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Storm in the cocoon 守業者

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Storyline: The biggest silk factory 'Wing Tai Lung' boss, Poon Wing Lin (Eillot Ngok) has decided to pass down the business to his eldest son Poon Ka Hin (Evergreen Mak) and second daughter Poon Hau Yee (Akina Hong) due to his old age. Ka Sheng is the youngest son of the family who dreams of becoming an opera singer. Third son Poon Ka Yeung (Steven Ma) who is a military doctor returns to help run the family business after his sister apparently committed suicide.

However, he realised there are many suspicions in Hau Yee death. Hau Yee best friend Tong Bing Bing (Tavia Yeung) who works in the silk factory shares the same thought as Ka Yeung and they join hands to investigate death while unfolding the factory and Poon family's complex relationship. 

Sin Bik Suet (Maggie Siu) who is regarded as the 'big sister' in the factory, frequently picks on Bing Bing. Meanwhile, Bing Bing brave personality attracts Ka Yeung and the two of them gradually develop feelings. There are many tribulations and obstacles to overcome as Ka Yeung and Bing Bing braved the storm together in this journey. 

My thoughts:

I enjoyed this TVB mystery drama series that have many hidden treasures for you to discover. This was considered the best production in TVB for the first quarter of the year. The usual family business, sibling conflicts, hidden birth secrets and the romance concludes this series that TVB usually produce. However, there were some twist and turn to the story that makes you guess who is the culprit behind the investigation of Hau Yee's death. Some of the cases was unexpected and gave me a surprise after the investigation. With a great cast such as veteran actor Eillot Ngok and a good storyline, Storm in the cocoon is definitely one of the must watch TVB drama. 

What a handsome onscreen couple! I love the chemistry and the intimacy between these two as they gradually developed feelings for each other. Both the main leads delivered a spectacular performance in this TVB drama series. Steven Ma particularly displayed a natural and strong acting skills as Poon Ka Yeung. I used to watch Steven Man past works in TVB dramas and always thought that he is a fine actor that deserve to be credited with awards for his acting abilities and delication.

Evergreen Mak and Maggie Siu formed an amazing supporting cast. They were great in providing a solid support for the main cast. Their love story is touching and we know Sin Bik Suet and Ka Hin love each other deeply. Ka Hin was easily manipulated because of his inferiority and a misunderstanding.

With a 32 episodes drama series, the storyline can be draggy at times. Especially with the investigation of Hau Yee death which took up half of the drama. There were some light hearted moment which happens at the silk factory with the celibates sub story. However, the storyline mostly stick to the serious matters such as business rivalry and the romance between the leads. The ending to me is satisfactory. At least everything concluded well. However, the last few episodes was a little rushed in my opinion. Nonetheless, Storm in the cocoon is a stormy journey that you would like to sail along with till the end.


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