Monday, August 25, 2014

Kim Hyung-Joong may be hit hard by assault controversy

Source Taken From: Korea Herald

Actor and singer Kim Hyun-joong, one of the most popular South Korean stars in Asia, may take a battering over the alleged assault recently claimed by his girlfriend. 

Kim, 28, had charges filed against him on Aug. 22 by his girlfriend who claimed he beat her on multiple occasions.

The woman claimed that she had been assaulted several times between late May and mid-July while arguing with Kim over women issues at his home in Jamsil, eastern Seoul. 

According to the woman, Kim’s attacks left her with bruises in May and her ribs broken in July, requiring six weeks of medical treatment. She handed in a doctor‘s report to back up her claims. 

A day after the charges were filed against him, Kim’s agency KeyEast confirmed through a press release that their arguments did get emotional and evolved into a physical altercation, but it only happened once, not repeatedly as the woman had claimed.

The agency also said that they are no longer a couple. The pair has known each other since 2012, but they only dated for a few months until recently.

The investigation by the authorities will clarify whether the violence claimed by the woman was used or not in their fight, but the fact that he has been accused of beating a woman will tarnish his up-to-this-point pure, kind and good boyfriend image. 

Kim has enjoyed growing popularity with his drama “Inspiring Generation,” which helped him add a few more destinations such as Peru and Mexico to his concert schedule. Kim is now touring China, Japan and Southeast Asia as part of his worldwide concert tour “Fantasy.” 

But whether he will make his way to the other countries on the tour remain unclear, given he is to be summoned for questioning soon. 

“We don’t know if we will push for the upcoming events. Foreign fans are generous about stars’ sex scandals or love life, but assault charges are different,” said an official in charge of promoting Kim’s events.

“It is still a merely one-sided story, but if the allegations turn out to be true, his image will suffer even more.”

Kim is to be called by the police for questioning around the time of his return to Korea on Aug. 25 from Thailand where he recently held a concert. 

By Ock Hyun-ju (

My thoughts 

In my opinion, the most memorable role Kim Hyun Joong had to date was his protrayal of Baek Seung Joo in Mischievous kiss and the YouTube special version. I know that he is also the leader of Korean boyband SS501 and he starred in 2009 popular drama - Boys Over Flower. He was known to be a pretty flower boy (heartthrob), until he recently change to a more macho image. 

Kim Hyun Joong used to be very charming and I like him in korean drama such as Boys Over flower and Mischievous Kiss. However, recently I noticed that his facial features became rather strange. I wonder if he does any plastic surgery? He tried to project a more manly image which was considered to be quite successful to some extend. Fans all over the world still adore this Korean idol. 

We know how fame and fortune can cause a person to go wild and turn into criminal. For example, the recent news report about famous celebrities Jaycee Chan and Kai Ko drug abuse arrest. A person will reveal his or her 'true colours' in a matter of time. It is no longer surprising that celebrities are not what we thought or imagine them to be. Truth to be told, celebrities are humans too. We all make mistakes in life and what matters most is to learn from these lessons. 

I am sure this accusation is going to affect Kim Hyun-Joo good boyfriend image. He appears to be gentle and loving to the female counterparts. It still remains a mystery regarding the accusation by his ex girlfriend. Hopefully, this scandal is only a one sided story and things were being blown out of proportion by the accuser. Otherwise, Kim Hyun-Joong will have to face the consequences of his actions. 

Nonetheless, this scandal may tarnish his reputation in the entertainment industry and it will be make worse if he was found guilty of these charges. That really reminds all of us, to be careful with every decision that we make. After this scandal went viral online, there are fans who supported him and netizens that wrote nasty comments. What do you think of this scandal? Do you think there is some truth behind this accusation?


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