Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Amazing Spider Man 2 at GV Gold Class

In a bid to celebrate Mother's Day, my family and I decided to watch a movie to pamper ourselves. After dinner, we head down to Gold Class movie at 112 Katong. The experience was amazing and for a moment the cinema looks like a club to me. There are limited seats in the theatre and all of the seats come in pairs.

Once we stepped into the cinema, we were warmly greeted by the staffs as we were ushered to our seats. There were ample space around our seat and we can adjust the position of the armchair. There is a button on the seat and it is use for ordering of foods and drinks. We scanned through the menu and each of us ordered a drink which we can pay later. Their service was fast and with our seats adjusted to our likings and armed with a blanket, we were ready for the movie.

Scientist Richard Parker recorded a message in a video to explain his disappearance. Soon after, he and his wife were hijacked in the private jet plane by a man send to assassinate Richard. The pilot was killed and the plane crushes.

In the present, Their son Peter continue to fight crimes as Spider man. During a crime chase, he rescued a Oscorp industry employee Max Dillon. He began to idolize Spider Man but was unfortunately attacked by a group of mutated eel fish during an accident. After the 'betrayal' from Spider Man, he had called himself Electro. The world is in danger from now onwards.

Peter love his high school girlfriend Gwen Stacy but he had made a vow to her decease father who was a police captain to stay away from Gwen. On the other hand, Peter childhood friend Harry Osborn returns to Manhattan to visit his terminally ill father Norman Osborn. He reveals to Harry about their family hereditary illness and gave a small device to Harry which he said contains his life's work. The first symptom of Harry appears and he looked through Norman device and deduced that Spider Man blood could save him. 
Harry Osborn thirst for Spider Man blood to save himself and Electro attempts to revenge on Spider Man and Gwen sudden announcement for a scholarship in England, how is Spider Man going to handle all these problems in the midst of controversy and hidden conspiracy about his parents death?


Thoughts and Review

I was drawn by the leads chemistry right from the beginning of the show. I know that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are real life couple and it helps in their chemistry with each other. The special effects and sound system was good. I have expected such good quality from the Hollywood movie and The Amazing Spider Man 2 does not disappoint with the action packed scenes.

Spider Man as usual helps to fight crimes and surprisingly I do not find him annoying at all as compared to the previous movie about Spider Man that I had watched. In my opinion, Andrew Garfield did pretty well protraying the Superhero.

He is convincing when he is torn apart with the decision to continue his romance with Gwen or to leave her. Andrew Carfield protray a down to earth hero who has to make sacrifice even if that makes him the saddest man in the world.

Jamie Foxx and Dane Dehaan were convincing as the villains. Jamine Foxx protrays a delusional Max Dillon that idolize Spider Man till it became an obsession. After that incident, he transformed into Electro who is full of hatred and negativity of humanity. Dane Dehaan acted as the desperate childhood friend of Peter who became mad when faced with death. Overall, The Amazing Spider Man 2 has a good storyline, great cast and a satisfying ending. This is a good movie that is definitely worth to watch, just be prepared to sit through 2 hours 22 minutes.


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