Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Generation Show: Takashi Kashiwabara

Takashi Kashiwabara recently appeared in a popular Variety Programme - The Generation Show  in Shen Zhen, China. He was invited as a guest to promote his micro flim - Happy Plan. The format of the popular variety show is to feature a regular set of guests to challenge another group of guests invited to the show. There were some questions related to lifestyle, history, culture, occupation, common knowledge and entertainment. Each team will have to choose the correct answer from the list of multiple choice question. The guest stars of the day were Sean Chen, Michelle Ye and Calvin Chen. Introduction of the theme was the record of the generations pretty boys.  The 80s, 90s and 20th century pretty boys were invited to the  show.

They were talking about the theme on flower boys during the mid-point of the show. The production team specially made a short clip of the heartthrobs series which features International stars and Asian celebrities. Yes, many people were swooning over the short clip. Interestingly, the host added that they have this Ikemen (handsome man) theme is because of the ladies in the production team. The topic about 1995 Japanese flim - Love Letter was brought up during the Q&A session. Question: What is hidden at the back of the book? Everyone answered correctly, it was a pictorial sketch of the lead actress. 

The guest team were asked to guess who is the invited guest of the day. If they guess wrongly , the guest and his partner will join the other team. I personally think that it was a giveaway question since there were many Takashi Kashiwabara fans around. Anyway, Michelle Ye was nominated to guess the identity of this guest. She was blindfolded and behind the screen we can see Takashi Kashiwabara emerged from the back. She was given the clue by her teammates that this guest is a Japanese artise, to which Michelle said that she is not good at. She asked if this guest is still a flower boy? Her team mate hesitated but both agreed that he is still good looking. In the end, she guessed correctly - Takashi Kashiwabara! They bowed to each other politely and Michelle Ye accidentally blunted out, "Sayonara!" I guessed she was just too nervous and she intended to say hello instead of Goodbye. If I were her, I will be very excited too.

Takashi Kashiwabara greeted the audiences and stated that he felt honored to be here. The host asked him is this the first time he came here? He replied that he had visited Hong Kong before and have good friend over there. The host asked him about the movie Love letter which he was the main lead. When he asked is there other representative work done by him, the screen at the back featured Irie Naoki (Mischievous Kiss). 

The host asked him about the role that he acted in Love Letter. Takashi Kashiwanara said that he was only 17 Years old then and the flim was released 20 years ago. The host continued to asked, "Is there any changes in your lifestyle after that hit movie?" Takashi Kashiwabara replied through his translator that after he starred in that movie, the public began to noticed him from that movie and identified him as the young man that read the book at the window curtain. The hosts asked, "did the fans took picture with you?" Takashi Kashiwabara smiled embarrassedly and nodded. 

The host asked if anybody have questions , one of the guest asked Takashi Kashiwabara does he have a girlfriend now? Takashi Kashiwabara smiled shyly and shakes his head. The guest continued to ask does he intend to get married soon? Takashi Kashiwabara shy away from the question. The guest continued to ask the spectators if there is any fans who can speak Japanese to come forward. Two of Kassy (Takashi Kashiwabara nickname) fans came forward to participate. One of them mentioned that she was very nervous, Takashi Kashiwabara comforted her and told her to take it easy. She asked Takashi Kashiwabara what type of girl does he likes? He replied, "Cheerful and bright." Takashi Kashiwabara mentioned that he is a introvert person and he is unable to mustered up the courage to come out like what the fans does and he admires that. The host asked puzzledly, " you are an actor isn't it?" Takashi Kashiwabara replied,"I will only open up when I am acting in a role." 

The host asked,"do you think that you are handsome when you were a child?" Takashi Kashiwabara smiled cheekily and admitted that he was quite good looking when he was a child. The screen showed a photograph of him when he was 3 years old. The host asked him to do the same pose as the photo which he gladly complied. Takashi Kashiwabara mentioned that he does that pose often with his soccer team mates too. He placed his hand around the host and took a picture with him. 

They continued to show the audiences photographs of his younger days and his fans scream out loud when his Irie Naoki (mischievous kiss) photo was shown onscreen. Drama Queen thoughts: Ikemen Kassy, you are always the best Irie Naoki! 

Takashi Kashiwabara continued to promote his latest micro film - Happy Plan. He introduced this flim that was flim both in Tokyo and Guang Zhou. It was about a love that transcend different countries, language and culture. 

A trailer of Happy Plan was shown onscreen. After that, the host invited another speacial guest on stage. This person is from Hong Kong and is Kassy soccer buddy. The host was puzzled that these two are friends because of the language barrier. His friend explained that he used body gesture to communicate with him initially until he pick up some Japanese. He also added that he learned how to play Japanese mahjong from Kassy too. 

Takashi Kashiwabara will stay on to participated in some of the Q&A sessions. They were ushered to the guests team. Fans crowded around and asked for a handshake with Takashi Kashiwabara, while the guest team welcome him. The first question is about Doremon and subsequently it is about Chinese entertainment. The both team have to press the bell and whichever team is fast enough will have the priority to answer the question first. The guest team pressed the bell first and the group teased the delighted Michelle Ye for holding Takashi Kashiwabara hand. Interestingly, the host asked Kassy to answer one of the question and Sean Lim whisper the answer to him in Chinese, which he adorably shouted out. They gave each other a Hi-Five for getting the right answer. After that one of the question is about Faye Wong movie where she dressed as a air stewardess. Just a side note, Kassy favorite actress is coincidentally Faye Wong too.   

The next question was about Sumo wrestler. Takashi Kashiwabara was asked to demostrate the pose since it is a Japanese culture. Kassy adorably did the preparation pose of the Sumo wrestler. Needless to say, he scored a point for his team. 

Takashi Kashiwabara was introduced to a new device which help to create a image from browsing through the application on the tablet. As Takashi Kashiwabara created his ideal lady image on the spot, Michelle Ye adorably tried to change her image on the spot to match Kassy ideal type. It turns out that Kassy 'ideal type' is cartoonish and funny. The host asked his friend about his opinion on Kassy ideal type. He frankly said that Kassy like gentle lady. Michelle Ye hilariously turned into a gentle girl when she heard that. Kassy friend also revealed that he had never seen this (image that Kassy created) type of girl around him.

Next, we were introduced to a group of cute kids. They were trained as soccer player at a tender age. Takashi Kashiwabara favorite sport is Soccer too. He was asked to be referee for this soccer match, while his friend is the goal keeper. If the kids score a goal, the other team will score a point. Not surprising, the kids won the match by scoring a goal. 

Finally, it was time for Kassy and his friend to bid farewell as the host announced his departure from the recording studio. His friend jokingly revealed that Michelle Ye had privately asked Kassy to treat her for dinner if she visit Tokyo. He raved about Michelle Ye taking the initiative to get closer to Takashi Kashiwabara. His fans watched with a tinge of sadness as he politely took the presents handed to him from his fans and waved goodbye to everyone. P.S from drama Queen: hope to see you soon, Kassy. :)


  1. Woahhhh, finally I know whats happening then. Hehe. If not, i'll just look at kassy's face only. :p

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      You are welcome! Glad that my post have helped you to understand better. :)

  2. I was admire him since looooooong time.... its nice to know what was happening on him. anyway, if there is any email fans that I could write a letter or so to Kassy, I would really appreciate it. thanks alot.

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