Sunday, September 21, 2014

Running Man Episode 209 Idol Race

I love the opening of this episode. The A-idol (original idols from the 90's) were so hilarious when they danced to their old hits. Kookie danced to the music of Turbo 1995 hit - Black cat. The other new generation idols was led by Haha. Shinee Tae Min, Exo Kai and Sehun gave a marvelous performance on stage. The last team was the Running Man idols led by Yoo Jae Suk. The 90's joke and the cute interaction cracks me up. I like Moon Hee Joon sense of humor when Jong Kook ask him to eat more healthy foods, he replied," you ask me to eat more foods?" Lol!! I like the original idols and they seem to be afraid of their sunbae Kim Jong Kook who debuted earlier than the rest. Hahaha... 

Their first mission was a basketball match at the swimming pool. Idol group Hot Moon Hee Joon is so hilarious and cute. He was teased for having a round face and the humorous Moon Hee Joon took it in his own stride and even poke fun at himself. Indeed, his V-Shaped chin had became U-Shaped Chin now. Not everybody can look like Jong Kook after 20 years in showbiz. 

I was laughing out loud when Kim Jong Kook called him a fattie in a moment of spite. It must have upset Moon Hee Joon and he stated that it will be better to call him Moon Yo Yo instead. 

After that, I was surprised when Moon Yo Yo bite Haha ass, but he was quick to apologize. His consciousness about his blow dried hair had me laughing too. The New idol team won this game, followed by Running Man team.

The second mini game was a wrestling match, Ji Suk Jin amazingly torn Moon Hee Joon nametag in lightning speed. Next, poor Yoo Jae Suk was challenged by Kim Jong Kook in this muddy wrestling match. He was lifted up by Kookie as soon as the game start. Yoo Jae Suk was overturned and his head was emerged in the mud. When the PDs told the visibly upset Yoo Jae Suk to wash up with clean water, he retorted,"how to clean the mud in my heart?" Yoo Jae Suk lived up to his name as National MC. Kudos!

Gary bravely volunteered to come out next. Needless to say, he was lifted and tossed down as soon as the game start. Who can challenge Kookie strength? Hahaha....

Ji Suk Jin tried to talk big infront of Spartakook. The end result is to become a huge "paintbrush" for Kim Jong Kook. 

Lee Kwang Soo tried to overpower Kim Jong Kook when it was his turn. He really tried his best and was sneaky enough to counterattack Kim Jong Kook. Lee Kwang Soo height is to his advantage. Unfortunately, he was soon exhausted and he eventually gave in after being repeatedly tossed over and over again in the mud. 

The only survivor in Running Man team is Song Ji Hyo and she promised to take revenge for his team. In order to win this match against Spartakook, Song Ji Hyo punches him a few time before biting his pec. Ouch!!! As a fan, my heartache for Kookie. 

Moon Hee Joon called Ji Hyo pretty before falling backwards to win the match. Monday couple Gary was "jeolous" and confronted Moon Hee Joon. Hilariously, Moon Hee Joon hair remains pretty clean. That was because he chose the shallow part of the mud to fall. Hehehe..

Danny is really skilled in wrestling as he took down Tae Min after putting on a fight for some time. The commentors Kim Jong Kook and Yoo Jae Suk were so hilariously cute. In the end, the Orignial Idol team won this round. 

I was impressed with Ace Song Ji Hyo in this flying chair game. She could guess the number of pebbles in her opponent hand. I wonder is she really lucky or can she really can read people minds? Ji Won cheated in the fourth round when he threw a pebble in his hand away. However, he was caught cheating when they review the tape. Jong Kook shamelessly defended his team. 

The final mission was to use the seven ribbon strings to create nine triangles. Ultimately, the red team (Running Man) won the race! Bravo! 

In an epilogue, we rewind back to the flying chair game to explain why they were wet prior to the third game. The cast had played a round of Ideal type football match with Soyou. Finally, it was down to Jong Kook vs Kwang Soo vs Haha. In the end, Soyou chose Jong Kook. 

My thoughts

Many people mentioned that this episode  had many foul play. Yes, they played dirty, they cheated and they scheme to win. This is not the first time, neither will it be the last time.

After watching this variety show for so many years, I had gotten used to their method of playing games to entertain the viewers. To put it simply, all of them are professionals and they will not put things to heart. Afterall, they are just carrying out their duties to entertain us. Haha even encouraged his teammates to use trickery on others. In fact, Soyou was just trying her best to participate as much as she could in this episode. 

I personally think that the Original idols team shone in this episode and they are really funny especially Moon Hee Joon. I like the interaction between the original idols and the Running Man team. They were comfortable with each other, probably because they had more experience in the showbiz. The mini games were a little boring and the final mission need to use the brain to think and visualize. This final mission was anti-climate but it was not too bad either. 

Last of all, I enjoyed the interaction between Kim Jong Kook and his cute brothers! Tiger hyung! 


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