Monday, June 16, 2014

Kim Jong Kook performed at Beijing and declared his love for China!

According to Beijing 14 June news, popular Korean celebrity Kim Jong Kook arrived in Beijing. At the red carpet, Kim Jong Kook greeted his passionate fans. When a reporter asked him what is his impression of china? He sweetly replied, my name is Jong Kook - 钟国 (pronounce as china 中国).

The K-pop wave swept Beijing at the OST concert with the presence of Kim Jong Kook, Shen Min Chul, Crayon pop, Sexy Queen Ailee, China popular boyband 0086 and M4M. They performed at the Beijing Chinese-Korean music OST concert and graced the red carpet too. 

Crayon pop performed their famous hit  song - Bar Bar Bar at the Beijing Chinese-Korean music wave OST concert. Ailee and Shen Min Chul also belted out some famous Korean drama Original Sound Tracks. 

The ambience of the Chinese-Korean music OST concert was at its highest peak when Kim Jong stepped on stage. He sang three classic songs while the audiences sing and waved their hands in the air. 

During the songs interval, Kim Jong Kook greeted his fans and declared that he love China. He also cheekily reminded the audience that his name is 'Kim Jong Kook' (钟国which can be pronounce as China). He thanked the audience for their support of him and Korean variety Programme Running Man. In addition, he hopes that Chinese-Korean music culture will continue to be loved by everyone. 



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