Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Apple In Your Eye (妹妹)Episode 4


An animation of the young Zhou Ji Wei and Dai Yao Qi at the secret place. Dai Yao Qi wanted to see the world differently . He mentioned to Zhou Ji Wei that he is looking for another dimension to escape. Zhou Ji Wei tried to imitate him but failed. Back to the present, Zhou Ji Wei parents know about her situation. She was reprimanded for being foolish enough to purchase those biscuits. 

On the way back to Taipei on the train, Dai Yao Qi was occupied with his game boy. He asked Zhou Ji Wei to continue the game while he go to the washroom. However, when he comes back, Zhou Ji Wei had already lost the game. In order to divert the attention,  Zhou Ji Wei suggest to play truth or dare. 

Dai Yao Qi started by asking Zhou Ji Wei why did she lied about the letters. She replied honestly that she like him. Dai Yao Qi looked at her with disbelieving eyes and ordered her to crawl on the floor. Zhou Ji Wei thought back at the past, how much hardship she went through in order to meet Dai Yao Qi. She wondered is it all worth it? She crawled embarrassedly on the floor while the other passengers laughed at her. However, there is something weird about Dai Yao Qi expression. 

Fang Shao Min wanted to go for a short trip with Dai Yao Qi. However, Dai Yao Qi is not keen on this idea. He suggested to visit some popular places in Taiwan and to try the famous foods at the market. He asked Zhou Ji Wei to be the "third wheel" and join them for this trip.

Zhou Ji Wei reluctantly joined them. She was fuming with jealousy while looking at the couple intimacy.  It was weird that everything that they ate was what Zhou Ji Wei wanted to try. It seems like Dai Yao Qi was carrying out what he had promised her. Zhou Ji Wei accidentally blunted the secret out while eating, to the dismay of Fang Shao Min. 

At home, she questioned Dai Yao Qi about this and she demanded to know his first girlfriend. Dai Yao Qi avoided answering this question. Zhang Shao Min was disappointed and she left the house. Alone, Dai Yao Qi played his game boy while the image of his mother appeared in his mind. The next day, Zhang Shao Min demanded an explanation about Zhou Ji Wei relationship with Dai Yao Qi. The latter assured her that their relationship is nothing more than siblings and Fang Shao Qi is his first love. 

However, Fang Shao Qi revealed to her that she heard from Dai Yao Qi friend that he had a girlfriend before they dated. Both of them were curious about this first girlfriend. After talking to her close friend, Fang Shao Min decided to reconciled with Dai Yao Qi.

Zhou Ji Wei decided to return to her hometown since nothing works out for her. Before she leave, she pays a visit to the elderly house. At the house, she met her benefactor who happens to be their grandson. They had a short conversation and the man insisted to send her off to show his gratitude. However, due to the numerous "memories things" in her bag, everything dropped out. The gentleman brought her a new bag to stuff all the memories. At the coffee house, they introduced their name. The gentleman name is Yuan Fang.

At home, Zhou Ji Wei accidentally realized a secret that her mother had hide from her all these years. Dai Yao Wei had purchased a pair of sports shoes for his first girlfriend many years ago while still studying in high school. She suspected that he had brought the shoes for her. However, due to her mother objection, they were seperated. 

Zhou Ji Wei mother admitted to being judemental to Dai Yao Qi and she did everything to protect them. Zhou Ji Wei refused to listen and dashed out of the house. A flashback to the past with the use of animation showed us that Dai Yao Qi hurt his leg and Zhou Ji Wei visited him. At the secret hideout, Zhou Ji Wei mentioned to Dai Yao Qi about the sports shoes that she desire. However, Dai Yao Qi did not give any response. After that there was another scene when Dai Yao Qi chased away Zhou Ji Wei secret admirer. 

My thoughts

I like the side story of Zhou family, Dai Yao Qi grandmother, the elderly couple , the workers at Dai Yao Qi eatery shop and Fang Shao Min close friend. They were all interlink into this story. The way the scriptwriter blended in family ties and friendship in the storyline was marvelous. 

There are times when we thought that we knew everything but the actual fact we don't. This episode talks about what we assumed from the surface of things. It was obvious that Dai Yao Qi tried to conceal his feelings for Zhou Ji Wei. He showed signs of having soft spots for Zhou Ji Wei. We can't blame Fang Shao Min for being cautious or paranoid about Zhou Ji Wei presence. 

Zhou Ji Wei is about to find out Dai Yao Qi hidden feelings for her. Actually, I think Zhou Ji Wei is being stubborn about love. She is contradictive as in wanting to prove that Dai Yao Qi love her before and insisting to find out despite knowing about Fang Shao Min.

I can't help but to pity the supporting cast since they will eventually be sacrifice when Zhou Ji Wei and Dai Yao Qi realized that they need each other. There is nobody that I particularly hated but Zhou Ji Wei still came across as the third party in someone else relationship. She is digging out the past just to state a point that they do love each other. 

We all know that Dai Yao Qi love Zhou Ji Wei and perhaps Fang Shao Min is just a subsitute? After watching this episode I am seriously suspicious of Dai Yao Qi love. He could be hiding many things in his heart and only time will reveal all these secrets. 

Yuan Fang and Zhou Ji Wei so coincidentally met again. It's so fated that they meet each other a couple of times till it is unrealistic. However, come to think of that a novel is mostly plain imagination. Therefore, this type of coincident may occur in a drama script but it does not always reflects on real life. Anyway, I look forward to their development which will further complicate this messy relationships. 


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