Sunday, June 01, 2014

The comeback albums of Korean popular singers

This season, we welcome back the singers that took a break from the Korean music scene. If you have been a Hallyu fan for many years, you may find these names familiar - Rain, TVXQ, SG Wannabe, Baek Ji Young, Shinhwa and Fly To The Sky. Their recent comeback is set to take Korean music industry by storm. Let's take a look at some of these popular singers recent album release. 

SG Wannabe Kim Jin Ho

Title album: Voice

Date of release: 14 June 2014

This is an unplugged album which consist of four tracks written by the singer himself. I have always being a fan of SG Wannabe and if you have not heard of them, I would recommend East of Eden OST - Fate reverse. The soulful voice belongs to this talented young singer. Anticipation has been rising as the days drew closer to the date of release. I am excited to hear Kim Jin Ho self composed album.

Fly To The Sky

Title album: Contiuum 

Title Track: You, you, you (난를, 난를, 난를)

Date of release: 20 May 2014

Fly to the sky debuted in 1999 and released many classic songs such as missing you. In 2009, the R&B ballad duo decided to take a hiatus and concentrate on individual activities. After years of inactivity, Fly to the Sky finally reunited to the delight of their fans. Fly to the sky have never officially disband and they promised that they will continue to work together in the future. That is definitely a great news to all their fans. Fly to the sky comprised of the sweet voice Brian and the strong vocal Hwanhee. 

Baek Ji Young

Title track: Still in love

Date of release: 26 May 2014

This season marks the comeback of Baek Ji Young after her marriage. She had previously released a classic hit titled - Like being hit by a bullet. Her latest song Still in love is a nice ballad and the Music video was well shot. 


Title album: The Classic

Title track: This love

Date of release: 16 May 2013

Korean legendary boyband Shinhwa had make a comeback recently. They have been busy with their own projects and activities. Finally, there are news about their comeback in June. After the gambling scandal, Andy is going to reunite with Shinhwa on concert tours. Looking forward to more of the forever classic Shinhwa.

Rain (Bi)

Title track: La Song

Date of release: 2 January 2014

High profile celebrity Rain is back to the Korean music wave after his military release. His image is portrayed as sexy, cute and cheekily. It has a catchy phrase in the lyrics - La, la, la, la, la.. 


Title track: Something

Title album: Tense

Date of release: 6 January 2014

It would have been great to have all the members back, however it is unlikely to happen because of their conflicts with the management agency. Now there are only two members Chang Min and Yun Ho left in the group. Despite that, I did enjoyed their performance since their last year comeback release - catch me. They have a wide fan base all over the world and i hope they will have a concert tour soon. 


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