Monday, June 02, 2014

DramaQueen Music Review: Fly To The Sky Continuum

Fly To The Sky has been topping charts in various Music Channels with their hit single - you, you, you ( 너를 너를 너를 ). Not surprising, the duo were able to present their powerful vocals and harmonize their voices impressively well. They have a strong R&B influence which blended well with their music style.

In my opinion, both Brian and Hwanhee did well in acting their respective role in the music video - you, you, you. Although I must admit that the music video is very drama, I think overall it did convey the message of the song. As usual, Fly To The Sky were able to bring out the emotions of their ballads and touch the hearts of their audience. The R&B duo complement each other perfectly. Hwan hee has a deep and huskily voice, whereas Brian Joo has a light and clear voice. 

I love the title track you, you, you which has a bitter after taste to the song that is so overwhelming with sadness. Like a lie is a little similar to you, you, you which carries their usual over the top R&B style and explosive emotion towards the end. It is worth to listen over and over again. 

The other tracks such as You, Please don't call, Kiss and say goodbye were calm and soothing ballads. Likewise, the duo create a climax gradually and there goes their signature R&B technique which were frequently used. Hwanhee is able to hit soaring high notes incredibly well but it is a little excessively used in my opinion. Not to be mistaken, I like Hwanhee and his unique powerhouse vocal but it will be better to tone down a little. 

There is another highlight to this album. Fly To The Sky attempted a light beat blue jazz in the track - So cool. That is one of the more upbeat track in the entire album and it is a delight to hear something different. The first track of the album We is an R&B song that is totally Fly To The Sky. I love the rhythm and the beat of this song. The other track Years apart sound like an OST of a Korean drama and is also one of my favorite song. This is a simple ballad filled with emotions. 

I like the accompaniment instruments in the track - your voice. The beautiful sound of piano followed by cello at the introduction of the song attracted my attention. The background music of piano, cello, violin, electric guitar and drum were well utilized in the score. At the chorus, it was heartbreaking to hear the lyrics - I'm sorry, sorry.. Unknown farewell featuring Kim Na Young is also a nice collaboration. It is refreshing to feature a strong female vocal to the track. Now, back to the old school R&B ballads! The music arrangement is great and the whole album showcase the musical skills of the legendary R&B duo. 

After a five years hiatus, Fly To The Sky came back with a more matured and sophisticated image. They were no longer the boyish looking poster boys that they used to be, instead they became more masculine and charismatic. 

Although I love this album, I felt that the veteran duo should continue to explore and experiment with different genre of music. Nonetheless, this album mostly stick to the safe R&B style that we were used to hear. It was a great delight to their fans who have waited long enough for the release of this album. In conclusion, Continuum is an album which you will either love it because of Fly To The Sky or you will hate it as it is just not your cup of tea. 


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