Monday, June 30, 2014

When Kim Jong Kook (Tiger) met a real Lion!

What a sight to behold in Running Man Episode 200 - Asia Dream Cup in Indonesia! I certainly do not think that the Running Man team will thought of this idea. Anyway, Kim Jong kook was so scared of the lion. Just like a little boy seated quietly beside the lion, tactfully monitoring its movements. 

When the lion opened its mouth apparently to yawn, Kim Jong Kook was taken aback by this action. I can't blame him for being alarmed, I will probably run as far as I could or even scream out loud. It takes a lot of courage to sit beside the lion, let alone stroking its fur. 

Due to the fact that the Running Man failed their mission at the Asian dream cup, they have to accept the various form of 'punishments'. In my opinion, Kim Jong Kook, Haha, Gary and Kwang Soo have to accomplish the most difficult missions. Lion, tiger, snakes and crocodiles are not friendly predators at the first place. If whoever failed their mission, they have to do a sky parachute. How I wish to see Kwang Soo and Yoo Jae Suk reactions if they have to do the ultimate punishment. Actually I knew that the Running Man team will not receive this ultimate punishment. It was like risking their life for entertainment purposes. 

The Running man did well during the Asia Dream cup. Gary impressed me with the kick at the goal post. Unfortunately, he missed it, but that attempted kick was pretty good. Kwang Soo and Jae Suk tried their best at the field and we can see their improvements after all the training.

Big Nose Hyung Ji Suk Jin replaced Park Ji Sung as the captain and I was seriously amazed by this decision. Considering his age, I think Ji Suk Jin already surpassed himself against the other players. Haha still makes me laugh when the Pororo theme song was played as he ran around the field with his short legs.

On the other hand, Kim Jong Kook had made remarkable improvements and seriously played like a professional soccer player at the field. Three cheers for Kim Jong Kook and the Running Man! Cheers! You guys are amazing. :)


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