Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Apple in your eye (妹妹)Episode 2


Zhou Ji Wei did not qualify to enroll in Taipei university. Her dream of moving into the city was crushed. Despite her disappointment, she still pursue her dream.  Although she does not study in the city, she travelled to Taipei to work in a KTV lounge in order to earn some money and she hope to meet Dai Yao Qi one of these days.

Zhou Ji Wei missed her brother so much, that she busted out crying when she reminisce the past. She was upset when she realised that Dai Yao Qi had moved out of his house in Taipei and the letters that she wrote was in a stranger hand. She was worried that Dai Yao Qi had discovered the secret of the lette.

Now in 2013, a hardworking Zhou Ji Wei had found a job in a publisher company. Unfortunately, she was fired because of her innocent honesty. She had offended someone with a big connection in the company.

Eventually, Zhou Ji Wei lost her job and was literally broke. While taking a public transport, she realized that her fare card has insufficient fund. She tried to pay money but realise that she was short of cash when she open up her purse. A kind stranger helped her to pay for the bus fare with his card. Feeling touched, Zhou Ji Wei was comforted to know there are warm people in this society that is willing to lend a helping hand. 

Zhou Ji Wei felt dejected and worried that she have to go back to her hometown once she was out of job. Coincidentally, her mother came to find her at this time. Subsequently, the whole family came to visit her. Zhou Ji Wei decided to hunt for job again. She met her benefactor who paid for her bus fare the other time and offered to repay him back. Except that, she was short of one dollar but the man waive off the one dollar. At home, her family accidentally know about Zhou Zhi Wei situation and "force" her to go back. However, the stubborn Zhou Ji Wei refused. 

On the way to an interview, an unlucky Zhou Ji Wei whose nickname is Zhou Bei Ai (Sadness) accidentally stepped on dog 's poo and a policeman gave her some wasted paper to clean up her shoes and the place. She saw a leaflet and it was an advertisement for job interview at A&Z company. 

Zhou Ji Wei began to work in this new company which specialize in health supplements. She surprisingly met Dai Yao Qi and Dai grandma. Apparently, Dai Yao Qi had started a small business in the heartland. The most unexpected is Dai Yao Qi has a girlfriend who is Fang Shao Min!

One night, Dai Yao Qi initiated to meet up with Zhou Ji Wei. He told her that he had only three months to live and one of his wish is to revisit their secret wall. Eventually, Zhou Ji Wei went back to visit alone only to find some words that was scribbled on the wall which said, "Zhou Ji Wei, how dare you lie to me!" She turned around and saw Dai Yao Qi looking at her sternly. A flashback shows us that Dai Yao Qi actually saw Zhou Ji Wei seated on the bus and gave chase.

My thoughts

Finally the main characters grew up! This episode caught me by surprise with an unexpected twist towards the end. Many things in life is so unexpected. I like the meaningful phrase: When God close a door for you, he will open another window.

The family bond between Zhou Ji Wei and her family is quite close. Although, Zhou Ji Wei is the "unwanted" child, I still can see that her mother (Phoebe Huang) is genuinely concern about her daughter. I like the way her mother tried to conceal her feeling and she actually cares for Zhou Ji Wei deep in her heart. I am touched by her father gesture when he gave some pocket money for Zhou Ji Wei when he found out about her daughter situation. 

I was initially fooled like Zhou Ji Wei and thought that this drama will be like a tragic Korean melodrama. Male character plunged by illness and the female pin for her lost loved. I was bewildered and thought is this the direction of the storyline? Thankfully not! It was actually a well planned revenge on Dai Yao Qi part to punish Zhou Ji Wei for lying to him.

The animations and the imaginations on Zhou Ji Wei part was quite sad but funny at the same time. I think Zhou Ji Wei only dared to think but will not put those imaginations into action yet. The other surprise is Dai Yao Qi and Fang Shao Min are together now. Well, it means Dai Yao Qi knew that his "sister" Zhou Ji Wei had lied to him all these while.

I am pleased with the flow of the storyline and the beautiful sceneries of the filming site. Mayday music was used at the appropriate moment to add on meaning to the drama. The song actually described Zhou Ji Wei feeling of lost, despair and sadness. All these sacrifice is it worth it when the other party does not know or even respond to your feeling?

Blue Lan appeared in only a few scenes in this episode, since he had lost contact with Zhou Ji Wei. It had been a few years and his character Dai Yao Qi seem to lived quite well. On the other hand, Amber An is a little more likeable after she grew up. Before she started working at the company , she was a childish and whiny girl. Now that the girl had somewhat matured a little.  Finally, Amber An appearance look better with this hairstyle. She had became a little more tolerable in my opinion. 

Overall, it still take some time for me to get used to Amber An style of acting. She occasionally still exergerated with her facial expressions especially when she cries, that came across as "trying too hard" to act. It can be argued that her character is like this, so I will probably try to overlook that and continue to watch the story development. In my opinion, this episode was an improvement from their donning school uniform days!


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