Friday, July 18, 2014

Fated to Love you Korean Version


This is a remake of the highly successful Taiwanese drama - Fated to love you. Kim Mi-Young (Jang Nara) is an ordinary woman that spends one night with the successor of a large company Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk). Soon, she finds herself unexpectedly pregnant. What will happen to the "post it" girl Kim Mi-Young and the arrogant Chabeol Lee Gun?

My thoughts

I am a big fan of this 2008 Taiwanese drama. It was a high rated drama series at that time. Therefore when I know that Korea is going to remake this drama again,  I would expect the Korean version to excel in this drama too. First of all, I love the storyline which was written very well with some twist in between the plot. 

This story narrated an ordinary girl that spend a night with a stranger and the unexpected pregnancy. Yes, their romance was like a Cinderella story with a bitter-sweet type of feeling. This couple faced many obstacles along the way and we witnessed their growth as a person. 

Fated to love you was an interesting story about a "post it" girl and an arrogant Chabeol that attracted my attention. Sometimes I sympathize with Joe Chen character and at the same time, I wished that she will grow a backbone and not be manipulated by the people around her. Yes, a good person can be irritably annoying sometimes. Soon, I was engrossed with the engaging storyline that I would chase after every epsiodes to find out what happen next. 

Secondly, the chemistry between the main leads - Ethan Ruan and Joe Chen was simply amazing. They were remarkably good as a couple. Both of them acted very well in their respective role. Last of all, it was the comedic moments and the heartwarming moments that seal the deal for me. 

In the Korean version of this drama, I am glad to see Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara collaborated again after 12 years since they acted together in - The successful story of a bright girl. That was so many years ago and that drama left a great impression on me. Jang Hyuk is such a charming actor and Jang Nara looks like a "post it" girl. I look forward to this fabulous pairing despite the expected storyline. 


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