Monday, September 22, 2014

Apple in your eye (妹妹) episode 1


The story begins with a dialogue read out by the lead actress Amber An who acted as the female protagonist Zhou Ji Wei. She begins the story about herself being the unwanted third daughter of her family. Her mother dote on her sisters more than Ji Wei because she wanted to give birth to a boy. Her father is a postman who take pride in his work. Due to neglect, Zhi Wei found comfort in Dai Yao Qi grandmother who is their neighbour.

Dai Yao Qi and Zhou Ji Wei gradually  became close like brother and sister. Although Dai Yao Qi was initially reluctant to have a little sister, he begin to accept her later. One day, Dai Yao Qi family was broken apart when his mother abandoned him. From then on, he became rebellious and chose to challenge authority.

Time passes by, both of them were in high school now. Dai Yao Qi grew up as a   gangster, and Zhou Ji Wei still follow him around like the old days. 

Dai Yao Qi like a school mate Fang Shao Min that he met during a dance rountine. He admires the lady and asked his "sister" Zhou Ji Wei to pass a love letter to her. However, Zhou Ji Wei did not do so and lied to her "brother" Dai Yao Qi instead. She soon discovered her hidden one-sided crush on her brother. 

Dai Yao Qi and his grandmother is moving house. Zhou Ji Wei vowed to follow her brother to the city. She is determined to work hard to enroll in a university, despite feeling devastated about parting ways with Dai Yao Qi.

My thoughts 

I have decided to watch Apple of eye from scratch again to discover any hidden gem in the show. As I have mentioned eariler, I was impressed with the child actor and actress. Both of them still shine brightly in the first half of the show. They are natural in their acting and I truly feel for their characters.

Blue Lan is a fine actor and he did delivered what is expected of him. On the other hand, Phoebe Huang is excellent as the depressed mother. From her facial expressions to the way she delivers her dialogue, i am convinced with her acting. The same goes for her husband, who has been a great supporting actor so far.

have mentioned before in my eariler post that I do not like Amber An acting and I still do not like her. Despite that, I would be patient and wait till she prove her acting skills in the later episodes. Since Amber An is relatively new in acting, I hope to see some improvement from next episode onwards. 

In my opinion, the main characters do not look like high school students no matter what. It does gets on my nerve that Amber An have to act cute in order to fit into this role. Her facial expression, hair style and voice is pretty annoying. Anyway, I will keep on watching this show for the storyline. In addition, the animations, sceneries and their secret place were nicely illustrated in this Taiwanese drama too. Therefore, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

The next epsiode is moving towards their adults stage, I am looking forward to their changes. Despite the initial bad impression, I am going to be patient and wait till the drama gets me hooked. :) Let's look forward.

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  1. Hey Drama Queen,
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