Saturday, October 11, 2014

Takashi Kashiwabara Weibo Update: Gift from a fan

プレゼントは洋服でした。しっかり受け取りましたよ。 せっかくなので知り合いのカメラマンに1枚撮ってもらいました。 -柏原崇-

翻译: 原来是衣服。收到了哦。 为了表达谢意特意找了认识的摄影师帮我拍了一张。 -柏原崇-

Translation: I have received a shirt. In order to show my appreciation, I specially requested a photographer that I know to take a photo of me. 

Translation: There is a fan from Shanghai who send this parcel to a production agency company in Gangzhou. I have received the present. Thank you. It took a lot of effort and time for the parcel to be delivered to me. Please do not spend money on  gifts for me. Looking at the Weibo comments, I am very grateful. The support from fans is the greatest present for me. Occasionally I will post some updates, but I am thankful that everybody have been coming to view my Weibo. 

Drama Queen thoughts 

Some netizens commented that Takashi Kashiwabara look old and haggard now. There are people who criticize his beard and mustache. In fact, there are a number of people who could not accept his changes in appearance. I could only state that everyone have their own opinion and different definition about beauty. Since beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. 

In my opinion, Takashi Kashiwabara looked like a beautiful flower when he was young. Remember those years when he was like a "blooming flower" that charmed the girls with his handsome prince image onscreen?Now that he had grown older, he executed another charm. That is the charm of a matured and sophisticated man. It is all a phrase of life which everybody have to go through. We cannot stay young forever. 

It is impractical to expect someone to look the same way after twenty years. The Naoki Irie and Itsuki Fujii that we knew in the past remained as a beautiful memory. In fact, Takashi Kashiwabara had been changing all these years if you have been following his Japanese drama. There is nothing really shocking that the prince that we once knew had aged gracefully. 

Despite all the criticism, there are still many fans who embraced his current image. Some of them gushed about Takshi Kashiwabara handsome appearance. I personally think that Takashi Kashiwabra still look good despite his age. At least, there were no major changes from his younger days. I noticed that he has grown thinner and that could be the reason why he look different. However, Takashi Kashiwabara delicate facial features and charisma is still prominent. 

Sadly, many people only remembered him for his stunning appearance. An idol will always be an idol that is what many people will say. There was a period of time when Takashi Kashiwabara refused to be just an idol and been labelled as the pretty boy of the last century. Some people say it is a curse and because of that people only noticed his face and not his talent in acting. Takashi Kashiwabara acting skills have been improving throughout the years too.

Not getting the recognition that one's deserved is rather disheartening. Takashi Kashiwabara (Kassy) is a low profile person and he has a strong character. He wanted to be known as an actor rather than an idol. After going through some experiences in life, Kassy has matured a lot. Hope he will continue to live happily. 

It is nice and sweet of Kassy to post a picture of him wearing a shirt that someone gave. The fan that gave him the shirt must be happy to be appreciated. What do you think of Kassy current image? Are you able to accept?