Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kim Jong Kook Papitus Fan club treated Running Man team lunch

Kim Jong Kook Papitus Fan club had forked out money and prepared a sumptuous lunch for the Running Man team recently. Everybody knows that Kim Jong Kook love to eat healthy food. Therefore, they specially prepared Ginseng chicken soup for him. 

The fan club must have gathered a sum of money for this special treat. Looking at the Running man expressions, it must be a delicious treat. They expressed their gratitude by posing for picture and upload it on Instagram. From the photograph, we can see different types of expressions. 

Haha - "Full of gratitude for the fans." Expression: Look very touched

Gary - "I am hungry and I am eating well. Thank you."
Expession:  The foods were yummy.

Kwang Soo: "Thank you fans!"
Expression: Looking happily at the camera with a "V" sign

Song Ji Hyo: " Thank you fans. The foods were delicious." Expression: relaxed

Kim Jong Kook: " Thank you fans for the treat, we enjoyed ourselves. Expression: Happy and proud of his fans

Where is Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin? It will be wonderful to see them in this photo. Anyway, Kim Jong Kook expressed his gratitude to the fans with a well taken photograph of the Running Man members. :) 


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