Sunday, August 24, 2014

Takashi Kashiwabara: Happy Plan Episode 3

Starring: Takashi Kashiwabara, Lin Chu Han

Zhi Yan and Si Si arranged to meet at Guangzhou Times Square. Si Si packed her luggage and wore the pair of high heels shoes before she head down to the airport. It symbolized a new beginning for Si Si as she look forward to meeting Zhi Yan in Tokyo. On the other hand, Zhi Yan was filled with excitement as he waited at the bridge. Unfortunately due to miscommunication, they showed up at the wrong venue. To make matter worse, Zhi Yan and Si Si could not contact each other because of bad reception on their mobile phone. 

Zhi Yan arrived at Guangzhou Times Square and mistook somebody else as Si Si. Meanwhile, Si Si asked a passer-by for directions and arrived at Zhi Yan family ramen restaurant. Puzzled that this customer did not order any food, Zhi Yan father approached Si Si who in turn asked him for help. He informed Si Si that Zhi Yan had took a plane to Guangzhou to meet her. Coincidentally, the name of this ramen restuarant is the same as the China Times Square at Guangzhou. 

Si Si frantically asked Zhi Yan father to give Zhi Yan a call. However, he rejected her request, since Zhi Yan could not speak. Zhi Yan father revealed to Si Si his son's childhood trauma when he witnessed his mother been knocked down by a car. Before Zhi Yan's mother passed away, she told him to move forward in life. 

His father tried to protect Zhi Yan and pulled him away but it was too late. Zhi Yan suffered from the childhood trauma and had since lost the ability to speak. It was only recently, his father noticed that Zhi Yan had became happier and even quietly smiled at the phone. After Si Si left, Zhi Yan father left a message to Zhi Yan and apologized about the revelation of his childhood trauma to Si Si. At the same time, Si Si finally understood why Zhi Yan apologized to her earlier because he could not speak on the phone. 

The both of them finally contracted each other through mobile phone messages. However, it was a pity that they have to board the airplane next day and return to their respective country. This miscommunication had caused some regrets and disappointment on their part. 

Si Si arrived home and charged her mobile phone. she saw the messages that Zhi Yan send to her mobile phone while he was in Guangzhou. Meanwhile, Zhi Yan returned to his family Tokyo ramen restuarant feeling dejected, he decided to roam on the street.

Si Si message Zhi Yan, acknowledging that they do not know each other very well and admitted that she had lied to Zhi Yan about the email. It was her ex boyfriend that send the email to him, but she did not reveal the truth to Zhi Yan as she wanted to keep in contact with him. Si Si stated that she wanted to understand him better and would like to meet him personally. She send a picture of herself taken with the Chinese words of apologies written behind her. Zhi Yan shyly smiled, taking comfort in her words. He stepped into his family restuarant and ate a bowl of ramen which his father specially prepared for him. 

Their destinity was not an accident, it was a pre-arranged fate that brought these two people from different countries and culture together. The end of this drama showed us that Zhi Yan and Si Si were present at the airport but they missed each other. Yes, it was so near yet so far away. 

My thoughts

This micro movie had ended too fast and i felt a little dissatisfaction. I think Lin Chu Han short hair is better than the long hair wig which she wore earlier in the movie. Her protrayal of the protagonist Si Si was like a big fan looking forward to meeting Zhi Yan (Takashi Kashiwabara). I can feel her excitement about the date with Takashi Kashiwabara. The drama had also cleverly used the cute Line Icons (Brown and Corny) to represent Zhi Yan and Si Si. 

Zhi Yan had initially thought that Si Si had stood him up and was dejected when his father revealed that he had met Si Si and told her about his childhood trauma. However, he was delighted when Si Si suggested that she wanted to know him better despite knowing his condition. Kashiwabara Takashi had brilliantly expressed these feelings very well using his body language and facial expressions. 

Initially, i thought that the main leads will meet each other and have a romantic time together. However, sometimes things in life may not happen the way we desire. Due to miscommunication, they had missed each other during the journey. However, they know more about each other after this trip. Si Si knew about Zhi Yan handicap and Zhi Yan knew about the revelation of the mysterious email. This is not an unfruitful trip, because it has caused the main characters to know more about each other and to cherish this fate that brought them together. 

This micro movie does not end here, it is a continuation of the future possibility and hope. The ending of this drama features the two main characters turned up at the airport at the same time, although they did not know of each other presence. It was destiny that binds the two of them together. The ending song carried the beautiful meaning of this film. Bravely take the first step in life and embrace the unknown future. 


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  2. Aww.. that is sad. I wish they meet up.. so romantic!!

    1. Hi fans of Takashi Kashiwabara, this is the link to Kassy Happy Plan: please note that the microfilm is in chinese. :)