Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Drama Queen review: Korean Variety Show Roommate

Description: Eleven Korean celebrities share rooms with each other as the camera record 24 hours on what is happening in the house. 

My thoughts:

It is fun and interesting to see how the Korean celebrities live together as one big family in a variety show. Each person is dedicated a certain role. They all come together to live as roommates for various kinds of reason. Some of them wanted to try living with another person, and some of them wanted to make friends. Whereas, some of the celebrities wanted space for themselves instead of squeezing with their label mates. 

All the celebrities were given a short introduction at the beginning. For instance, singer Shin Sung Woo used to live alone and wanted to try living with others. Supermodel Lee So Na is a loner that is not easy to approach and she always bring along her only companion which is a dog. Actor Lee Dong Wook is the mama boy that live with his mother for thirty years now. 

Actress Hong Soo Hyun is desperately looking for a life partner. Actor So Kang Hoo is the youngest and he is currently squeezing in a room with his pals. NaNa from Idol girls group After School is also sharing the same fate as So Kang Hoo. Exo Chan Yeol and 2NE1 Park Bom both wanted to try out living with people that are not their group mates. Song Ga Yeon who is a mixed martial arts expert and actor Park Min Woo is currently living alone. Comedian Jo Sae Ho join in the cast too. 

I like the way each celebrities was given different role to play. Such as the elder Mama shin who is the chef of the family. Jo Sae Ho who provided some comic reliefs interaction with actor Lee Dong Woo. They are totally different from each other but they do click well as buddies. The two flower boys So Kang Hoo and Park Min Woo triangle relationship with Hong Soo Hyun. 

Exo member Chan Yeol boyish charm and his good manners. Park Bom and Song Ga Yeon are cute. One is an eccentric alien and the other is a tomboyish pretty girl. NaNa from after school came off as a snobbish girl with no respect for others especially when she send her belongings to the house and expect people to carry her things in. Lee So Na is just used to be a loner and take a longer time to adjust to others. 

The concept of this variety show is good and refreshing. It must be interesting for all the K pop fans to see their idols 'bare face' and peek into their daily life. It satisfied the stalker to see how their idols does groceries shopping and having family time with their roommates. Just add in some love-line to generate publicity and Roommates will be on its way to success. 

However, we know how much the celebrities are willing to reveal about themselves and their 'bare face' infront of a dozen camera.   Anyway, I am amazed at how the Korean celebrities takes care of their own skin! There are some criticism about this variety show, and it is not a high rating show initially. Fans believe whatever they chose to believe and judge the celebrities reactions to be real or fake. I personally do not think so much about it and chose to just enjoy what they presented on TV.


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