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Apple in your eye (妹妹)Episode 6


Zhou Ji Wei thought that Dai Yao Qi came to find her. However, she was disappointed when she raised her head and saw Yuan Fang. On the other hand, Dai Yao Qi was worried about Zhou Ji Wei. He went to her house to find her and was relieved when he received the text messages from Ji Wei. Zhou Ji Wei asked Dai Yao Qi to play the truth or dare game. Either he tell the truth or exhaust 300cc of sweat. 

Dai Yao Qi choose to lose 300cc of sweat to Ji Wei disappointment. He rode the bicycle till he perspires so much. He laid down on the bed next to Zhang Shao Min and pulled her close for comfort. A flashback about Dai Yao Qi high school days showed that he love Ji Wei and because of the promise, he choose to stay away from Ji Wei. 

Ji Wei and Dai Qi adopted an abandoned puppy when they were kids. However, as time passes by the little puppy became a big dog. Gradually, the dog grew up and passed away years later. Ji Wei used to be a Mayday fan but she missed out on their concert. She lamented that time passes by so fast and nothing can be kept.

She met Yuan Fang at a family mart. They had a conversation about time and memories. she ask Yuan Fang is it true that nothing will be left after time is gone? Yuan Fang used a famous artist art work as an illustration. No matter how beautiful are the black inn ice blocks, after ten days everything will disappear. He stated that it is a waste of time to keep looking back at the past. 

Ji Wei decided to move forward and face everything bravely. She intended to stay in Taipei and not dwell in the past. Eventually, she temporary moved into Dai Yao Qi apartment and choose not to probe into the answer that she wanted to know. She decided to be contended as his younger sister. 

Soon, Ji Wei had found a job at a shipping and delivering company. She met Mei Jie (Sister Mei) , the senior employee in the company. She was wary of Ji Wei beauty and was curious about her intention in joining this company. The male employees in the company treated her well, especially Ah Bing Ge (brother Bing) who treated her like a younger sister. 

Ji Wei first assignment was to collect some parcels from her previous company that fired her. She met a irritating ex-colleague and was criticized by him. Ji Wei turned around and gave him a lecture about having the right attitude towards everything. She stated that even doing well in small little things are important too.

Shao Min was offered an assignment to flim some documentary overseas for a few months. She was insecure about Ji Wei presence, therefore she was hesitant to commit to this assignment. 

After Ji Wei moved into Dai Yao Qi apartment, his grandmother became much happier. She also revealed to Ji Wei that she is a little afraid of Shao Min. They prepared some snacks (Tofu Wrap) for Dai Yao Qi and his staffs. 

Shao Min decided to talk to Ji Wei after she shared about her problems to her close friend Xiao Mi. She frankly told Ji Wei about her feelings. In order to clear the misunderstanding and to encourage Shao Min to pursue her dreams, she lied about having a boyfriend. 

Ji Wei ex-colleague came to visit her and thanked her for the great advices. He specially treat her for lunch with some discount coupons. Ironically, the eatery store they are going to belonged to Dai Yao Qi. He assumed that her ex-colleague is Ji Wei boyfriend and examined him from head to toe. 

After he left, Dai Yao Qi reprimanded Ji Wei for having poor judgement on man. Ji Wei insisted that he is just an ex-colleague and not her boyfriend. In the end, they rode on the bicycle home. While they reminiscing about the past, Shao Min suddenly appeared from the bedroom and they have to end their conversation. 

It was Mei Jie (sister Mei) birthday, Ji Wei organized a surprise for her. They brought a tiny birthday cake for her and invited her to Dai Yao Qi eatery store. Mei Jie was delighted to see the handsome boys working here. 

Ah Bing ge met Dai Yao Qi and they had a conversation over drinks. Initially, Dai Yao Qi was wary of him and thought that he is Ji Wei boyfriend. It turned out that Brother bing had a younger sister that had passed away due to an accident. Therefore, he treated Ji Wei like his younger sister. The next day, Shao Min decided to take on the overseas assignment and left for work. 

Prior to leaving for work assignment, Shao Min felt a lack of security in love, therefore she asked Xiao Mi for help. Xiao Mi hinted to Dai Yao Qi to purchase a discounted ring to propose to Shao Min. Coincidentally, Ji Wei met Yuan Fang at the building where they work. In order to repay Yuan Fang for his help and advices, she offered to help Yuan Fang in his work. 


They worked together till night time and even went to the family mart for supper. At the eatery store, Dai Yao Qi was busy attending to customers and he suddenly remembered about the ring. He realized that he lost the ring box and was panicky. After anxiously searching high and low for the ring box, the recieved a call from his employee informing him that he left ring box on his bicycle. 

Dai Yao Qi was relieved after hearing the good news. Just when he was about to leave, he saw an abandoned puppy. He carried the puppy to the family mart to buy foods and he saw Ji Wei with Yuan Fang. 

My thoughts

Dai Yao Qi obviously did not love Shao Min that much. In my opinion, he is just using Shao Min as a replacement for Ji Wei. I knew the story will develop towards this direction. Afterall, Dai Yao Qi had gave himself away so many times. He tried so hard to conceal his feeling and escape from facing this problem. He said Fang Shao Min is his girlfriend and Ji Wei is his sister that will never change. 

However, I think Dai Yao Qi is just trying to convince himself and deceive others. He knows very well who he love but he dare not love Ji Wei. He rather be a coward in love and divert his romantic love into siblings love. Unfortunately, he can never lie to his own heart. The same goes for Ji Wei, she should not use Yuan Fang as an excuse too. Love is not a replacement for somebody else position, neither can it be used as a lie.

Xiao Mi acted as a love advisor to Dai Yao Qi and Fang Shao Min. His words of wisdom and advices were great. I agreed with what he said to the both of them. Sometimes, a third party is able to assess a situation better than the involved parties.  On the other hand, Mei Jie seem to be jealous of Ji Wei. She is always observing her every movement. I think maybe she was desperate for love and attention? 

I can understand why Ah bing ge wanted to be Ji Wei's brother. She is like a replacement for a little sister that he lost in an accident. In my opinion, not everything can be replaced in life. However, a replacement can be used to fill up the void space in one's heart and provide some comfort. Even if time passes by, things that had happened in the past will be like a residue ( memories ) that will always etched in our heart. 

We can never deny things that had happened in the past but we have to move on in life too. Overall, I appreciate the topic behind this episode  - Things could coincide in an untimely moment. Yes, time is such an unpredictable factor in our life. 


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