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DramaQueen pick: Recollection of Takashi Kashiwabara

I was a little surprise when I saw Kashiwabara Takashi cameo appearance in Itazura Na Kiss: Love In Toyko. It was disappointing that he only appears for a few seconds, blink your eyes and you will miss it. At least Sato Aiko who played Kotoko in 1996 version have more screen presence. Anyway, Kassy  aged gracefully over the years and look thinner than ever. Sato Aiko aged gracefully too. Many years have passed and all that is left is reminiscence of those precious moments. 

This was Takashi Kashiwabara 1995  movie debut - Love Letter. That was an old school movie that touched my heart. He acted as Itsuki Fujii, the quiet and charming young man. I thought that his features were sharp and were crafted like a beautiful sculpture. That was the first Japanese movie that I loved because it has a great storyline, an unexpected twist and notably an amazing cast. 

Hakusen Nagashi aired in 1996 and subsequently produced a few seasons later. I do have a deep impression of this drama. Somehow, I vaguely remembered that I had watched this drama when I was schooling. Takashi Kashiwabara and his co-stars look good in their school uniforms and I used to think that it will be great to have my uniform tailor make like the Japanese. Anyway, this drama was a highly successful Jdorama that rise the profile of the main characters and was followed by a few seasons later on in the years. The storyline is about a group of high school students growth in life and the various experience they were put through in  different seasons of life.  

This was a comic based comedy about the talented sushi chef Shota. I was introduced to Sushi and some of the delicious Japanese cuisine after watching this drama. I begin to understand how extremely difficult it is to master the art of making sushi. It emphasize about the  pursue of perfection in the process of the art. I lost count of the number of times I was drooling at the foods. Takashi Kashiwabara whose nickname is Kassy look 'kawaii' (adorable) as the never give up sushi chef. No matter how many obstacles he have to faced, Shota still held on to his belief and overcome all these challenges. 

My first jdrama crush is Irie kun. Although there were  merely nine episodes of Itatura Na Kiss, I still remember that I used to chase this drama like crazy. Nothing beats a charming and handsome boy like him. Unconsciously, Takashi Kashiwabara became the standard of a 'pretty flower boy' in my heart. 

This is not a fantastic drama in my opinion. It was simply a terribly wrong casting. How could Kimura Yoshino act as an outstanding idol convincingly when he stood beside the dreamy good look Kassy? That aside, Issida Issei is just a two timer that waver between these two men. Not to mention the silly ending. If not for Kassy, I may even skip this whole show. 

Takashi Kashiwabara was so cool and hot in Renai Kekkon No Rules.  He always processed a charming smile. In this drama, kassy plays a devoted man that falls for an older woman. Sadly, Takashi Kashiwabara seldom act as the first main lead despite his good looks and acting abilities. Till now, I still don't understand why he was very often not given a better opportunity to be the main character. 

Big wings can be considered as another breakthrough for Takashi Kashiwabara. He was finally back as the only male lead in a drama. I was totally hooked on this Jdorama although certain parts were cheesy. There were many things I like about this drama from the chemistry of the cast to the story line. Kassy looked smart and handsome in a tuxedo. For your information, kassy acted with his ex-wife Hatano Hiroko in this drama. Kassy was reported to have fall in love with her after she took care of him when he fall sick. There are rumors that Kassy current girlfriend is the main lead Uchida Yuki. 

Takashi Kashiwabara act as part of a underground medical group. He was cool and composed when he perform surgery. This drama was another Manga adapted live version movie drama which Japanese apparently enjoyed watching. 

I love how Takashi Kashiwabara acted as a playboy in Love Quotient. It was impressive that kassy is a versatile actor that refused to be stereotype in the same character.

Another Heaven was a horror thriller about supernatural beings. Takshi Kashiwabara took a devilish psycho role in a short segment of the movie where he was possessed by a evil spirit.

This was another suspense thrill movie starring Kashiwabara Takashi in one of the short segment. He acted in the Lizard tales which is also a thriller movie. I noticed that Kassy usually take on some weird productions. 

I enjoyed this drama - Always the two of us. This was a 2003 drama starring Takako Matsu and Kenji Sakaguchi. Actually, I preferred the second lead - Naoyuki Okata portrayed by Kashiwabara Takashi in the first two episodes. He is not the boring type of hero we see in a main lead. Comparing Kassy and Kenji Sakaguchi characters in this drama, I prefer the goofy, cheekily and funny Kassy. Kenji portrayal of Kenta Morinaga was plain boring and in the end we know that he will eventually get the girl. Unfortunately, Takashi Kashiwabara did not continue in this series after making a promising start in the drama. He had to recuperates from his illness therefore he had to quit this drama. This role was given to Shingo Katsurayama who did not perform as well as Kassy does. 

I will always remember Kassy for his impressionable protrayal of Naoyuki Okata. This prove that nobody can replace his character in the drama that he starred in. This would be another Kassy best role to date if he could continue with this drama.

Takashi Kashiwabara appeared in Orange days. Sadly, he was not one of the main character which was a shame. Despite that, I do enjoyed this popular drama very much and I was happy that it achieved a high ratings in Japan. 

This was a mystery suspense thrill movie titled: Surviving games in the Colosseum. There was a crime going on among  the Seven people in the enclosed premise. Those who cannot solve the puzzle will be killed. Ultimately, who is the murderer and will there be any survivor? I like this detective movie and I think Japanese are good in this type of genres. Furthermore, i am glad that  Kashiwabara Takashi came back as the main lead. 

I love Kashiwabara Takashi in Shukumei. Both Fujiki Naohito and Kashiwabara were good actors and act as great rival in this drama. Although most of the attention was on Fujiki Naohito, my eyes were set on Kashiwabara. All the rivalries, conflict and confrontation adds into the excitement of this drama.

This was a dark novel adaption into live version. Yes, the story was too depressing and sometimes goes beyond sanity. This is not a drama that many people appreciates because of the depressing mood in this drama. 

Honey and Clover was a 2008 production that received good viewership in japan and Southeast Asia. Kassy came back to the small screen finally!

Kassy looked much more matured with a new sophisticated image. His little goatee and spectacles enhanced his intellectual look. 

No Tsuki was a 2006 production. It was a sad love story that clinches your heart with its story line.


Kassy acted as a priest in Gotaisetsu. It was considered a low budget and a low profile movie that was shown in 2008. It is not a commercial movie given the sensitive story line. 

Celeb to bimbo taro is a funny drama that is not to be taken seriously. Kassy acted as the rich villain that sabotage the main characters. Yes, once again Kassy acted as a charming jerk. 

In 2011, Kassy returned to the Jdorama in a TV movie - Shikei Kijun. This was a bigger role than control Hanzai Shinri Sousa. After this drama, Kassy have subsequently went missing for a while which was quite disappointing. 


This movie was a partnership with a foreign production. It was not a high profile movie and Kassy did not have a significant role in this production. Despite that, we can still see Kassy appearance in a minor role. I hope Kassy will act in better production in the future. 

Other than acting, Takashi Kashiwabara formed a band When he was in his early twenties. He set up a Japanese rock band - Nowhere with his younger brother. Their music was not well received in Japan but surprising they make headlines in Asia. Kassy ( the affectionate nickname known by his fans) was the vocalist and his brother was the guitarist. Nowhere was  disbanded after a few released.


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