Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fated to love you Episode 1

What an awesome opening for this drama series! Ladies, get ready to be charm by this sexy man. It is time to enjoy watching the eye candies with an ice cream to cool down the heat.

The story begin with a shampoo commercial that was shot in an enchanting forest. A beautiful lady appeared and dipped her hair into the water. Suddenly, she shouted cut and demanded for a stand in for this scene. The reason is that she does not like the smell of this shampoo. She reminded me of Chae Song Yi from the hit drama - You Who Came From The Star. It was hilarious when she called out Do manager in a familar tone. Don't you think it looks familar too? 

Her manager reminded her that she had signed a contract which stated that she have do this commercial personally. Out of a sudden, a man broke into the scene and acted out the commercial in his own style. Who else but the sexy and manly Jang Hyuk? Everyone was caught by surprised and wondered who he is. 

He is Lee Gun, the president of Jung In chemical and a Chabeol heir of his family business. He was informed of a secret family meeting. It was to discuss Lee Gun marriage since the elderly deemed Lee Gun as immatured to run a company as long as he is not married. We all know that they have a hidden agenda in this matter. His grandmother tried to defend her grandson but Lee Gun surprised everyone when he signed the contract and agrees to marry within 100 days. 

This is Lee Gun ballerina girlfriend Se Ra. Apparently, she is going to return to Korea soon and Lee Gun is going to surprise her with a wedding proposal. 

Kim Mi-Young is a typical "post it" girl working in a company. She always run errands for her colleagues but was never appreciated. Please take out the grandmother glasses, it look so old on you Jang Nara! 

Sadly, everybody took her for granted and make use of her whenever they needed her. It was irritating that she never reject anybody request. Girl, you have learn how to say,"No!" Thankfully she have a friend working in the same company as her. 

Here comes the mysterious man that boarded the same flight as Sara. He was flirting with an air stewardess? He did a sketch of a lady on the paper as he explained about his desire to look for his long lost sister. Se Ra who happened to sit beside him scoffed at his story. 

Lee Gun was looking for a perfect ring for his perfect proposal. On the other hand, Mi-Young was looking for cherry lollipop at a Princess candy shop. Yes, no doubt she was running errand for her superior again! Mi-Young saw a little boy dangerously walking towards the escalator and she wanted to save him. In a twist of fate, she bumped onto Lee Gun who just stepped out of the store with the ring in his hand.

Hilariously, the ring flew up and rolled down the escalator. The boy was picked up by his mother but the ring went missing. They chased after the ring which ended up in a dog cage. 

There was a tense atmosphere as the both of them tried to retrieved the ring discreetly in order not to alarm the scary dog. A sudden jerk awakened the sleeping dog and it dashed out of the cage and gave chase to the both of them. Run for your life dude! It was funny how Lee Gun tried to direct the dog towards Mi-Young. He is really scared of dogs!!! 

They ran towards a dead end and the dog was drawing near. Despite his fear of dogs, Lee Gun gathered up his courage to chase the dog away. It turned out that the dog sniffed a cherry candy in Mi-Young pocket. The owner came and apologized to the both of them as the dog is obsessive over cherry. What happen to the ring? Not to worry, Mi-Young had placed the ring in her finger amidst the chaos. Despite securing the ring, Lee Gun was unhappy that Mi-Young had placed it in her finger. 

It was her company luck draw, Mi-Young won a ticket to Macau resort! The question is who is going to accompany her? She was pondering who to ask since her mother and two elder sister were busy with their restuarant. 

Lee Gun and his assistant were discussing about the wedding proposal plan which happens to be at Macau resorts. Hahaha.. Yes such a coincident right? Unfortunately, the plan was interrupted when Se Ra came back earlier than expected to spin a surprise. I love the panic look on their faces. 

Lee Gun arrived at Macau infamous world class resort. He make secret plan to arrange a surprise wedding proposal to Sara. Unknown to him, he had some enemies following him with motive. 

They spiked a type of drug to increase sex drive in a bottle that they intend to give to Lee Gun. Unfortunately, the bottle accidentally dropped down the bridge and was carried away by the water. 

At the meantime, Mi-Young arrived at the Macau airport with the jerk! Yes, she was gullible enough to bring a jerk to spoil her holiday. He obviously took advantage of Mi-Young and even called her sweetheart. 

After they placed their luggage, the guy left Mi-Young alone and went to the casino. Poor Mi-Young tried to look for him everywhere. That jerk was actually flirting with another woman. 

Mi-Young wondered around by herself and overheard Lee Gun proposal speech. Suddenly Mi-Young coughed and caught the attention of Lee Gun. He thought that somebody was peeping at him. In a state of panic, Mi-Young hid behind a tree and grabbed a bottle of water to drink. That green bottle look familar. Isn't that the spiked water bottle that went down the stream? Later on, Lee Gun was given another spike water bottle. Finally, that is what happens next. Hahaha...

My thoughts: 

Jang Hyuk unique personality added colours to the show. He is hilarious, charming, sexy and manly! It will take some time to get used to this weirdo but I find his character likable and cute. Jang Hyuk seldom act in romance comedy and I do have great expectation for his performance. Now, I can safely say that I do enjoy his protrayal of Lee Gun the arrogant mr perfect. 

Jang Nara on the other hand protrayed the meek and easily bullied Kim Mi-Young. She looks exactly like a weak person that allows people to take advantage of her. I am looking forward to her transformation. 

The storyline adds in the typical Korean style with some fantasy magical scenario and some over the top funny graphics. Anyway, there is already some suspense in the first episode such as the mysterious man on the flight, Lee Gun enemies and Se Ra hidden agenda. What is going to happen next? I am curious to find out more. :) 


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