage. She instructed Song Yi to come down immediately. When Song Yi came down, it was Min Joon who awaited for her. It turns out that Min Joon had settled her breach of management contract. 

In the car, Min Joon offered to be her manager. However, Song Yi suggested to put a distance between them, thinking that Min Joon does not like her. 

Song Yi also tried to stay away from Se Mi but was was approached by her instead. She surprisingly asked Song Yi to accept Hwi Kyung. After the incident, Se Mi had realized that as long as Hwi Kyung is happy, she is willing to give up everything. 

Detective Park gave a surprise visit to Jae Kyung. His father knew about this and was furious. He ordered that the news will not be leak to the press.

The camera pans over to show Hwi kyung woke up from his coma. He witnessed how Min Joon appeared from thin air. Min Joon saw him and Jae Kyung apparently wanted him to keep this a secret. He listened quietly to Min Joon and Jae Kyung conversation. 

Song Yi waited for long time to film her scene. In the end, she took a nap in the prop room. After filming Se Mi scene, the crew left without informing Song Yi. The Manake crew member was distracted and did not inform Song Yi that they will film her again another day. 

Song Yi woke up from her nap and was surprised to see nobody at the scene. She almost triped and fall and Min Joon held on to her. She shook off his arm and asked him why did he wait for her? Min Joon stated that he need to protect her. 

Song Yi scoffed at him and stated that he is a player that toy with people feeling. She asked Min Joon to stay away from her and wanted him to understand how selfish he is. 

Song Yi get ready to leave for good, suddenly the light flickers until the whole house were lit brightly. Just like a fairy tale, Song Yi flew up and soared towards Min Joon. He grabbed Song Yi over stating that he is going to do something selfish now and he kissed Song Yi on the lips. 


This scene was after Song Yi surgery. Her dad decided to leave before Song Yi wake up. He took an elevator alongside Min Joon and he asked Song Yi dad to stay with Song Yi as she longed to see him again. Song Yi dad asked is Min Joon close to Song Yi, he replied," I like her very much." That is why Song Yi dad was curtained that Song Yi love is not one-sided. 


I know it was mean of me to enjoy Min Joon  heartbroken expression! He looked so cute and funny when he fantasize about all these events at home. I enjoyed Min Joon hallucination about Song Yi and Hwi Kyung as a blissful couple. His expression ranges from disbelief that Hwi Kyung took over his place to be with Song Yi. Followed by heartbroken and anger, all written on his face. Kim Soo Hyun had once again proven himself to be a fine actor. He can be cool, handsome, pitiful and funny anytime. 

Song Yi dad had misunderstood her daughter and I understand why. Her dad must be ashamed of himself for hurting his precious daughter. Yes, it is about time to clear the misunderstanding and a family reunion to look forward to. 

Lawyer Jang is as usual so funny when he is being protective over Min Joon. I like Lawyer Jang character and loyalty towards his friend. On the other hand, I don't like Song Yi mum and Se Mi mum. They are irritating, especially when they quarrel with each other. 

Hwi Kyung had woke up from his coma and I felt sorry that he had to deal with the reality that his brother is a killer. I think Se Mi is really jealous of Song Yi to harbor ill feelings towards her. It is good that Se Mi had come to her senses and hope that she will stop hating Song Yi and let everything go. 

Love is not gratitude, it is about the heart.  Sadly, Hwi Kyung is not the one for Song Yi although he rescued her. Se Mi seem to understand that loving someone means to see the person happy and well. The last part with Min Joon and Song Yi is like a fairy tale story. Yes, I love this romantic scene and my heart flattered Min Joon when they kisses. 

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