Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Escape Crisis No 1 Kim Jong Kook

Kim Jong Kook put on make up in Escape Crisis Number 1! During a segment of the variety show, he put on a wig and a hat pretending to be a girl. Together with a fellow comedian, Kim Jong Kook demostrated how to put on make up while seated on a moving chair. First he put on the eyeliner, followed by lip stick and powder. 

I was surprised that Kim Jong kook has this feminine side to his make up skills. He was able to put on make up better than the other comedian! Considering his size, it must be awkward for him to do this gag. However, Kim Jong Kook is such a professional entertainer that comply with his job to make fun of himself, in exchange for the audience laughters. My admiration for him has increased. Oh, is that picture Kim Jong Kook sister that appears in Running Man before? Haha. 

Later on during the show, Kim Jong Kook was requested to show his chocolate abs. He was visibly embarrassed and hesitated to show his abs initially. We know that Kim Jong kook does not like to show off his muscles, however it was the elderly lady that requested and he had no choice but to comply with that request. 

The ahjuma and the young ladies were happily anticipating this moment and encouraged him by his side. Kim Jong Kook turned around to lifted his shirt for the ladies to ogle and admire those perfect abs.Three Cheers for the manly and gentle Kim Jong kook! Hooray!


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