Monday, June 23, 2014

Running Man Episode 198: Kim Jong kook and Ha Yeon-Soo Couple Race

I am going to gush about Kim Jong Kook in this episode. How rarely we get to see the embarrassed and shy Kim Jong Kook? I am glad that his partner is Ha Yeon-Soo and I love how they interacted with each other. This couple met on the street and they have to reenacted a scene from a drama. In this scene, Kim Jong Kook have to help Ha Yeon-Soo put on the headphone.  

Remember this scene? It reminds me of Kim Jong Kook tenderly covered Yoon Eun Hye ears during X man. Is it time to say goodbye to this memorable couple? Anyway, Kim Jong kook look so amazingly cool in the Sunglasses. 

When Yoo Jae Suk joked about Ha Yeon-Soo face being smaller than Kim Jong Kook bicep, she immediately took Kim Jong Kook bicep and compare it with her face. I love that fun loving personality of this girl. She appears to be competitive, cheerful, enthusiastic and fun in the variety show. That is probably why a good partner is actually important. 

This is the first time I heard Kim Jong Kook singing his song so randomly. We all know that he does not sing during boardcasting and he does it for the first time upon request by Ha Yeon-Soo. He sang the first verse of - One man. I am totally enjoying this couple ride and the beautiful voice of Kookie. 

Kim Jong Kook attempted to make his partner more comfortable with the pickle game. Instead, his comfortable level went down everytime he stall for time. His red blushful face is so adorably cute. Big softie teddy bear Kookie!! 

Who is envy of this girl? Ok.. That is really close to Kookie and we can see his  blushful expression. Bravo to Ha Yeon-Soo for being so sporty! She took the initiative to bite the pickle and move closer to Kookie.  


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