Monday, September 29, 2014

Takashi Kashiwabara Weibo update: Expression in one's eyes is important for an actor

转发了 柏原崇 的微博:皆様ご無沙汰してます。!^^~ この度中国スタッフの方々から、書き込みの中で一つ気になる相談があったので是非回答をと要望がありました。 アドバイスになるかわかりませんが、僕なりにお答えさせていただきますね。 文が長くなると思うので、画像化して添付しておきます。 -柏原崇-

翻译: 大家好久不见。这次中国的工作人员给我发来苦恼中,其中的某个烦恼让我很上心。 虽然不知道有没有用,但我还是想给一些我个人的建议。 文章稍长,所以以图像的形式上传。 -柏原崇- 

Translation: Hello everyone, it had been a long time since we met. A fellow worker in China had send me a message about his problems, one of his worries raised my concern. Although I do not know if it is of any use, I still would like to offer some of my advice. The article is a little long, therefore I took a picture and post it online. -Kashiwabara Takashi-

The content of the article

I started to work in the show business from 17 years old till now, I have always held on to a belief. That is "expression in one's eyes". I was never trained in acting performance class. As a newbie, I was always scolded by the director while filming drama series. That was a difficult period of my life. At that time, the director taught me that it is alright not to possess any good points but you must not forget meaningful glance. Even if there is no time to rest, insufficient sleep, tired and restless, but the eyes must always be bright. I think the director is trying to convey this message to me - Even if you have no acting skills, no strong points, but your eyes must project motivation. 

In the showbiz, there will always be a stream of people who are good looking and have good body structure. I came across people that have longer legs than me and are tall. If I did not hear what the director says, I may feel inferior. However, after I listened to the advice from the director, I begin to place more emphasis on acting skills in compare to appearance. I believe in the power of expression in one's eyes. Subsequently, that will naturally transform into confidence. As a result, I begin to receive good drama script. Everyone have their own area of inferiority and there will be ways to overcome these inferiority.

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