Monday, October 06, 2014

Apple in your eye (妹妹) Episode 5


The animation at the beginning of this episode narrated about Zhou Ji Wei and Dai Yao Qi past. Dai Yao Qi had fallen down and broke his leg and a tooth, while imitating a slam dunk move from a comic book. Zhou Ji Wei stated those memories were irreplaceable. 

During high school days, Zhou Ji Wei mentioned to Dai Yao Qi about the sports shoes that Fang Shao Min wears. She wanted to have a pair of sports shoes like hers too. However, Dai Yao Qi does not seem to be paying attention to her. 

Back to present days, Zhou Ji Wei was upset to find out that her mother had objected Dai Yao Qi and herself from seeing each other. She stormed out of the house in a fit of anger. Her parents were worried, but her mother stated that she did not do anything wrong as she had her daughter best interest at heart. 

On the other hand, Dai Yao Qi and Fang Shao Min were seen cuddling with each other. Shao Min long time friend Xiao Mi was right in analyzing Dai Yao Qi personality. He is always avoiding problems and is afraid of being misunderstood. 

Zhou Ji Wei elder sisters know where to find her. They planned to pass her the luggage and to find Dai Yao Qi. However, their plan was intercepted by their mother. She went to the secret place to look for Zhou Ji Wei and revealed her side of the story to Zhou Ji Wei. At that time, she discovered Dai Yao Qi brought a present for her and thought that Dai Yao Qi had stolen the pair of shoes. 

Zhou Ji Wei mother knows that Dai Yao Qi like her daughter but she is worried about her daughter well-being. Thus, he make Dai Yao Qi promise to stay away from Zhou Ji Wei. On the other hand, Dai Yao Qi revealed to Shao Min that he did not steal money to buy the gift. In fact, he sold his personal belongings from his mother in exchange to purchase a gift for Ji Wei. 

A flashback reveals Dai Yao Qi eyes was always on Zhou Ji Wei. He even looked for her in class to pass her the present. In the end, he planned to hide her gift at Zhou Ji Wei bedroom. Zhou Ji Wei mother leave her to decide what to do. Zhou Ji Wei firmly believed that Dai Yao Qi did not steal money and blamed her mother for accusing Dai Yao Qi. 

The next day, Zhou Ji Wei family was having reunion breakfast but Ji Wei was absent. Suddenly, Ji Wei appeared and sat down with her family. Her elder sister urged Ji Wei to go to Taipei personally to ask Dai Yao Qi for an answer. However, she was hesistant to know who is Dai Yao Qi first girlfriend. Ji Wei mentioned her fear of knowing the truth and she is unable to handle the feeling of being replaced. The sisters discuss and track their memories through the diary that Zhoh Ji Wei kept. According to her elder sister analysis, she told Ji wei that Dai Yao Qi did love her. To help her sister clarify this matter, she purposely stop the delivery truck from sending Zhou Ji Wei belongings back home. 

Zhou Ji Wei was "force" to face this matter when she returned to Taipei to collect her belongs. At the counter, she met Yuan Fang who happened to be there. He told her about this parcel that was found in his grandparents house. Dai Yao Qi was working at his eatery store, while Fang Shao Min was helping Dai Yao Qi grandmother with the household chores. Zhou Ji Wei tried to contact Dai Yao Qi to ask for the mailing address. 

From Yuan Fang description of the parcel, Ji Wei deduced that the present is the sports shoes that she wanted years ago. Indeed, she found the shoes and was devastated. She went to the eatery store to demand an answer from the busy Dai Yao Qi. He passed to her his IPhone and asked her to ask Seri. She foolishly tried to ask the phone which could not give her an answer. She looked at Dai Yao Qi and wailed loudly. After she left, Dai Yao Qi friend passed the phone back to him. It was late at night and Dai Yao Qi was worried about Ji Wei. She called her phone and a stranger answered the phone. It turns out that Ji Wei had left her bag at the counter and Yuan Fang took it back for safe keeping. In end, Yuan Fang found Ji Wei at the road side.

My thoughts

Finally, we know that Dai Yao Qi love Zhou Ji Wei all these while. I supposed this is the twist of the story. Yes, Zhou Ji Wei was determined to find out the truth that was hidden from her years ago. We all know that Zhou Ji Wei parents have her interest at heart. They were worried that Zhou Ji Wei will be hurted like Dai Yao Qi mother. From a mother's point of view, it is a natural instinct to protect her children. Sadly, she did not give a chance to Dai Yao Qi to explain about the gift.

I always do not like Amber An crying scene and her high school days. There is something about her expressions which I personally don't fancy. Yes, she had became more tolerable as an actress but she is far from excellent in my opinion. So far, I am very impressed with Zhou Ji Wei parents acting skills. 

I like Ji Wei elder sisters and I can feel their bonding as siblings. Actually, Zhou Ji Wei is very fortunate to have a warm family that she can always count on. On the other hand, Dai Yao Qi was misunderstood from time to time. Actually, he is a sensitive person that keeps everything in his heart. 

Zhang Shao Min seem to love Dai Yao Qi a lot. I think she is pretty and her acting skills is moderately good. She seem to only want to be around Dai Yao Qi and she does not like to be around his grandmother. That is one of the difference between Zhou Ji Wei and Fang Shao Min. While Ji Wei love Dai Yao Qi grandmother, Fang Shao Min does not. 

This episode we have the closest people around the main characters to analyze the situation. One of them is Fang Shao Min close friend Xiao Mi, who is spot on about Dai Yao Qi character. On the other hand, Zhou Ji Wei eldest sister is able to analyze the situation about the past events through her views. Xiao Mi and Zhou Ji Wei eldest sister could be a perfect match. 

Last but not least, I wondered why is the plot so silly to make Zhou Ji Wei look so foolish. The scriptwriter make her cry infront of the eatery store with many customers around. Besides, she does not know what is Seri? She was even foolish enough to ask this type of question? That was ridiculous and if the intend is use this scene to move the hearts of the viewers, I would say that i personally do not feel sympathetic at all. Anyway, this episode summed up the topic: It was sad when you harboured a hope and it became a disappointment. 


  1. she really has an ugly crying face. I do have to say that I'm enjoying the drama and I enjoy reading your reviews!!