Thursday, September 25, 2014

Apple in your eye (妹妹)Episode 3


Dai Yao Qi played a prank on Zhou Ji Wei to punish her for lying. He hanged a bag of green beans soup on the branch of a tree and Zhou Ji Wei tried to reach it by jumping. Unfortunately, the bag broke and dropped on her face. In an act of revenge, she pulled out Dai Yao Qi shoe and ran away. 

Zhou Ji Wei took the shoe home and put it on. She reminisce the past and hope that time will stop and Dai Yao Qi will stay by her side forever. On the other hand, Zhou Ji Wei elder sister had brought a house without her mother knowledge. As a result, there was some tension within the family. Zhou Ji Wei announced to her mother that she had found a job that pays well at Taipei. That only prompt her mother to ask for more allowance. 

Zhou Ji Wei father does not want to retire now as he intend to save more money to open a shop for her eldest daughter. The next day, Zhou Ji Wei realized that the shoe that she kept was missing, it turned out that Dai Yao Qi had dropped by the house to pick up his shoe. Zhou Ji Wei is going back to the city and her father gave her a ride on his motorbike. Before he leave, he handed some money to Zhou Ji Wei. At the train station, she saw Dai Yao Qi scribbled some words on the wall which read - Taking revenge is for smart people. 

After returning to Taipei, both Dai Yao Qi and Zhou Ji Wei plotted revenge on each other. Zhou Ji Wei send a registered mail to Dai Yao Qi and demand him to pay for something that he did not purchase. On the other hand, Zhou Ji Wei received a package from Dai Yao Qi. To her dismay, it was a pig's organ. 

Dai Yao Qi eatery shop is losing money because of these customers that refused to pay for the foods that they ordered. Instead they asked for credit from their "brother" Dai Yao Qi. His girlfriend Fang Shao Min works as a director assistant now. She grumbled that Dai Yao Qi hardly spend time with her and she was suspicious of his relationship with Zhou Ji Wei. 

Zhou Ji Wei A&Z company encourage and persuded their staffs to purchase healthy biscuits to sell for commission. She was contemplating to purchase as it cost a lot of money. Dai Yao Qi grandmother was troubled as her son did not send allowance to her for a period of time. She offered to help out at Dai Yao Qi store. However, due to old age she could not help much. Dai Yao Qi love his grandmother very much and reassured her that she is not a burden but a treasure to him. There was an earthquake in Taipei, Dai Yao Qi gave a phone call to Zhou Ji Wei to ensure that she is safe. However, he refused to admit that he is concern about her. 

Zhou Ji Wei decided to purchase those boxes of biscuits and she kept some for Dai Yao Qi grandmother. While carrying the boxes of biscuits to the car, she met her boss. He accidentally left his mobile phone on top of a box and Zhou Ji Wei found it. While on the way to the factory to return her boss mobile phone, she bumped into the manufacturing of the biscuits. She was disappointed that everything that the company professed was a lie. Her boss assumed that she will not be so foolish as to leak out the secret. 

While walking along the street, Zhou Ji Wei was deep in thoughts. She met her benefactor at the bookstore and insisted to return him one dollar. Dai Yao Qi knew that Zhou Ji Wei had purchased the biscuits from the fishy company and he helped her to sell them off to his customers.

The following day, A&Z company was shutted down due to a insider tip off to the police regarding the manufacturing of the biscuits. Everybody blamed her for causing the troubles. Saddened by all the happenings, Zhou Ji Wei hid at the secret place. Dai Yao Qi found her and cheered her up. 

My thoughts 

I think Dai Yao Qi and Zhou Ji Wei know each other very well. It was amazing that Dai Yao Qi can find the shoe under her bed without searching hard. He was able to find Zhou Ji Wei at the secret place too. Perhaps they are too close to each other that even Fang Shao Min was suspious of their relationship.

Both of them were so childishly cute when they played a prank on each other. It was funny how they make fun of each other like kids and get angry. It's it evident that these two were close when Dai Yao Qi called Zhou Ji Wei when they experience earthquake. It makes me wonder what about his girlfriend Fang Shao Min? 

I like Zhou Ji Wei parents because the veteran actors were fantastic at playing their roles. Her mother is soft on the inside but her appearance is always fierce and demanding. Phoebe Huang acting is excellent in this "auntie" role. Her father is the type that will give money to his daughter in an underhand manner. He is such a gentle and soft daddy. 

On the other hand, Dai Yao Qi only have his grandmother to relied on since he had absence parents. He grew up independently and chose to keep his unhappiness in his heart. Blue Lan is pretty good in his crying scenes. I was moved by his tears when he tries so hard to suppress his sorrow. 

Amber An played her role as a innocent village girl that is gullible and trusting. I think she is really naive for a 27 years old lady. However, I think she is not foolish when she report her company to the police. Her colleagues blamed her for this incident and she even blamed herself  too. Each epsiode focus on different topic. This epsiode is about Zhou Ji Wei unfortunate encounter and how Dai Yao Qi stood by her side. Who will be by your side when you encounter problems? 


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