Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fated To Love You Episode 2

While Lee Gun was planning the grand proposal, Se Ra received a call from her New York performing arts school. She was invited to participate in a play as the lead dancer. She have to make a decision to leave Lee Gun or stay in Korea for him. 

Jang Hyuk went topless again! He was having a massage and he drank the spiked drinks. We can anticipate what will happen next. 

These enemies were actually people who worked in the factory that Lee Gun is going to buy over. The factory president and the employee will be laid off soon, therefore they decided to set up a trap for Lee Gun to threaten him to back off from this project. 

Lee Gun went back to his hotel room and was striped naked by the enemies. On the other hand, Mi-young mistook the door number and went into Lee Gun room. Both of them were in a drowsy state of mind after they drank the spiked water. 

Lee Gun grandmother hope that Lee Gun will get married soon. Unknown to her, Lee Gun had went one step further when he had an one night stand with Mi-young. 

Both of them cuddling with each other but did not realize that they were sleeping with the wrong partner. 

Shocked to realised what had happened, they rolled out of the bed dumbfolded! The factory men barge into the room armed with a camera. One of them is Mi-Young brother-in-law, therefore Lee Gun turned hostile and accused Mi-Young as a con artist. 

The mysterious man is Daniel. He came back from America to look for his long lost sister at the orphanage. 

The security chased after the duo while investigation was carried out. The camera dropped into the water and the duo ran away as fast as possible. The investigation showed that room 2009 became 2006 and that was a mistake. Lee Gun begin to accept that they were both victims in this situation.

While all the bad things happened, the lawyer jerk was having a great time with another bitchy woman in her room. They humiliated Mi-Young out front which hurts her deeply. Lee Gun who intended to return Mi-Young shoes witnessed what happened. He stood up for Mi-Young and ushered her away. 

Time for revenge! Lee Gun wanted Mi-Young to have more confidence. Therefore, he arranged for a makeover for Mi-Young. The result of the transformation surprised Lee Gun as he was amazed by her beauty too.

Look at that lawyer jerk expression as he stared at Mi-young. It is too late for regret jerk! Besides Queen Mi-Young have a handsome King. 

They gambled on the table with a huge amount of chips. Initially, the lawyer jerk and the bitchy lady won. However, their luck soon ran out. During the final round, they lost to Mi-Young and Lee Gun. Devastated, the lawyer jerk asked for another match but was flatly rejected. 

Lee Gun offered to return his money if he kneel down on his knees to Mi-Young. Look at that desperate face! Finally, Mi-Young was convinced that he is a bad person. Instead of stepping on his dignity, Mi-Young choose to leave. 

Lee Gun was surprised that Mi-Young let go of the opportunity to take revenge. Mi-Young brushed it off as her misjudgment of that lawyer jerk character. They acknowledge that they were really in the same shoes as both of them were  deeply hurted by their partner. They finally introduced their name formally. Mi-Young also plead for Lee Gun not to pursue the matter with the factory staffs as they meant no harm.

Lee Gun advised Mi-Young not to be too good and to have more self confidence. He gave her the lucky chip as a keepsake and Mi-Young gave him a cherry candy in return. At first, Lee Gun was hesistant to receive the cherry candy as he thought that the dog had licked it. Mi-Young explained that she had brought another cherry candy and she wished him good luck in love.

They bid farewell believing that they will never meet each other again. Looking at their expressions, I doubt this will be the last time they will see of each other. 

My thoughts:

We know that Jang Hyuk have a well toned body and he is often required to flash it onscreen. I like the way he helps Mi-Young take revenge on that jerk. He reassured Mi-Young that she is a Queen and not just somebody that is common. I bet there is nobody that ever said that to Mi-Young and I could see how surprised Mi-Young is judging from her expressions. 

Jang Nara still look pretty when she dresses up. She acts well in this role as a harmless and gullible lady. On the other hand, the lawyer jerk deserved all the punishments! I am glad that Lee Gun helped Mi-Young to take revenge and make him look so pathetic. The men from the factory were actually harmless and I am sure they must be desperate to think of this trap. All these "mistakes" were actually linked by - Fate. 


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